NFL Week 6 Recaps 2017 NFL Week 6 Game Recaps: Philadelphia Eagles 5-1-0 28 VS Carolina Panthers 4-2-0 23 Final, Chicago Bears 2-4-0 27 VS Baltimore Ravens 3-3-0 24 Final, Cleveland Browns 0-6-0 17 VS Houston Texans 3-3-0 33 Final, Green Bay Packers 4-2-0 10 VS Minnesota Vikings 4-2-0 23 Final, Detroit Lions 3-3-0 38 VS New Orleans Saints 3-2-0 52 Final, Miami Dolphins 3-2-0 20 VS Atlanta Falcons 3-2-0 17 Final, New England Patriots 4-2-0 24 VS New York Jets 3-3-0 17 Final, San Francisco 49ers 0-6-0 24 VS Washington Redskins 3-2-0 26 Final, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-3-0 33 VS Arizona Cardinals 3-3-0 38 Final, Los Angeles Rams 4-2-0 27 VS Jacksonville Jaguars 3-3-0 17 Final, Pittsburgh Steelers 4-2-0 19 VS Kansas City Chiefs 5-1-0 13 Final, Los Angeles Chargers 2-4-0 17 VS Oakland Raiders 2-4-0 16 Final, New York Giants 1-5-0 23 VS Denver Broncos 3-2-0 10 Final, Indianapolis Colts 2-4-0 22 VS Tennessee Titans 3-3-0 36 Final

2017 NFL Week 6 Game Recaps

And then there were none. No teams are unbeaten in the NFL now thanks to Le'Veon Bell and Pittsburgh's win in Kansas City.

Chris Ransom Last Updated: October 16, 2017.

Philadelphia Eagles 5-1-0
Carolina Panthers 4-2-0

Game Recap: CAROLINA-Both of these teams are looking to start the season 5-1. This is a huge game for both teams because both of these teams have very favorable schedules and the winner of this game is in the drivers seat for home field in the NFC.

Philadelphia had early momentum. After a failed first drive the Eagles settled for a field goal. Carolina tied it up at 3 too. It was 3-3 after one quarter.

Cam Newton ran for a touchdown. That made it 10-3. Rasul Douglas dominated in this game with a pick to keep Carolina from extending this lead lining up at boundary corner stopping Kelvin Benjamin in zone coverage. Douglas set up a scoring chance for Philadelphia where Carson Wentz threw a touchdown pass to Zach Ertz for the game-tying touchdown. It was 10-10 at halftime.

Cam Newton threw a second interception to Patrick Robinson. Philadelphia capitalized on the following drive with Wentz going back to Ertz. That gave the Eagles an 18-10 lead. Gano got a field goal to make it 18-13. Elliott made it an 8 point game to make it 21-13 then Gano got another field goal. This made it 21-16 after three quarters.

Wentz threw a bomb to Alshon Jeffery in the fourth quarter. Then that set up a touchdown pass from Carson Wentz to Nelson Agholor. This made it 28-16.

Carolina threw a touchdown to Christian McCaffrey. That made it 28-23. Carolina made one defensive stop. Cam Newton drove downfield. Rasul Douglas deflected another pass. That set up a Jalen Mills interception. Carolina had only one timeout. They got another chance as the Eagles could not finish the game late and had 10 penalties on top of that. Cam Newton underthrew a pass on fourth down resulting in an Eagles win.

Carson Wentz had a great, but not terrific outing. Going 16/30 with 222 passing yards, 3 passing touchdowns, and no interceptions is sort of a disappointing outing from Wentz when you consider how suspect Carolina's secondary is. At the same time Wentz fought for his team from a leadership standpoint.

Wentz played smart and avoided turnovers while Cam Newton threw 15 of his 52 pass attempts into coverage. Philadelphia had 11 deflections from pass breakups, 3 interceptions, and 1 swatted pass in the fourth quarter that didn't count in the stat sheet as a breakup. That was the difference in this game.

Philadelphia executed in this game defensively. Carson may not have wowed his fantasy owners, but he played smart, made precise throws, avoided turnovers, displayed sound decision making. Wentz was sharp and kept his eyes downfield on his throws. Cam played reckless, looked down after a bad play, he threw into coverage, got flustered, Carson showed 5 progression 6 progression ability and growth and I saw him as a 4 progression QB coming out of North Dakota State. Cam Newton has reverted to 3 progression and run mode after a dominant 2015 campaign where he showed 4 progression ability two years ago in his MVP season.

Most would give Carson Wentz player of the game. I'm gonna go with rookie cornerback Rasul Douglas instead. Douglas had 3 deflections from pass breakup and until he had that first interception in the second quarter it was 10-3 Carolina in a defensive game early. Wentz didn't get his first touchdown until Douglas stepped up and Ertz deserves an honorable mention with his 2 receiving touchdowns as well because they were the only receptions, but Douglas dominated in coverage on both Benjamin and Funchess.

Douglas was flawless outside of the pass interference penalty. Philadelphia had more deflections for pass breakups in this game against Cam Newton then the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50 so instead of giving Wentz the credit, I"m giving the defense all the credit here. Douglas was the main guy that I thought stepped up for Philadelphia.

Chicago Bears 2-4-0
Baltimore Ravens 3-3-0

Game Recap: BALTIMORE-Mitchell Trubisky made his first start on the road after losing to the Vikings on Monday Night Football. Baltimore has a window of opportunity to gain a lead in the AFC North today with a home win over Chicago.

Chicago's defense made a great stop holding Baltimore to a three and out. Mitchell Trubisky got the ball. It looked like Baltimore would make a 3 and out stop, but a roughing the passer penalty kept the drive alive. Chicago would eventually punt and that kept the game scoreless. Neither team scored in the first quarter and it was 0-0 after one quarter.

Mitchell Trubisky executed a 19-yard scramble on third and five. That kept the drive alive. Chicago settled for a field goal following a great defensive series by Baltimore in the goal line.

Next series, third and six. Danny Trevathian forces a fumble. That gave Chicago the ball back. Mitchell Trubisky attempted to extend the lead, but got held to a three and out.

Baltimore tries to avoid a turnover on their next third down. Joe Flacco threw an interception. Tarik Cohen called a trick play where he passed it for a touchdown. Chicago took a 10-0 lead. Baltimore put together a 12-play drive near the end of the first half. That made it 10-3 at halftime with Chicago ahead by a touchdown at the end of one half.

Mitchell Trubisky threw a touchdown pass to Dion Simms in the third quarter. Chicago took a 17-3 lead. Bobby Rainey took a 96-yard kickoff back for a touchdown. Chicago led 17-10 after three quarters.

Justin Tucker got Baltimore another field goal in the fourth quarter which made it 17-13. Ladarius Webb strip sacked Trubisky on third down and C.J. Mosley recovered a fumble to get Baltimore the ball back.

Joe Flacco drove Baltimore downfield. Flacco threw a 90-yard interception for a touchdown to Adrian Amos. That gave the Bears a 24-13 lead.

Chicago has a chance to get the ball back. They just have to make a stop on fourth and four. A neutral zone infraction by Leonard Floyd extended Baltimore's drive giving them an automatic first down. Baltimore had the ball at the Chicago 42-yard line and thanks to that offsides penalty Baltimore got into field goal range which made it 24-16.

Chicago punts it. Baltimore returns a punt for a touchdown and gets the two point conversion. That tied the game at 24-24. We would head to overtime to determine who won this game in Baltimore.

Chicago got the ball to start overtime. A holding penalty by right tackle Bobbie Massie kept the Bears from executing on thier first drive in overtime. Baltimore couldn't execute on their first drive either. Chicago got a field goal and won 27-24.

Adrian Amos was the player of this game. Amos had 8 solo tackles, 0 assisted tackles, 8 total tackles, 2 deflections from pass breakups, 1 interception, and 1 defensive touchdown. Amos was huge for Chicago today which is why he earned my player of the game. Chicago Bears running back Jordan Howard had 36 carries for 167 rushing yards, but he did not score a touchdown. Mitchell Trubisky played smart avoiding an interception going 8/16 with 113 passing yards, 1 passing touchdown, and no interceptions. Trubisky fumbled twice though so he didn't earn player of the game status.

Cleveland Browns 0-6-0
Houston Texans 3-3-0

Game Recap: HOUSTON-Cleveland's front 7 was at full health for the first time all season with Jamie Collins back. Houston on the other hand had an extremely depleted front 7.

Houston got a field goal early in the first quarter. That made it a 3-0 game after a strong opening drive by the Texans. Both teams made defensive stops. Zane Gonzalez would tie the game at 3-3. That was the peak for Cleveland in this game.

Deshaun Watson threw a 39-yard touchdown pass to Will Fuller. That gave the Texans a 10-3 lead in the first quarter. Houston led 10-3 after one quarter.

Kevin Hogan drove the Browns downfield on their opening drive in the second quarter. Jonathan Joseph had a pick 6. That gave Houston a 16-3 lead. Watson threw a touchdown to Braxton Miler. The two point conversion was good. Houston led 24-3 at halftime.

Houston got a safety in the third quarter which made it 26-3. Watson threw a touchdown pass which made it 33-3. Houston won this forgettable game 33-17. Jonathan Joseph had 2 solo tackles, 1 assisted tackle, 3 total tackles, 3 deflections from pass breakups, 2 interceptions, and 1 defensive touchdown. Joseph did a great job frustrating Hogan and was the biggest reason the Texans won today.

Green Bay Packers 4-2-0
Minnesota Vikings 4-2-0

Game Recap: MINNESOTA-Green Bay got David Bahtkiari back at left tackle. You'd think Green Bay would be a lock to win with their offense at 100 percent.

Both teams made defensive stops on their opening drives. Anthony Barr hit Aaron Rodgers on the second drive of this game. Rodgers broke his collarbone and would not return to the game.

Penalties by Packers 3-4 middle linebacker Blake Martinez and safety Josh Jones kept Minnesota's second drive alive. Green Bay ultimately forced Minnesota to punt the football.

Green Bay got a third possession. Brett Hundley threw an interception to Xavier Rhodes on his very first pass attempt of the game. Minnesota got the ball back, but neither team scored in the first quarter.

Case Keenum threw a touchdown pass in the second quarter. That gave Minnesota a 7-0 lead.

Minnesota held Green Bay to a three and out. Clay Matthews recovered a fumble on Minnesota's next drive. Brett Hundley threw a touchdown pass in the second quarter. That made it a 7-7 game in the second quarter.

Minnesota took a 14-7 lead on their next possession. Green Bay kicked a field goal to make it 14-10 at halftime.

Minnesota put up a 12-play drive to begin the third quarter. They took 5 minutes and 25 seconds off the clock before settling for a field goal. Minnesota took a 17-10 lead over Green Bay.

Brett Hundley had a few first downs. Minnesota made the big stop. It was 17-10 after three quarters.

Minnesota got a field goal to start the fourth quarter. That made it a 20-10 game.

Brett Hundley threw an interception to Harrison Smith. That set up a field goal which made it a 23-10 Vikings win. Harrison Smith was my player of the game once again for Minnesota. Harrison Smith had 3 solo tackles, 2 assisted tackles, 5 total tackles, 2 quarterback hurries, 2 deflections from pass breakups, 1.5 sacks, 1 tackle for a loss, and 1 interception. Harrison Smith had a huge game at free safety for the Vikings and was the difference maker in this one.

Detroit Lions 3-3-0
New Orleans Saints 3-2-0

Game Recap: NEW ORLEANS-Matthew Stafford faced off against Drew Brees. Both teams were hoping to get an additional win.

Kenny Vaccaro recovered a fumble for a touchdown. That gave the Saints a 7-0 lead.

Matthew Stafford threw a 45-yard touchdown pass to Golden Tate. That tied the game at 7.

Drew Brees threw a touchdown pass to Ted Ginn Jr. That 20-yard touchdown pass gave the Saints a 14-7 lead.

New Orleans made a great defensive stop. The Saints got a field goal and led 17-7 after one quarter.

Drew Brees threw some healthy completions to Willie Snead and Tedd Ginn Jr. Those completions set up a Mark Ingram rushing touchdown. That gave New Orleans a 24-7 lead in the second quarter.

Matthew Stafford put together some nice first downs. That made it a 24-10 game after Detroit settled for a field goal.

New Orleans drove downfield again. Mark Ingram had another rushing touchdown. That made it a 31-10 game in the second quarter. New Orleans led 31-10 at halftime.

Detroit got the ball to start the second half. New Orleans made a great defensive stop. Drew Brees threw an interception to Darius Slay. Detroit got the ball back, but Matt Prater missed a 56-yard field goal.

Alvin Kamara had a nice run. Free safety Glover Quin was injured on the play. Drew Brees threw a touchdown. That made it a 38-10 game.

Matthew Stafford threw a pick 6 to Marshon Lattimore. That made it a 45-10 game in the third quarter. New Orleans went on to win this game 52-38. Detroit turned things around offensively after that pick 6 by Stafford, but it was too little too late.

Mark Ingram was the biggest reason the New Orleans Saints won today. Ingram had 25 carries, 114 rushing yards, and 2 rushing touchdowns. He also led the Saints with 5 receptions catching all 5 targets coming his way as a pass catcher. Ingram had a huge day and is the biggest reason the Saints are 3-2 at the moment.

Miami Dolphins 3-2-0
Atlanta Falcons 3-2-0

Game Recap: ATLANTA-Atlanta still didn't have Sanu next to Julio Jones. Would that cause Atlanta to lose again?

Atlanta began the game with the ball. The Falcons opened this game with a 11 play 43-yard drive that took up 5 minutes and 19 seconds. Atlanta took a 3-0 lead on that opening drive in large part to an Xavien Howard penalty on third down which kept Atlanta's first drive alive.

Matt Ryan threw a touchdown pass late in the first quarter. That made it a 10-0 Atlanta lead after one quarter. Atlanta had the ball for 10 minutes and 8 seconds in the first quarter doing an awesome job with controlling time of possession in the opening quarter.

Tevin Coleman had a rushing touchdown in the second quarter. Atlanta led 17-0 at halftime despite the fact that Miami had the ball for 10 minutes and 2 seconds in the second quarter.

Miami began the second half with a 15 play 75-yard drive that lasted 8 minutes and 43 seconds. Jay Cutler finally threw a touchdown pass to Kenny Stills, but man did Miami manage to wear out Atlanta for 18 minutes and 45 seconds when you consider the Dolphins overall time of possession in the second quarter along with their time of possession on the opening drive in the third quarter. Atlanta led 17-7 following that Miami score.

Jay Cutler threw a touchdown pass to Jarvis Landry. Atlanta led 17-14 after three quarters. Miami had the ball for 11 minutes and 13 seconds in the third quarter. Miami had the ball for 21 minutes and 15 seconds in the second and third quarters.

Matt Ryan completed an 18-yard pass to Julio Jones to begin the fourth quarter. That put Atlanta at the Miami 33-yard line in great field goal position. A holding penalty by left tackle Jake Matthews took Atlanta out of field goal range following an incomplete pass on first and twenty and a sack on the next play by Cameron Wake to make it third and twenty four. It was still 17-14 Atlanta in the fourth quarter.

Miami got a field goal on their next drive. That made it a 17-17 game with the game tied at 17 in the fourth quarter.

Miami held Atlanta to a three and out. Then they got the ball back and drove it downfield to make it a 20-17 Miami lead in the fourth quarter.

Matt Ryan got the ball at the Atlanta 13-yard line. Ryan drove Atlanta downfield to the Miami 26-yard line. Reshad Jones made the game-winning interception. Jones was the player of the game for Miami and the biggest reason both teams are now 3-2 in the NFL.

New England Patriots 4-2-0
New York Jets 3-3-0

Game Recap: NEW YORK-New England did not have Stephon Gilmore or Eric Rowe at cornerback today. Would that make a difference in todays game between two 3-2 teams in the AFC East fighting for first place.

Josh McCown threw a 23-yard completion where Roby Anderson got by Malcolm Butler to get a first down on third and ten. Josh McCown ran for a 16-yard scramble. Then McCown threw a pass to running back Matt Forte to put the Jets in field goal range. The drive ended with Josh McCown throwing a touchdown pass to Austin Seferian-Jenkins. New York executed a 13 play drive that took up 5 minutes and 52 seconds.

Tom Brady completed a 19-yard pass to Chris Hogan. Unfortunately, that didn't matter as the Jets still led 7-0 after New England's opening drive.

New York went three and out on their second drive. Mike Gillislee fumbled the ball. New York recovered the fumble with Buster Skryne picking up the fumble recovery. New York led 7-0 after one quarter.

Josh McCown threw a touchdown pass to Jeremy Kerley. That gave the Jets a 14-0 lead early in the second quarter.

New England went three and out on their first drive in the second quarter. Same could be said for the New York Jets on their second drive in the second quarter.

Tom Brady complete two huge passes to Rob Gronkowski and Danny Amendola. Gronkowski got by Marcus Maye on a 25-yard completion and Danny Amendola got by Buster Skryne. Those completions set up the running game where Dion Lewis would get a rushing touchdown to make it a 14-7 game.

New England held New York to a three and out on offense. Tom Brady got the ball back. He threw an interception to Buster Skryne. New York still led 14-7 after that pick.

New England made a great defensive stop. Tom Brady drove New England downfield. Stephen Gostkowski missed his first field goal attempt of the season.

Josh McCown threw an interception to Malcolm Butler. That interception gave New England optimism and hope about their chances of winning moving forward.

Tom Brady threw a 42-yard pass to Brandin Cooks. That set up a touchdown pass to Rob Gronkowski. New England tied the game at 14-14. The game was tied at 14-14 at halftime.

New England got the ball to start the second half. Dion Lewis ran for 11-rushing yards. Tom Brady threw a first down to Brandin Cooks. Chris Hogan got called with offensive pass interference on this drive too. Tom Brady threw a 19-yard completion to Brandin Cooks which set up a 33-yard touchdown pass to Rob Gronkowski. That gave New England a 21-14 lead and the Patriots first lead of the game.

New York burned two of their three timeouts on their first drive in the third quarter. Devin McCourty made a critical interception that gave New England the ball back.

New England took their 21-14 lead into the fourth quarter. Stephen Gostkowski gave New England a 24-14 lead.

New York should have scored a touchdown. The call was overturned though and ruled a fumble where New England got the ball back with Malcolm Butler forcing the fumble. New York still got a field goal. New England won 24-17.

Malcolm Butler, New England's field cornerback was the player of this game. Butler had 4 solo tackles, 0 assisted tackles, 4 total tackles, 3 deflections from pass breakups, 1 interception, and 1 fumble recovery. Butler was the biggest reason New England improved to 4-2 on the season gaining sole possession of first place in the AFC East Division.

San Francisco 49ers 0-6-0
Washington Redskins 3-2-0

Game Recap: WASHINGTON-Two former Michigan State quarterbacks faced off with each other. The student Kirk Cousins faced the master Brian Hoyer.

Trent Williams recovered a fumble that kept Washington's opening drive alive. Kirk Cousins completed a 23-yard pass to Chris Thompson. Cousins threw a touchdown pass to Josh Doctson which made it 7-0 Washington.

Montae Nicholson got called with an unnecessary roughness penalty on third down. That kept San Francisco's drive alive. Washington eventually got the ball back and made a defensive stop even with Josh Norman inactive.

Washington went three and out on their next drive. San Francisco got the ball back, but they also went three and out.

D.J. Swearinger recovered a fumble for a touchdown. The call was reversed though. San Francisco got the ball back. Washington led 7-0 after one quarter. Washington had the ball for 10 minutes and 1 second in the first quarter. Having that time of possession allowed Washington to establish an early lead over San Francisco in the first quarter.

Kirk Cousins fired some completions to Jordan Reed. He eventually threw a touchdown pass to Samaje Perine to make it 14-0 thanks to a 10 play drive that took up 5 minutes and 46 seconds.

Brian Hoyer came in for his final drive before getting benched. He didn't execute. Kirk Cousins threw an interception. C.J. Beathard could not get anything going on his first drive. Eventually Dustin Hopkins made it a 17-0 game for Washington in the second quarter.

An unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on D.J. Swearinger kept San Francisco's final drive in the first half alive. Carlos Hyde ran it in for a rushing touchdown. Washington led 17-7 at halftime. Washington had the football for 10 minutes and 36 seconds in the second quarter along with 20 minutes and 37 seconds in the first half.

San Francisco got the ball to start the second half. C.J. Beathard drove San Francisco downfield to Washington's 30-yard line. Ryan Kerrigan sacked Beathard for a loss of 11. San Francisco still ended up with a field goal and Washington still led by a touchdown up 17-10 in the third quarter.

Washington drove in the third quarter. Jimmie Ward recovered a fumble for a touchdown. The call was overturned. It was Carlos Hyde not Jimmie Ward that tied this game at 17. It was 17-17 after three quarters.

Kirk Cousins got all the way to the San Francisco 3-yard line. The Redskins settled for a field goal and took a 20-17 lead in the fourth quarter.

Kirk Cousins got a rushing touchdown on Washington's next drive. That made it a 26-17 game. San Francisco scored a touchdown to make it 26-24. Washington won 26-24. Samaje Perine was my player of the game in a very forgettable game.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-3-0
Arizona Cardinals 3-3-0

Game Recap: ARIZONA-Tampa Bay headed to Arizona. Tampa Bay was coming off a brutal Thursday Night loss to New England.

Adrian Peterson ran a 27-yard rushing touchdown on the Cardinals opening drive. That gave Arizona a 7-0 lead.

Tampa Bay couldn't do anything on their first drive. Arizona got the ball back. Carson Palmer completed a 28-yard pass to Larry Fitzgerald. Adrian Peterson had a 17-yard run on Arizona's second drive as well. Those big plays set up a Carson Palmer to Troy Niklas touchdown pass. Arizona led 14-0.

Tampa Bay was close to entering field goal range. A false start penalty by Mike Evans really killed field position for Tampa Bay since they had to punt the football back to Arizona. Arizona led 14-0 after one quarter.

Robert Ayers drawing an offsides penalty made third and seven third and two. Palmer ended Arizona's third drive with a touchdown pass to Larry Fitzgerald which made it 21-0 Arizona.

Jameis Winston went three and out on his next possession. Winston left the game injured after that possession.

Vernon Hargreaves III was called for pass interference on Arizona's next drive. Carson Palmer fumbled on the next play. Arizona still recovered the football. Arizona had to settle for a field goal. Arizona led 24-0 in the second quarter.

Ryan Fitzpatrick got to the Arizona 5-yard line on his first drive in relief of Winston. Fitzpatrick was stopped on fourth down. Arizona led 24-0 at halftime.

Ryan Fitzpatrick threw an interception to Antoine Bethea early in the second half. Arizona got the ball back and scored a touchdown on their next possession to make it 31-0.

Fitzpatrick finally threw a touchdown to DeSean Jackson. That made it 31-6.

Carson Palmer threw an interception to Brent Grimes. Tampa Bay could not capitalize off of that possession though. Tampa Bay was in field goal range at the Arizona 33-yard line, but a holding penalty on left tackle Donovan Smith on third down took Tampa Bay out of field goal range. This forced Tampa Bay to punt the football. Arizona led 31-6 after three quarters.

Ryan Fitzpatrick threw a touchdown to Cameron Brate in the fourth quarter. This made it a 31-12 game with Arizona still ahead by 19 points after Tampa Bay missed another critical two point conversion.

Lavonte David recovered a fumble for a touchdown. Doug Martin ran it in for a two point conversion as well. Arizona now led 31-20 only up by 11. The Arizona Cardinals could not make another mistake from this point forward if they wanted to keep their lead in tact.

Ryan Fitzpatrick threw an interception. Arizona scored on the next play to make it 38-20. Tampa Bay put up a valiant effort to make it 38-33, but Arizona just did too much early in the contest to win this game.

Larry Fitzgerald was my player of the game for Arizona. Fitzgerald had 10 receptions, 138 receiving yards, and 1 receiving touchdown. Fitzgerald made a lot of big plays to take pressure off of Carson Palmer. Adrian Peterson also impressed with 26 carries, 134 rushing yards, and 2 rushing touchdowns in his debut with the Arizona Cardinals.

Los Angeles Rams 4-2-0
Jacksonville Jaguars 3-3-0

Game Recap: JACKSONVILLE-Both the Los Angeles Rams and Jacksonville Jaguars were looking for 4-2 starts. Only one of these teams would improve to 4-2 on Sunday.

Pharoh Cooper returned a 103-yard kickoff for a touchdown. The Rams led 7-0 until Leonard Fournette's 75-yard rushing touchdown tied the game at 7-7 in the first quarter.

Both teams held their opponents to a three and out on the next series. Los Angeles was able to get another field goal to take a 10-7 lead mainly due to Jacksonville's punter only getting a 16-yard punt.

Leonard Fournette had an 18-yard run on his next drive. That set up a 22-yard touchdown pass from Blake Bortles to Chris Ivory. Jacksonville took a 14-10 lead in the first quarter.

Jared Goff threw a touchdown pass to Gerald Everett. That gave the Rams a 17-14 lead. Los Angeles led 17-14 after one quarter.

Both defenses were a lot stingier in the second quarter. Jacksonville's punt was blocked and returned for a touchdown. Los Angeles took a 24-14 lead over Jacksonville.

Jason Meyers kicked a 54-yard field goal at halftime. The field goal attempt was no good. Los Angeles led Jacksonville 24-14 at halftime.

Jacksonville got a field goal in the third quarter to make it 24-17 after three quarters. Los Angeles got a field goal in the fourth quarter to win this game 27-17. Quarterback Jared Goff was my player of the game. Goff went 11/21 with 124 passing yards, 1 passing touchdown, and no interceptions. Goff played turnover free football on a secondary that picked off Ben Roethlisberger 5 times in Heinz Field last week so he deserves a ton of credit for avoiding turnovers this week.

Pittsburgh Steelers 4-2-0
Kansas City Chiefs 5-1-0

Game Recap: KANSAS CITY-Kansas City was the only team without a loss heading into week 6. Pittsburgh was coming off a 30-9 loss at Heinz Field and needed to make a statement this week.

Alex Smith muffed a snap. Pittsburgh took a 2-0 lead. That wasn't the craziest way this game started. Kansas City recovered the ball on a safety kick thanks to Jehu Chesson. The Chiefs drove downfield for a field goal which gave Kansas City a 3-2 lead. Kansas City led 3-2 after one quarter.

Pittsburgh kept driving in the second quarter. A Le'veon Bell rushing touchdown gave Pittsburgh a 9-3 lead.

Pittsburgh made back-to-back three and out stops while Kansas City only made one three and out stop. Ben Roehlisberger's 15-yard completion to JuJu Smith-Schuster and 19-yard completion to Antonio Brown set up a Chris Boswell field goal near the end of the first half. Pittsburgh led Kansas City 12-3 at halftime.

Both defenses looked extremely sharp in the third quarter. Kansas City kept their drive alive late in the third quarter due to a roughing the passer penalty on Mike Mitchell on third down. Pittsburgh still led 12-3 after three quarters.

Kansas City went for it on fourth down. They did not convert though. Pittsburgh got the ball back.

Kansas City's defense made a stop. Kansas City got the ball back. Alex Smith threw a passing touchdown which made it a 12-10 game in the fourth quarter.

Ben Roethlisberger threw a touchdown pass to Antonio Brown in the fourth quarter. That gave Pittsburgh a 19-10 lead. Kansas City got a field goal, but Pittsburgh won 19-13.

Le'veon Bell had 32 carries, 179 rushing yards, and 1 rushing touchdown. Bell was the biggest reason Pittsburgh won. Kareem Hunt still became the first running back in NFL history to have 6 consecutive games of 100 total yards mainly because he had 21 rushing yards and 79 receiving yards for the Chiefs.

Los Angeles Chargers 2-4-0
Oakland Raiders 2-4-0

Game Recap: OAKLAND-Derek Carr returned from his injury with Oakland. Both teams needed to win today to keep their seasons alive.

Los Angeles got the ball to start this game. Oakland held the Chargers to a three and out. Derek Carr threw an interception early in this game. The game remained scoreless after the Chargers missed a 48-yard field goal.

Derek Carr threw a 23-yard touchdown pass to Michael Crabtree. Oakland took a 7-0 lead in the first quarter.

Los Angeles drove downfield. They went for it on fourth and three only to come up empty handed after an incomplete pass.

The first quarter ended with a false start penalty on Oakland Raiders left tackle Donald Penn. Oakland led 7-0 after one quarter.

Both teams went three and out after Oakland got stopped. Los Angeles put together a 15-play drive that took up 6 minutes and 41 seconds in the second quarter. Melvin Gordon's rushing touchdown on fourth and one tied the game at 7-7 in the second quarter.

Oakland got a field goal to end the first half. Oakland led 10-7 after one half. Los Angeles had the ball for 10 minutes and 15 seconds in the second quarter and still trailed by a field goal at halftime.

Oakland got the ball to start the second half. Derek Carr drove Oakland to the Los Angeles 15-yard line before he was intercepted. Gabe Jackson had a holding penalty on this drive and Carr still got Jackson out of the hole he put the Raiders in before being picked off by the Chargers. Oakland still led 10-7 following a wasted possession on offense.

Bruce Irvin sacked Philip Rivers on third down. That gave Oakland the ball back forcing Los Angeles to punt.

Los Angeles held Oakland to a three and out. David Amerson recovered a fumble on third down. That turnover gave Oakland momentum allowing them to maintain their 10-7 lead after three quarters. Oakland had the ball for 10 minutes and 53 seconds in the third quarter, but neither team was able to score in the third quarter. Oakland took up 6 minutes and 53 seconds on the opening drive in the third quarter before Carr got picked off for the second time in the game.

Oakland went for it on fourth and two to start the fourth quarter. The Chargers made the stop and got the ball back.

Philip Rivers threw four first downs on the Chargers opening drive in the fourth quarter. Those first downs set up a touchdown pass from Philip Rivers to Melvin Gordon. Los Angeles took a 14-10 lead over the Oakland Raiders.

Los Angeles was about to make a defensive stop on third and four. Melvin Ingram was called offsides. Oakland kept their drive alive as Derek Carr threw a touchdown pass to Cordarrelle Patterson. Oakland's kicker missed the extra point. Oakland led 16-14.

Los Angeles kicked a game-winning field goal as time ran out. They won 17-16. Melvin Gordon was the biggest reason the Chargers won this game. Gordon had 25 carries, 83 rushing yards, 9 receptions, 67 receiving yards, 34 touches, 150 total yards, 1 rushing touchdown, 1 receiving touchdown, and 2 total touchdowns. Gordon was the biggest reason the Chargers upset the Raiders.

New York Giants 1-5-0
Denver Broncos 3-2-0

Game Recap: DENVER-Eli Manning was still searching for his first NFL win of the season. Denver had two weeks to prepare for what should have been a cakewalk of a home win against the 0-5 New York Giants that did not have Odell Beckham Jr. or Brandon Marshall at wide receiver.

Denver went three and out on their first drive. Eli Manning got the ball. He completed a third down conversion to Evan Engram to keep the drive alive. Shaq Barrett sacked Eli Manning on third down to end the Giants' opening drive forcing New York to settle for a field goal. New York led 3-0 after one quarter after having the ball for 9 minutes and 24 seconds in the first quarter.

Justin Pugh had a false start penalty on third and five to make it third and ten. Luckily Eli Manning got the ball to Roger Lewis who got by Bradley Roby in coverage to get a huge first down for New York with a 15-yard reception. Orleans Darkwa ran for a 47-yard run on the next play to put the Giants in the red zone. Eli Manning threw a touchdown to Evan Engram on third and goal after Orleans Darkwa and Wayne Gallman wore down Denver in the red zone. New York took a 10-0 lead over Denver.

Janoris Jenkins forced a fumble that was recovered by Landon Collins. The call got overturned due to the runner being down. Denver got the ball back. Denver got excellent field position due to a pass interference penalty on the defense by field cornerback Janoris Jenkins. Landon Collins had a second turnover on this drive with an interception and this turnover did not get overturned. New York kept their 10-0 lead and got the ball back.

Trevor Siemian put together a drive late in the second quarter with some completions to Virgil Green and Demaryius Thomas. Brandon McManus got a field goal to make it 10-3.

Trevor Siemian threw a pick 6 to Janoris Jenkins on his next drive. Trevor Siemian got injured on the play and Brock Osweiler came in. New York led 17-3 at halftime.

Al Michaels joked about how the Giants got off to a worse start than Harvey Weinstein. New York got a field goal to make it a 20-3 lead in the third quarter.

Both offenses got their teams into field goal range only to watch both defenses block the kicker from getting field goals. New York led 20-3 after three quarters.

Denver was about to enter field goal range again. Janoris Jenkins forced a fumble that Eli Apple recovered. The Giants got the ball back and kept their 20-3 lead in check.

Trevor Siemian threw a garbage time touchdown to make it 20-10. New York got a field goal to take a 23-10 lead. New York finally got their first win of the season.

Field cornerback Janoris Jenkins was the biggest reason the New York Giants prevailed. Jenkins had 5 solo tackles, 0 assisted tackles, 5 total tackles, 1 interception, 1 deflection from a pass breakup, and 1 forced fumble. Jenkins should have had two forced fumbles, but one got called back. Jenkins played a huge role in helping the Giants get their first win of the season.

Indianapolis Colts 2-4-0
Tennessee Titans 3-3-0

Game Recap: TENNESSEE-I figured Marcus Mariota would be inactive like Andrew Luck. Mariota ended up playing though.

Tennessee drove downfield and got a field goal on their first possession. Tennessee took a 3-0 lead.

Donte Moncreif dropped an easy pass in the end zone. That made it a 3-3 game with the Colts getting a field goal to tie it at 3.

Darius Butler's stupid defensive holding penalty kept the drive alive for the Titans. Marcus Mariota got the ball back with another chance to keep the drive alive. Marcus Mariota completes a pass to Eric Decker. That kept the drive alive. Mariota threw a completion to Demarco Murray to keep the drive alive. Malik Hooker broke up that pass to make it a fourth down. Ryan Succop got a field goal to make it a 6-3 game.

Tennessee led 6-3 after one quarter. Jacoby Brissett threw a touchdown pass to Jack Doyle. Indianapolis led 10-6 in the second quarter.

Both teams traded field goals after that point. Indianapolis led 13-9 at halftime.

John Simon had a pick 6 on Marcus Mariota in the second half. That gave the Colts a 19-9 lead after Adam Vinatieri missed an easy extra point.

Ryan Succop made a field goal. That made it a 19-12 game. Succop made another field goal. The Colts led 19-15 after three quarters.

DeMarco Murray had a rushing touchdown in the fourth quarter. That finally gave the Titans their first lead up 22-19 in the fourth quarter.

Indianapolis got a field goal thanks to a big return on their kick return. That tied the game at 22-22.

Marcus Mariota threw a touchdown pass to Taywan Taylor. That made it 29-22. After a great stop on fourth down, Derrick Henry had a garbage time run to make it 36-22. Tennessee won 36-22. Derrick Henry was the biggest reason the Titans won this game. Henry had 19 carries, 131 rushing yards, and 1 rushing touchdown.

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