NFL Week 9 Recaps 2017 NFL Week 9 Game Recaps: Buffalo Bills 5-3-0 21 VS New York Jets 4-5-0 34 Final, Indianapolis Colts 3-6-0 20 VS Houston Texans 3-5-0 7, Cincinnati Bengals 3-5-0 7 VS Jacksonville Jaguars 5-3-0 23 Final, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-6-0 10 VS New Orleans Saints 6-2-0 30 Final, Los Angeles Rams 6-2-0 51 VS New York Giants 1-7-0 17 Final, Atlanta Falcons 4-4-0 17 VS Carolina Panthers 6-3-0 20 Final, Denver Broncos 3-5-0 23 VS Philadelphia Eagles 8-1-0 51 Final, Baltimore Ravens 4-5-0 20 VS Tennessee Titans 5-3-0 23 Final, Arizona Cardinals 4-4-0 20 VS San Francisco 49ers 0-9-0 10 FInal, Washington Redskins 4-4-0 17 VS Seattle Seahawks 5-3-0 14 Final, Kansas City Chiefs 6-3-0 17 VS Dallas Cowboys 5-3-0 28 Final, Oakland Raiders 4-5-0 27 VS Miami Dolphins 4-4-0 24 Final, Detroit Lions 4-4-0 30 VS Green Bay Packers 4-4-0 17 Final

2017 NFL Week 9 Game Recaps

Dak Prescott and Dallas were hoping to deliver. Kansas City is 0-2 in games called by Tony Romo who returned to Dallas to call this game. Would they fall to 0-3?

Chris Ransom Last Updated: November 5, 2017.

Buffalo Bills 5-3-0
New York Jets 4-5-0

Game Recap: NEW YORK-Buffalo headed to New York glad the team didn't trade Cordy Glenn at the trade deadline. New York was looking for payback after week 1.

Josh McCown had a rushing touchdown in the first quarter. The Jets led 7-0 after one quarter.

New York got a field goal to make it 10-0. Tyrod Taylor threw a touchdown pass. New York led 10-7 at halftime.

Josh McCown threw a passing touchdown in the third quarter to Roby Anderson. That put New York ahead 17-7. Then Matt Forte ran for a rushing touchdown. New York led 24-7 after three quarters. Buffalo made things interesting late, but New York did too much too early to win this game.

Quarterback Josh McCown was my player of the game. McCown went 14/20 with 140 passing yards, 1 passing touchdown, 1 rushing touchdown, and no interceptions. McCown managed the game well and did just enough for the Jets to win this game.

Indianapolis Colts 3-6-0
Houston Texans 3-5-0

Game Recap: HOUSTON-Neither Indianapolis or Houston had their quarterback for this game. It was Jacoby Brissett versus Tom Savage.

Jacoby Brissett made a nice throw to Brandon Williams. Anthony Costanzo provided excellent protection at left tackle playing for his job. Indianapolis had three first downs compard to the Texans one. Costanzo contintued to showcase his mean streak allowing Brissett to start 4/4 with 88 passing yards, 1 passing touchdown, and no interceptions as Brissett fires a bomb to T.Y. Hilton. Indianapolis takes a 7-0 lead.

The first quarter ended in Savage fashion for Houston. The first quarter expired before Tom Savage could get the snap up.

Houston had a nice 4-minute drive going. Right tackle Breno Giancomi had a false start penalty. Why in the fuck is Giancomi starting. Left tackle Julie'n Davenport was brilliant against Seattle last week. He gave up a careless quarterback hurry. Rashaan Melvin did an awesome job lining up at field corner blanketing DeAndre Hopkins. The Texans missed the field goal and the Colts got the ball back after a wasted 5-minute drive by Houston.

Colts took a 10-0 lead. Houston had a problem until Lamaar Houston recovered a fumble for a touchdown.

T.Y. Hilton got another touchdown. That gave the Colts a 17-7 lead before Adam Vinatieri kicked a field goal to make it 20-7.

Tom Savage threw a touchdown to DeAndre Hopkins. That made it 20-14.

The Texans made a defensive stop. They got the ball back late in the fourth quarter with a chance to win. Tom Savage fumbles the ball on the final play of the game.

Indianapolis is now 3-6 with the Houston at 3-5. Neither team has their quarterback for the rest of the season so the backups have to step up.

T.Y. Hilton was my player of the game at wide receiver with 5 receptions, 175 recceiving yards, and 2 receiving touchdowns. Anthony Costanzo and Ryan Kelly both kept Brissett clean in the pocket at left tackle and center. Plus Brissett went 20/30 with 308 passing yards, 2 passing touchdowns, no interceptions.

Cincinnati Bengals 3-5-0
Jacksonville Jaguars 5-3-0

Game Recap: JACKSONVILLE-Leonard Fournette was healthy this week. He violated team rules and was inactive for this game.

Blake Bortles began this game 4/4 with 42 passing yards. T.J. Yeldon fumbled a ball that Cincinnati recovered. Cincinnati got the second turnover on Sunday.

Blake Bortles with another captivating throw. I'm amazed that I'm using Bortles and captivating in the same sentence since they settled for a field goal on that drive. Nevermind it's really captivating when Bortles misses an easy touchdown throw to Marcedes Lewis. Cincinnati deserves some credit for pressuring Bortles. Bortles burned a timeout.

Jacksonville operated a 7 minute 55 second drive that took up 15-plays. Also Blake Bortles threw a touchdown to Marqise lee on third and goal. That was Lee's first touchdown of 2017. Lee does his best MLS impression by kicking a football after scoring a touchdown.

Tyler Kroft beats Paul Posluszney in coverage. Myles Jack played middle linebacker on that play with Posluszney playing the strong side at 4-3 left outside linebacker. What a play by Tyler Kroft. Now he just needs to kill the Jaguars like Laura Kroft in Tomb Raider.

Joe Mixon with gives the Bengals a touchdown with a superman dive. Andre Smith got called for unsportsmanlike conduct at right guard. Cincinnati trailed 10-7.

Josh Lambo nails another field goal. He extended Jacksonville's lead and made the Chargers look like dumb asses in the process for replacing him with Younghoe Koo.

Cincinnati got into a WWE style fight with Jacksonville. It was like watching Tyler Durden's Fight Club on the gridiron. A.J. Green and Jalen Ramsey both ejected. A.J. Green does his best Floyd Mayweather impression leading up to his ejection. Mark Sciubba described the brawl as awesome.

Jacksonville won this game 23-7. Quarterback Blake Bortles was my player of the game. Bortles went 24/38 with 259 passing yards, 1 passing touchdown, and no interception. Jacksonville really dominated when it came to time of possession having the ball for 40 minutes and 14 seconds.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-6-0
New Orleans Saints 6-2-0

Game Recap: NEW ORLEANS-Tampa Bay doesn't have their number one cornerback Brent Grimes. New Orleans wide receiver Michael Thomas should have a field day in Fantasy Football today.

Drew Brees came out guns blazing with a completion to Tedd Ginn Jr. First down Saints. Drew Brees threw another completion this one to Alvin Kamara.

Brees began the game 3/3 with 34 passing yards. Drew Brees threw a pass to Michael Thomas as he fought for the third down conversion. Brees continued to dominate on the opening drive going 6/6.

Drew Brees began this drive 6/6 with 48 passing yards going 2/2 on third down conversions. He had Kamara wide open, but he threw it to Lavonte David who dropped an easy pick. New Orleans opened up the drive with a 6 minute and 9 second drive. 8:51 was left in the first quarter. New Orleans led 3-0.

Back to back blocks in New Orleans. The Saints blocked a punt for a touchdown. Tampa Bay followed that up by blocking an extra point. New Orleans ahead 9-0.

It's been 4 quarters since Winston threw a touchdown. Winston was playing injured. Tampa Bay burned their second timeout in the first quarter.

Mike Evans got injured. He returned though. Now Winston and his number one target are both playng injured.

Drew Brees continues to fire accurate passes like a surgeon that makes top dollar. Alvin Kamara continues to piss off Packers fans with a Lambeau leap in front of these Loyal Saints' fans. He's making Tampa Bay fans want to pull out their hair right now. Just brilliant execution by New Orleans as they gain a 17-3 lead over Tampa Bay.

New Orleans won this game 30-10 after leading 30-3 after the third quarter. This was just a huge blowout. We saw Jameis Winston point a finger at Lattimore. Mike Evans pushing Lattimore. More NFL Fight Club. Neither Evans or Lattimore was ejected unlike what happened with A.J. Green and Jalen Ramsey. This is the second time this season where Ryan Fitzpatrick came in for Winston and now Winston has gone two consecutive games without a passing touchdown.

Drew Brees went 22/27 with 263 passing yards, 2 passing touchdowns, an no interceptions. Brees was a huge reason why New Orleans won.

New Orleans played like a disciplined championship contender. Tampa Bay was just sloppy. Ryan Fitzpatrick went 8/15 with 68 passing yards, 1 passing touchdown, and no interceptions in relief of an injured Jameis Winston who only had 67 passing yards. Doug Martin held to 7 rushing yards on 8 carries.

None of Tampa Bay's receivers had more than 2 receptions and all of Tampa Bay's rushers including the quarterbacks were limited to 87 total rushing yards combined. Mike Evans had 1 reception for 13 yards, Jackson 2 receptions 25 yards, Brate 1 catch 9 yards, Godwin 1 catch 9 yards, Howard 1 catch 6 yards. Luke Stocker the third string tight end caught the only touchdown of the game from Fitzpatrick.

Tampa Bay's offensive line especially the offensive tackles Donovan Smith at left tackle and Demar Dotson at right tackle are playing terrible. Tampa Bay is last in the NFL at sacking the quarterback. This secondary was suspect with Brent Grimes. Kicker is still an issue after Tampa Bay is on their third different kicker.

Tony Mario said this is the most undisciplined team in the entire NFL outside of the winless Browns and winless 49ers. It's hard to argue against that since Tampa Bay was my preseason pick to get home field in the NFC. New Orleans was just more disciplined than Tampa Bay today. That's really all this game came down to.

Los Angeles Rams 6-2-0
New York Giants 1-7-0

Game Recap: NEW YORK-Last year these teams met in London. New York won that game which led to Goff's starting debut. With Janoris Jenkins out plus Odell Beckham Jr. and Brandon Marshall on injured reserve all the momentum is now in the Rams favor.

ELi Manning gave up a strip sack. The Los Angeles Rams executed the first turnover on Sunday. Todd Gurley had 3 carries for 44 rushing yards. Jared Goff threw on the run to Tyler Higbee who gave the Rams a 7-0 lead. Andrew Whitworth gave Goff awesome pass protection at left tackle.

New York got into Los Angeles territory. Eli Manning hoping to take the Giants to Hollywood with a touchdown. Tight end Evan Engram stepped up with a huge first down. Eli finally gets some damn protection and Tavarres King captures an Oscar with that touchdown due to New York's injuries at wide receiver. That tied the game at 7.

Gerald Everett with a huge reception. The Rams' tight ends are flying high they balling as rapper Jim Jones would say. Thanks to those tight ends Los Angeles takes a 10-7 lead in New York as Jay-Z would say.

I said Wayne Gallman was a career backup leading up to the 2017 NFL Draft. That fumble validated my case with the Rams' defense recovering their second fumble. What's even sweeter is I'm starting the Rams defense in Fantasy.

Jared Goff with a touchdown pass on third and thirty three. Now I want to see Chuck Norris get a touchdown on third and forty. The Rams took a 17-7 lead.

Our president talks about bombing the shit out out other countries. Jared Goff is literally bombing the shit out of this Giants secondary as he threw his third passing touchdown in the first half. Without Janoris Jenkins this secondary looks lost with both Eli Apple and Landon Collins getting burned today. The Rams took a 24-7 lead thanks a 24/7 ass whopping by Goff. Glad I started Goff in fantasy.

New York hoping to save face. They got a field goal. 24-10 Rams. The Giants didn't get a field goal. The Rams' led 27-10 at halftime.

The Los Angeles Rams outscored the New York Giants Giants 21-0 in the third quarter. That gave Los Angeles a 48-10 lead after three quarters. Los Angeles Rams win this game 51-17. Jared Goff went 14/22 with 311 passing yards, 4 passing touchdowns, and no interceptions. Todd Gurley also had 2 rushing touchdowns with left tackle Andrew Whitworth keeping Jason Pierre-Paul in check with starting 4-3 right end Olivier Vernon injured.

Atlanta Falcons 4-4-0
Carolina Panthers 6-3-0

Game Recap: CAROLINA-Atlanta is completely healthy now. Kelvin Benjamin is no longer a Panther and Ryan Kalil is still out with an injury at center. Atlanta can win this game if Dontari Poe and Grady Jarrett get pressure on Cam Newton at defensive tackle and stop the running game.

Matt Ryan threw a 34-yard pass to Julio Jones. That was a big first down by Atlanta on their opening drive. Julio dropped a deep touchdown pass. Atlanta had to settle for a field goal 3-0 Atlanta.

Jonathan Stewart gets stripped of his dignity and the football. Keanu Neal the second year safety and Atlanta's 2016 first round pick with the fumble recovery. Atlanta keeps their lead with a chance to build on it.

Julio Jones was limping off the field. Wes Schweitzer the former San Jose State left tackle with the holding penalty. I remember watching Jonah Tuls break down Schweitzer at Draft Breakdown. Good times.

Devonta Freeman with a nice first down. Watching him evade Thomas Davis and Joe Buck's voice was a thing of beauty on that counter run. Carolina negated Matt Ryan's shovel pass. This Falcons offensive line is suspect without Ryan Schrader at right tackle. The prophet known as Mohamed Sanu led the Falcons into the end zone. Atlanta ahead 10-0 even with Schweitzer's incompetence.

Jonathan Stewart lost another fumble in the first quarter. Stewart suffering from butter fingers as Atlanta gets the ball back.

Christian McCaffrey compensates for Stewart's fumbles by taking a shovel pass to the end zone. Not sure if it counts as a rushing or receiving touchdown. The bottom line is McCaffrey scored. Cam Newton got a rushing touchdown which gave Carolina a 14-10 lead.

Carolina got two field goals in the third quarter. Carolina took a 20-10 lead after three quarters. Carolina won this game 20-10. Luke Keuchly had 3 solo tackles, 8 assisted tackles, 11 total tackles, and kept playing even after a bloody nose having a fantastic game holding both Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman to 51 total rushing yards. Awesome job by Kuechly disabling the running game.

Denver Broncos 3-5-0
Philadelphia Eagles 8-1-0

Game Recap: PHILADELPHIA-Brock Osweiler heads to Philadelphia in the wake of Trevor Siemian being benched. This Philadelphia team traded a fourth round draft pick for running back Jay Ajayi. Let's see how Ajayi does against Denver's defense today. Zach Ertz is inactive and Emmanuel Sanders is playing so that's good news for Denver.

Borck Osweiler with a 14-yard completion to Demaryius Thomas sets up a first down. Denver had a 9-play drive, but they had to settle for a field goal. Denver took a 3-0 lead.

Carson Wentz hit a third down conversion on third and nine. That play extended Philadelphia's drive. Carson Wentz fakes a handoff to Jay Ajayi only to throw a quick screen pass to backup tight end Brent Celek. Wentz drops a 32-yard floater to Alshon Jeffrey. That touchdown gave the Eagles the lead. Wentz was pressured by Von Miller who got by right tackle Lane Johnson with ease. Wentz kept his cool and torched Denver's field corner Aqib Talib in the process. Philadelphia leads 7-3.

C.J. Anderson gets injured again for the second year in a row. Anderson is just too brittle even though he can be an asset when healthy.

Philadelphia got to the Denver 30-yard line. Denver made a great stop on third down. That forced Jake Elliott to kick a field goal. Philadelphia now up by a touchdown 10-3.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia when Brock Osweiler throws interceptions. I'm sure Broncos fans everywhere are screaming god damn it like Sweet Dee. Philadelphia got the ball back at the Denver 15-yard line. They also got a touchdown. Now they lead 17-3.

Carson Wentz strikes with a with a touchdown. He threw that with such precision. Where was Chris Harris on that play. Thanks to Gene Steratore EDP445 won't bitch about how the Eagles got robbed of a touchdown. Philadelphia takes a 24-6 lead after McManus got a field goal prior to this drive.

Brock Osweiler yelled alert like a web designer coding jQuery. Unfortunately the Broncos got stopped. The good news is C.J. Anderson is back on the field for Denver.

Once again Brock Osweiler gets Brock blocked by the Eagles' defense. Superb coverage by Jalen Mills. McManus had to settle for a field goal 24-9.

It's still the first half and Philadelphia has already scored 30 on a Denver defense that has most of their starters from Super Bowl 50. At this rate, Philadelphia is on pace to drop a 40-burger maybe 50-point clinic on what was the NFL's best defense two years ago. Philadelphia now led 31-9 in the first half.

Philadelphia won this blowout 51-23. Philadelphia led 44-9 after three quarters. Carson WEntz went 15/27 with 199 passing yards, 4 passing touchdowns, and no interceptions. Wentz took care of business to get the Eagles to 8-1.

Baltimore Ravens 4-5-0
Tennessee Titans 5-3-0

Game Recap: TENNESSEE-Delanie Walker is back from an injury so is 2017 first round pick Corey Davis. Marcus Mariota should be healthy enough to start scrambling again. The key matchup will be Terrell Suggs against these Titans' offensive tackles with left tackle Taylor Lewan and right tackle Jack Conklin leading the way. Baltimore needs Matt Judon, Tyus Bowser, or Tim Williams to step up next to Suggs today.

Marcus Mariota threw a completion to Matthews for a first down. Adoree Jackson also had a 20-yard run.

Matthew Judon did a fantastic job getting by left tackle Taylor Lewan on third down. That resulted in Tennessee kicking a field goal. Ryan Succop hit 55 straight from under 50-yards. Tennessee took a 3-0 lead.

Baltimore called a fake punt pass and got to keep their fourth down conversion alive. Next fourth down attempt Justin Tucker nailing field goals like a bad mother fucker. Baltimore ties this game at 3.

Marcus Mariota began this game 4/4 with 44 passing yards. Tennessee is now 0/2 on third down conversions though.

Kevin Byard got an interception in the first quarter. That gave Tennessee great field position on their next drive at the Baltimore 46-yard line.

Marcus Mariota playing Hardball with Rishard Matthews after Corey Davis had a huge catch leading up to Hardball with Rishard Matthews. Sorry Chris Matthews your show sucks. That touchdown gave the Titans a 10-3 lead lead.

Baltimore with a turnover on downs. Tennessee got the ball back with their lead in check.

Baltimore kicks another field goal. Tucker continues to be a mother fucker to the Titans. Tennessee doesn't care since they still lead 10-6.

Marcus Mariota threw a pass to backup tight end Jonnu Smith. Great deflection by 2017 first round pick Marlon Humphrey.

Tennessee summoned a trio of offensive tackles. With three offensive tackles on a first and goal situation the Titans were looking to score. Zack Smith extended the drive with an unnecessary roughness penalty. Derrick Henry pouned it in to make it 16-6. Ryan Succop missed an extra point. Tennessee led 16-6 at halftime despite going 1/5 on third down conversions in the first half.

Kevin Byard got his second pick in the second half. Baltimore had the ball for 9 minutes and 52 seconds in the third quarter and neither team scored. Tennessee still led by ten 16-6 after three quarters.

Joe Flacco threw a touchdown pass to Buck Allen to make it 16-13. It didn't matter though since Mariota responded with a touchdown pass to Eric Decker on Tennessee's next drive. Tennessee led 23-13 and won this game 23-20.

Kevin Byard was my player of the game. The Titans' free safety had 3 deflections from pass breakups and 2 interceptions. Byard now has 10 deflections from pass breakups and now leads the NFL with 6 interceptions. I cannot believe I gave the Titans an F grade for drafting him back in 2016. Byard is balling folks and the Titans can go places if he continues to play at a high level.

Arizona Cardinals 4-4-0
San Francisco 49ers 0-9-0

Game Recap: SAN FRANCISCO-San Francisco traded a second round pick for Jimmy Garoppolo. They still won't start him. With Drew Stanton facing C.J. Beathard this game may be even more forgettable then the previous meeting which nearly ended in a tie in Arizona.

This game was pretty forgettable. Arizona won this game 20-10 with Adrian Peterson having 36 carries, 157 rushing yards, and reaching 12,000 career rushing yards. Outside of a historic day for Adrian Peterson this game didn't provide much.

Washington Redskins 4-4-0
Seattle Seahawks 5-3-0

Game Recap: SEATTLE-Trent Williams is inactive again at left tackle for Washington. Seattle traded for Duane Brown at left tackle a three time Pro Bowler for the Houston Texans.

Washington got a huge upset win in a defensive game. With a 17-14 win they improve to 4-4. It's hard to say who the player of the game was. I gave it to Will Compton, but Washington with a huge win that may have saved their season. Wilson had 2 turnovers and 15 penalties.

Kansas City Chiefs 6-3-0
Dallas Cowboys 5-3-0

Game Recap: DALLAS-Ezekiel Elliott was supposed to get suspended. He's playing and continuing to win trials in the NFL in O.J. Simpson fashion. Also Tony Romo returns to Dallas as an announcer on CBS. The Chiefs are 0-2 in games called by Tony Romo so this should be a fun homecoming for Dallas even though I like the Chiefs to win.

Both teams struggled in the first quarter. Dak Prescott capped off the first quarter with a 27-yard strike to Terrence Williams before throwing a touchdown pass to Cole Beasley. Dallas led this game 7-0 after one quarter.

Kansas City finally got a field goal in the second quarter. Penalties killed them though plus they began this contest 0/4 on third down conversions. Dallas was still ahead 7-3.

Dak Prescott scrambled on a third down conversion before eventually punting. Kansas City struggled on third down conversions beginning this game 0/5 in that category.

Dak Prescott made some impressive throws to Dez Bryant along with a 56-yard pass to Williams. Those throws set up a Dak Prescott rushing touchdown which put Dallas ahead 14-3 late in the second quarter.

Kansas City finally got a touchdown thanks to Alex Smith's badass touchdown pass where Tyreek Hill took a 56-yard reception to the house in jedi fashion making Dallas defenders miss. Dallas led 14-10 at halftime. Kansas City had the ball for 8 minutes and 4 seconds in the second quarter and still went 0/5 on third down conversions in the first half. Dallas on the other hand was 3/5 on third down execution and really did a great job executing in the second quarter.

Alex Smith began the second half with a 5 minute 54 second drive where he converted back-to-back third down conversions. Those plays led to a Travis Kelce receiving touchdown. Kansas City led for the first time ahead 17-14.

Former Oregon State corner Steven Nelson was activated today. He got called for pass interference on a third down play when Dallas failed to get a third down conversion. Thanks to Nelson's pas interference penalty Dallas kept this drive alive. Dak Prescott scrambled on a third down before Ezekiel Elliott pounded it in. Dallas regained the lead ahead 21-17 in the third quarter.

Kansas City's next drive showcased a lack of execution. Tyreek Hill caught a pass out of bounds. The Chiefs' followed that up with an illegal shift penalty as well as a delay of game penalty. Kansas City went from a mangeable second and ten situation to a alarming second and twenty situation. Irving sacked Alex Smith on third down and that ended Kansas City's drive. Dallas led 21-17 after three quarters.

Dallas began this drive with Dak Prescott getting Bryant, Williams, and Brice Butler involved offensively. Those receivers made some critical catches for first downs early in the fourth quarter. Dak Prescott connected with Cole Beasley to cap off the drive and take a 28-17 lead.

Kansas City was able to move the ball on a three minute drive. Travis Kelce made two critical catches at tight end that resulted in first downs. Taco Charlton would go on to sack Alex Smith on third and five to set up a foruth down situation where Alex Smith had to pass it. Jeff Heath caught the first interception Alex Smith threw in 2017 on a fourth down situation. Lucky bastard. Dallas wins 28-17.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott was my player of the game. Dak Prescott went 21/33 with 249 passing yards, 2 passing touchdowns, and no interceptions. Prescott also had 3 carries for 27 rushing yards, including the 1 rushing touchdown on that ten yard scramble. Elliott had 27 carries for 93 rushing yards, but Prescott was the star for Dallas today.

Here is a fun stat of the day. Kansas city is 6-0 in games not called by Tony Romo. The Chiefs are now 0-3 in games called by Romo.

Oakland Raiders 3-5-0
Miami Dolphins 4-3-0

Game Recap: MIAMI-I love how fantasy people on NFL Network are saying Marshawn Lynch will struggle in his return. Miami is banged up at linebacker and if this offensive line goes off Lynch will rebound in a big way. Expect Lynch and Jared Cook to be the breakout players for Miami tonight. If Miami wins its due to Cameron Wake playing well against Oakland's right tackle at 4-3 left end along with the combination of Adam Gase beating Jack Del Rio in a battle of head coaches.

Oakland got a field goal early. Oakland took a 3-0 lead.

Jay Cutler made some nice throws to DeVante Paker and Jarvis Landry. Why in the hell is Dexter McDonald starting with T.J. Carrie. Oakland still looks shaky at cornerback, but that's due to penalties. Right tackle Ju'Wuan James had an illegal formation penalty for Miami that prevented a first down.

Center Mike Pouncey called with holding. Oakland called a dime package with 6 defensive backs. They still managed to stop the run on third and eleven. That forced Miami to punt.

Oakland got put in a difficult third and nine situation. Derek Carr burned Oakland's first timeout to avoid a delay of game penalty. Ndamukong Suh chugged some Gatorade as Miami's defensive tackle and told his teammates to make a fucking stop here. The irony here is that Suh was so eager to get to Carr he got called for an offsides penalty as Rodney Hudson managed to draw Carr offsides.

Xavien Howard did a nice job in coverage here. Amari Cooper had a chance to get a third down conversion, but drooped this pass where Cooper ran a short route and caught Howard playing zone coverage. Miami got the ball with 1 minute and 12 seconds left in the first quarter as they played the Going To Miami song on Sunday Night Football.

Time ran out before Miami could execute their third down conversion attempt. Oakland led 3-0 after one quarter.

Damian Williams fought for those yards. First down for Miami on third and one. Laremy Tunsil did a fantastic job paving the way for Kenyan Drake at left tackle. Mario Edwards Jr. got called with unnecessary roughness for laying out tight end Anthony Fasano.

Kenyan Drake ran for a gain of nine yards. Jay Cutler held onto the ball for too long, but he made the right read to DeVante Parker for the first down. Laremy Tunsil, Mike Pouncey, and Ju'Wuan Jonson did an awesome job winning the one-on-ones. Williams continues to fight for the big plays as this offensive line executes. Miami capped off a 10 play 82-yard drive that took up 5 minutes and 35 seconds. Miami took a 7-3 lead in the second quarter.

Cody Parkey lines up at kicker for Miami. He plays keep away from Miami by making the football travel ten yards with his foot before recovering the onside kick.

Julius Thomas finally caught a pass. Thanks to Thomas executing Miami gets 15-yards and a first down. Kenyan Drake coughed up the football just like his former Alabama teammate T.J. Yeldon. Oakland dodges a bullet thanks to the fumble recovery after Miami recovered an onside kick.

Smith told an NFL Official he was just joking on a play. Jared Cook Jr. also got penalized on the next play.Jared Cook Jr. picks apart Reshad Jones. Marshawn Lynch ran for a first down afer beginning the drive first and twenty five after the penalties by their tight ends.

Derek Carr fires a bomb to Johnnie Holton who gets separation. This was the second time Reshad Jones got beat in coverage tonight. Miami took a 106 lead following that throw from Carr to Holton and both of Holton's catches this season resulted in Raider touchdowns.

The most amazing stat from this game is that Jay Cutler began this game 13/13. He was perfect for much of the first half leading up to the two minute warning. An encoachment penalty by Autry resulted in a Miami first down.

Cutler still perfect 14/14 with 124 passing yards, 1 passing touchdown and no interceptions. Karl Joseph was called for unnecessary roughness. It looked like targeting by the Oakland Raiders strong safety. Cutler to Kenyan Drake, Cutler now 15/15 on 0-10 yard passes and 1/1 on 11-20 yard passes starting 16/16. Oakland finally broke up a pass with Autry making up for his encoachment penalty on third down with a swatted pass. Cody Parkey attempted a 49-yard field goal made a field goal after missing an extra point. Oakland led 10-9 following that swatted pass by Autry in a critical situation.

Only four passes hit the ground in the first half. Both Derek Carr and Jay Cutler had impressive plays in the first half. Amari Cooper the South Florida native made a huge first down. Cooper did a phenomenal job on that crossing route beating Kiko Alonso in coverage. Cooper finally caught his first pass on that play.

Derek Carr finally made a bad throw. His offensive line led by left tackle Donald Penn gave Carr plenty of time in the pocket. Oakland's right tackle missed the block and that incompleteion took seven seconds off the clock.

Derek Carr threw a completion to Jared Cook Jr. Oakland burned their final timeout. Oakland decided to kick a field goal hoping to take a 13-9 lead heading into halftime. Oakland watches Taveccio the Italian born kicker from California make a field goal. Oakland led 13-9 at halftime.

Michael Fabiano told people not to start Marshawn Lynch in Fantasy. Miami's linebackers are suspect outside Alonso against the run dumbass. Oakland leads this game 20-9 thanks to Marshawn Lynch.

Miami didn't give Cutler much time int he pocket. Cutler completed the screen pass to Kenyan Drake for the first down.

Jarvis Landry finally secured his third catch of the night. Cutler caught a pass to Anthony Fasano. Cutler threw a touchdown pass to Jarvis Landry. That touchdown made it 20-16.

Oakland had a chance to rebound. Amari Cooper gained a few yards on that play setting up third and four. Oakland punted it to Miami.

Miami managed to isolate Khalil Mack. That's one reason why Miami had success on offense. DaVante Parker dropped a critical pass on third down. That set up a fourth down where Miami was forced to punt. Oakland got the ball and took it to midfield. Oakland led 20-16 after three quarters.

Oakland was in a difficult third and fourteen. Carr fumbled it with Suh stripping Carr of the fumble. Marshall Newhouse fumbled it again and Miami ended up with the football, but Ndamukong Suh got injured on the play.

Damian Williams had a 35-yard gain. A holding penalty by Jarvis Landry where he held Navarro Bowman negated the penalty. Miami's guards missed their block. It looks like Suh would come back onto the field. Miami punted it to the Raiders.

Miami made two defensive stops. Derek Carr called a timeout. Miami got the ball back. Mike Pouncey got called for another holding penalty.

Ju'Wuan James is down with an injury. He's having trouble getting up. Oakland busts a cap on Jay Cutler without Ju'Wuan James. That was a huge sack for Oakland.

Oakland got a touchdown to make it 27-16. Miami responded with a touchdown and a two point conversion. Raiders won 27-24 with Derek Carr throwing for 300 passing yards going 21/30 and winning my player of the game despite having 1 passing touchdown and 1 interception. Jay Cutler had a better game for Miami going 34/42 with 311 passing yards, 3 passing touchdowns, and 0 interceptions. Oakland improves to 4-5 while Miami falls to 4-4.

Detroit Lions 4-4-0
Green Bay Packers 4-4-0

Game Recap: GREEN BAY-Matthew Stafford heads to Lambeau Field. He usually struggles here, but he doesn't have to worry about Aaron Rodgers with Brett Hundley 0-1 as a starter after filling in for Rodgers in the Vikings game.

Brett Hundley threw a first down to DaVante Adams. Green Bay's offensive line was completely healthy for the first time all year. It showed. Green Bay wasn't able to score on their first drive.

Golden Tate showed a great effort to make the catch. Marvin Jones caught a receiving touchdown on this opening drive. The Mike Daniels penalty on third and thirteen really killed the momentum of the Packers. Detroit led 7-0 after one quarter. Detroit did not have a third down conversion in the first quarter.

Dean Lowry made a great tackle for a loss. He beat Ricky Wagner off the snap at right tackle. Breen Bay already had 4 tackles for a loss in the second quarter. Make that 5 tackles for a loss. Detroit hit the post on a field goal.

D.J. Hayden made an awesome pass breakup. That ended a third down for Green Bay. Detroit got the ball back. Detroit got a rushing touchdown which made it 14-0. Green Bay got a field goal and it was 14-3 at halftime with Detroit ahead.

Brett Hundley continued to struggle. Detroit got another field goal to make it a 17-3 game. Detroit led 17-3 after three quarters.

Detroit got a field goal in the fourth quarter. Detroit led 20-3.

Brett Hundley got the ball back next week. Green Bay got a quick score to make it 20-10. Then Marvin Jones caught a touchdown to make it 27-10.

Detroit won this game 30-17. Matthew Stafford was my player of the game. Matthew Stafford went 26/33 with 361 passing yards, 2 passing touchdowns, and no interceptions. Both of his weapons stepped up. Wide receiver Golden Tate had 7 receptions for 113 receiving yards. Wide receiver Marvin Jones had 7 receptions, 107 receiving yards, and 2 receiving touchdown.

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