NFL Week 1 Recaps 2017 NFL Week 1 Game Recaps: Kansas City Chiefs 1-0-0 42 VS New England Patriots 0-1-0 27 Final, Pittsburgh Steelers 1-0-0 21 VS Cleveland Browns 0-1-0 18 Final, Arizona Cardinals 0-1-0 23 VS Detroit Lions 1-0-0 35 Final, Jacksonville Jaguars 0-0-0 19 VS Houston Texans 0-0-0 0, Oakland Raiders 1-0-0 26 VS Tennessee Titans 0-1-0 16 Final, Philadelphia Eagles 1-0-0 30 VS Washington Redskins 0-1-0 17 Final, Baltimore Ravens 1-0-0 20 VS Cincinnati Bengals 0-1-0 0 Final, Atlanta Falcons 1-0-0 23 VS Chicago Bears 0-0-0 17 Final, New York Jets 0-1-0 12 VS Buffalo Bills 1-0-0 21 Final, Indianapolis Colts 0-1-0 9 VS Los Angeles Rams 1-0-0 46 Final, Seattle Seahawks 0-1-0 9 VS Green Bay Packers 1-0-0 17 Final, Carolina Panthers 1-0-0 23 VS San Francisco 49ers 0-1-0 3 Final, New York Giants 0-1-0 3 VS Dallas Cowboys 1-0-0 19 Final, New Orleans Saints 0-1-0 19 VS Minnesota Vikings 1-0-0 29 Final, Los Angeles Chargers 0-1-0 21 VS Denver Broncos 1-0-0 24 Final

2017 NFL Week 1 Game Recaps

Alex Smith heads into New England hoping to pull the upset on the defending Super Bowl Champions.

Chris Ransom Last Updated: September 8, 2017.

Kansas City Chiefs 1-0-0
New England Patriots 0-1-0

Game Recap: NEW ENGLAND-New England unveiled their fifth Super Bowl banner. Kansas City was the second best team in the regular season last season with New England being the best overall team in the NFL last year.

Kansas City won the coin toss and deferred until the second half. Dion Lewis took a return from the one yard line and returned it to the 27-yard line.

Tom Brady goes deep on the first play to Dwayne Allen. Allen dropped an easy pass with his fingertips. Tom Brady threw a screen pass to Rex Burkhead. That play allowed Burkhead to gain 8 receiving yards. James White ran for a first down to keep the Patriots drive alive. White took another carry this one was for three rushing yards.

Brandin Cooks got by Phillip Gaines with ease to get his first reception. James White got another carry. Tom Brady threw another first down. This one was to Danny Amendola. New England got a first and goal situation due to a pass interference penalty by the Chiefs.

A holding penalty by left tackle Nate Solder prevented a Mike Gillislee rushing touchdown. Solder lined up as an extra tight end on the holding penalty. Mike Gillislee ran it in for the rushing touchdown on his second attempt. Center David Andrews paved a lane for Gillislee. New England leads 7-0. The Patriots' 9-play drive took up 2 minutes and 52 seconds.

Kareem Hunt never fumbled the football at Toledo. Kareem Hunt gave up the football on his first career carry. New England capitalizes off an easy turnover.

Tom Brady overthrew a pass intended for Rob Gronkowski. Eric Berry did a great job covering Gronkowski on that first down. Brady threw a screen pass to James White which resulted in a three yard gain. Berry stopped Rob Gronkowski again. Berry and Bennie Logan gang tackled Burkhead to set up third and eleven.

Rob Gronkowski caught a touchdown from Tom Brady on a free play for the Patriots. The call would be reviewed and overturned. An offsides penalty made it third and six. Danny Amendola caught a pass, but was ruled just short of a fourth down. Eric Berry with a huge stop. The Patriots still lead 7-0, and blew a huge opportunity to get points off of Kareem Hunt's fumble.

Travis Kelce got a first down on a trick play where he lined up at quarterback. Tyreek Hill made a big catch to get another first down for the Chiefs. Kareem Hunt caught a pass for a first down.

Mitchell Schwartz came in and blocked D'onta Hightower. That opened things up for Kareem Hunt.

Alex Smith is getting great protection by Eric Fisher at left tackle and Mitchell Schwartz at right tackle. Smith fires a first down to Tyreek Hill. Smith threw another completion to Chris Conley for a first down which set up first and goal.

Smith began the game 7/7 with 66 passing yards, 1 passing touchdown, and no interceptions. Kansas City's drive was a 12-play drive that lasted 6 minutes and 22 seconds.

Tom Brady gets New England right back into Kansas City territory with a huge completion to Danny Amendola. Then Brady fired a first down to Brandin Cooks. Chris Hogan ran a first down for New England too.

Derrick Johnson did a great job in coverage and blanketed Rex Burkhead. James White stiff armed a defender. His run set up a third and one. The score was 7-7 after one quarter.

Stephen Gostkowski kicked a 25-yard field goal. That gave New England a 10-7 lead.

Tyreek Hill got the football on a running play. Devin McCourty power bombed Hill on the play. Trey Flowers devoured Smith on third down to get the sack. The coverage was excellent and that coverage gave Flowers enough time to get pressure on Alex Smith. Kansas City punted the football and New England got it back.

Chris Hogan gained 4 yards on that play. Mike Gillislee ran for four rushing yards. That set up third and two. Danny Amendola made a catch for a first down. Amendola now has 4 receptions for 70 receiving yards so far.

Rex Burkhead dropped an easy pass. Dee Ford grabbed Burkhead's arm on the play though. Tom Brady threw a first down to tight end Rob Gronkowski.

Mike Gillislee benefitted from Nate Solder paving a lane. The run blocking has been superb for New England so far tonight. Gillislee is demonstrating nice patience so far. Solder dominating as a run blocker.

Nate Solder gave Tom Brady 10 seconds to make the right read. The coverage was excellent. That set up a first and goal situation for New England.

Mike Gillislee ran that in for a rushing touchdown. So far Gillislee has 9 carries, 42 rushing yards, and 2 rushing touchdowns. New England already has 219 total yards of offense so far. This drive lasted 11 plays for 5 minutes and 50 seconds. New England led 17-7 following that touchdown.

Kareem Hunt only gained three rushing yards on the play. That set up a second and seven situation. Hunt moved the chains for a first down.

Tyreek Hill ran it out of the backfield. Hill only gained one yard on the play.

D'Anthony Thomas came into the game. Lawrence Guy made the stop. That set up a third and five situation. Alex Smith tripped on that play and that caused Kansas City to punt.

Kansas City was called for fair catch interference. That put New England in much better field position.

Kansas City made a great defensive stop. The Chiefs got the ball back. A holding penalty by Frank Zombo pushed the Chiefs back 10 yards.

A holding penalty by Eric Fisher at left tackle negated a big run for running back Kareem Hunt. Kansas City has 7 penalties for 53 yards in this first half. Cassius Marsh made the stop.

Alex Smith threw a first down to Albert Wilson. That took us to the two minute warning.

Stephon Gilmore demonstrated excellent coverage. That set up third and three with 57 seconds left. Tyreek Hill caught a pass with 49 seconds left. Charcandrick West caught a screen pass. There are 45 seconds left. Albert Wilson got out of bounds to stop the clock.

Malcolm Butler got called for pass interference. That made it first and goal for Kansas City. Kansas City called their second timeout with 17 seconds. Kareem Hunt caught a receiving touchdown. This drive was a 12-play 92-yard drive. New England led 17-14 following this touchdown.

The Patriots headed into halftime with a 17-14 lead. Kansas City will get the ball to start the second half.

Kareem Hunt got a first down. It looked like the Chiefs would get back-to-back first downs, but a holding penalty negates a huge play. The Chiefs now have 8 penalties for 63 yards in this game. That put Kansas City in a first and twenty situation. Travis Kelce gained six yards on a trick play making it second and fourteen.

Kareem Hunt caught a screen pass. That set up a third and five situation. Malcolm Butler made a tackle to stop Kansas City. That would set up a punt where New England got the ball back. Danny Amendola signaled a fair catch at their own 18-yard line.

Tom Brady opened up the half by targeting Dwayne Allen once again. Allen still does not have a reception tonight.

Tom Brady threw a first down to Danny Amendola. Amendola fumbled the ball, but it was recovered by center David Andrews.

Kansas City's run defense made two stops. Their run defense kept Mike Gillislee from moving the chains. That set up a third and twelve. Kansas City made a great stop.

Kansas City fumbled a punt, but recovered it. Kansas City lost 15 yards from a penalty. That's now 9 penalties for 78 yards in this game.

Alex Smith threw a deep pass to Tyreek Hill. That gave the Chiefs their first lead of the game ahead 21-17.

Marcus Peters did an awesome job blanketing Chris Hogan. Brady has thrown at Peters three times tonight and no completions have gotten past Peters.

Tom Brady threw a pass to Rob Gronkowski. Gronkowski got the third down conversion. Dion Lewis came in and got some yards on the play. That set up another third down situation for New England.

New England already lost Julian Edelman and Malcolm Mitchell for the season. Danny Amendola was slow to get up on that play. Kansas City got the ball back after that stop.

The injuries didn't stop there. D'onta Hightower was slow to get up. It looked like he twisted his knee.

Devin McCourty covered Travis Kelce. Stephon Gilmore broke up a pass intended for Chris Conley. Kansas City punted the football to New England.

Kansas City now has 10 penalties for 83 yards. Danny Amendola moved the chains for a first down. Terrance Mitchell got called for pass interference. Mitchell now has 5 of Kansas City's 11 penalties.

Mike Gillislee now has his third rushing touchdown. Gillislee now has 14 carries, 45 rushing yards, and 3 rushing touchdowns.

Kansas City calls a shovel pass to Travis Kelce. That play goes from second and two to second and seventeen. Kansas City now has 12 penalties thanks to Kelce being called for unsportsmanlike conduct. Alex Smith got sacked on third down. That holding penalty which got declined is penalty 13, but I don't think it will count.

Brandon Bolden got called for running into the kicker. Another running into the kicker penalty. Danny Amendola steps out of bounds.

Tom Brady threw a bomb to Brandin Cooks. The 40-year old quarterback threw a 60-yard pass on that play from his own 20 to the Chiefs 20-yard line.

New England got another first down. That put the Patriots in a first and goal situation. Derrick Johnson made a superb stop on second and goal. That set up a third and goal situation. An illegal forward pass prevents a New England touchdown. Stephen Gostkowski kicks a field goal. That makes it a 27-21 game. New England led 27-21 after three quarters.

Kareem Hunt caught a receiving touchdown. This one was 78-receiving yards. That play gives the Chiefs a 28-27 lead.

Tom Brady threw a completion to James White. That was a gain of 27-receiving yards by James White.

Tom Brady threw another completion to Chris Hogan. Kansas City put New England in a third and two situation. Kansas City stopped New England on third and fourth down. Ramik Wilson had a huge stop on fourth down at 3-4 middle linebacker.

Duron Harmon laid out Tyreek Hill. That made it second and ten. New England sent pressure towards Alex Smith. That set up a third and eight situation. Devin McCourty made a huge play to stop Travis Kelce on that play. That delay of game penalty on Kansas City is penalty number 14 on the Chiefs today.

Rex Burkhead with a huge run. That set up a first down. Nate Solder did a great job with that block as did Rob Gronkowski.

Tom Brady threw two incompletions following that first down. That set up third and ten. Kansas City made the stop and the Patriots had to punt.

Alex Smith completed a pass to Tyreek Hill. Kareem Hunt moved the chains with a first down. Alex Smith threw another first down to Conley. Eric Fisher and Mitchell Schwartz continue to give Smith a wall of protection since the Patriots are so depleted with injuries at defensive end.

Alex Smith threw a completion to Albert Wilson. Kareem Hunt had a rushing touchdown. That gave Kansas City an 8 point lead with the Chiefs leading 35-27.

Justin Houston begins the drive with a big sack. Eric Berry is down with an injury on the play. It is now third and seventeen. Eric Berry had an achilles injury. Brady went deep again and is stopped again.

Kansas City committed another penalty. Kareem Hunt now has 14 carries, 141 rushing yards, 1 rushing touchdown, 98 receiving yards, 2 receiving touchdowns. Kansas City got another touchdown. That made it a 42-27 game. On defense, Justin Houston had 2 sacks providing a good defensive presence.

Kansas City won 42-27. The Chiefs began the year 1-0 and the Patriots fell to 0-1. Quarterback Alex Smith was the player of this game. Smith went 28/35 with 368 passing yards, 4 passing touchdowns, and no interceptions.

New England travels to New Orleans in week 2. That is going to be a must win game for New England. Kansas City gets to go back home where they host the Philadelphia Eagles.

Pittsburgh Steelers 1-0-0
Cleveland Browns 0-1-0

Game Recap: CLEVELAND-Joe Haden made his return to Cleveland after signing with the Pittsburgh Steelers following his release on the Cleveland Browns. Myles Garrett the #1 overall pick will miss 4-6 weeks due to an ankle injury which is a huge advantage for Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh blocked a punt after holding DeShone Kizer to a three and out. Anthony Chickillo who filled in for Bud Dupree recovered the punt for a Pittsburgh touchdown.

DeShone Kizer rebounded following that drive. Kizer began the game 6/8 with 45-passing yards. Kizer threw some screen passes to running backs Duke Johnson and Matthew Dayes. DeShone Kizer scrambles in to tie it at 7-7. Pittsburgh and Cleveland were tied after one quarter.

Cleveland had a chance to take the lead. Joe Haden made an incredible deflection on third down to keep the Browns from getting the ball past the Pittsburgh 40-yard line.

Ben Roethlisberger threw his 36th career touchdown pass versus the Cleveland Browns. He connected with Jesse James to put Pittsburgh ahead 14-7. Pittsburgh led 14-7 at halftime.

Antonio Brown had 6 receptions for 102 receiving yards in the first half. Antonio Brown doing Antonio Brown things versus Cleveland as usual.

Ben Roethlisberger gets sacked by Carl Nassib. Nassib filled in for an injured Myles Garrett and got by Pittsburgh's left tackle for the sack.

Cleveland got a good drive going. Unfortunately, the Browns settled for a field goal. That made it 14-10 Steelers.

Ben Roethlisberger went back to Jesse James. That made it a 21-10 Pittsburgh lead.

T.J. Watt sacked DeShone Kizer. He also picked off Kizer to kill a Browns drive. Pittsburgh led 21-10 after three quarters.

DeShone Kizer threw a touchdown pass to Corey Coleman. The Browns went for two and got it. That made it a three point game.

Pittsburgh executed, but played a sloppy game on offense where Antonio Brown had 11 receptions for 182 receiving yards and Jesse James had both recieving touchdowns made big plays. T.J. Watt had 5 solo tackles, 1 assisted tackle, 6 total tackles, 2 sacks, and 1 interception in his NFL debut. Watt was the biggest reason Pittsburgh won today.

Arizona Cardinals 0-1-0
Detroit Lions 1-0-0

Game Recap: DETROIT-Arizona heads to Detroit. Ziggy Ansah will finally play after missing all of training camp and the preseason in 2017.

Justin Bethel, the boundary cornerback next to Patrick Peterson intercepts a pass by Matthew Stafford. That play gave Arizona a 7-0 lead thanks to the pick 6 by Bethel. Carson threw an interception as well.

Detroit's punter botched the snap. He tries to run for it and it results in a turnover on downs where Arizona got the ball at the ten yard line of Detroit.

Detroit jumped the snap on a field goal. Arizona got a first and goal situation. Detroit held Arizona to a field goal. That gave Arizona a 10-0 lead. The Cardinals' led by 10 after one quarter.

Carson Palmer threw a second interception. Matthew Stafford took off and scrambled on a third down.

Matthew Stafford threw a touchdown to Marvin Jones. The Lions failed to get the extra point on a botched snap. That made it 10-6.

Arizona hits the upright on a field goal. Detroit got their field goal. That made it a 10-9 game at halftime.

Arizona got a touchdown to take a 17-9 lead. Detroit got a touchdown and went for two, but did not get it. Arizona led 17-15 after three quarters. David Johnson left the game with a wrist injury.

Kenny Golladay caught his first career touchdown. The Lions took a 21-17 lead and failed to get a two point conversion. Golladay got another receiving touchdown that made it 28-17.

Miles Killebrew intercepted Carson Palmer for a pick 6. Detroit led 35-17. The Lions won this game 35-23. Free safety Glover Quin was the player of this game. He had 4 solo tackles including one that got David Johnson injured, he had 1 assisted tackle, 1 interception, and one forced fumble. The safety tandem of Killebrew and Quin really stepped up today for Detroit.

Jacksonville Jaguars 1-0-0
Houston Texans 0-1-0

Game Recap: HOUSTON-Houston will not have Duane Brown, Derek Newton, or Julie'n Davenport at offensive tackle. They also don't have Will Fuller. Houston recovered from Hurricane Harvey just in time for the NFL season.

Allen Robinson left the game with a knee injury early in the first quarter. Leonard Fournette did a good job getting Jacksonville in field position by taking over following Robinson's injury. The Jaguars settled for a field goal.

A.J. Bouye did an awesome job stopping DeAndre Hopkins on third down. That set up a fourth down where the Jaguars got the ball back.

Jacksonville led 3-0 after one quarter. They got another field goal in the second quarter to make it a 6-0 game.

Leonard Fournette went for it on fourth and one. Fournette ran it in. Jacksonville took a 12-0 lead.

Tom Savage fumbled. Dante Fowler recovered a fumble for a touchdown. That gave Jacksonville a 19-0 lead heading into halftime.

Tom Savage was so brutal that he got benched for Deshaun Watson. Watson began 3/3 with 26 passing yards. Watson did a good job driving the Texans downfield. Two penalties by Jacksonville kept the Texans' drive alive. Jacksonville had a pick six negated due to a penalty on Dante Fowler. Watson threw a touchdown pass to DeAndre Hopkins as a result.

Jacksonville took a 26-7 lead after Blake Bortles threw his only passing touchdown of the game. Jacksonville led 26-7 after three quarters.

Jason Meyers kicked a field goal in the fourth quarter. The Jaguars won this game 29-7. Leonard Fournette was the man today for Jacksonville with 26 carries, 100 rushing yards, 24 receiving yards, 124 total yards, and 1 rushing touchdown. Left tackle Cam Robinson, Jacksonville's second round pick paved the way for Fournette.

Jacksonville's defense combined for 10 sacks. Their front seven did a superb job getting sacks on both Tom Savage and Deshaun Watson. Bill O'Brien is gonna have a quarterback controversy heading into the Thursday Night game against Cincinnati. Jacksonville welcomes the team that lost our next game in week 2.

Oakland Raiders 1-0-0
Tennessee Titans 0-1-0

Game Recap: TENNESSEE-Oakland travels to Tennessee. The Raiders are 2-0 versus the Titans in the last two seasons, but Tennessee is favored to win today due to Oakland's weak linebacker situation along with their hole at right tackle with Austin Howard gone.

Derek Carr threw a pass to Amari Cooper. Cooper uses his strength to get past the Titans for a touchdown. The play was reviewed.

Oakland got a touchdown. Marcus Mariota got a 10-yard rushing touchdown to tie the game at 7. The game was tied 7-7 after one quarter.

Oakland got a field goal in the second quarter. The Raiders took a 10-7 lead. The Titans got a field goal late in the first half to tie it at 10.

Oakland got a field goal to end the first half. The Raiders led 13-10 at halftime.

Both teams got field goals in the third quarter. Oakland led 16-13 after three quarters.

Derek Carr's touchdown pass to Seth Roberts made it a 23-13 game. Both teams traded field goals once again before the Raiders prevailed 26-16. Carr did good today going 22/32 with 262 passing yards, 2 passing touchdowns, and no interceptions. He didn't have as much time as last year, but Carr did a masterful job handling his composure getting the Raiders the early win to allow Oakland to start 1-0.

Tennessee heads to Jacksonville to play a Jaguars team that looks like they will have first place in the AFC South which is a must win game for Tennessee. Oakland hosts the New York Jets next week and has a great chance to start 2-0 now after defeating the Titans.

Philadelphia Eagles 1-0-0
Washington Redskins 0-1-0

Game Recap: WASHINGTON-Philadelphia heads to the Nations Capital. This is a huge NFC East game that both of these teams need to win if either team wants to play spoiler in the NFC East.

Josh Norman made a huge deflection. That prevented a Philadelphia touchdown. Wentz rebounded though. He threw a pass to Nelson Agholor for a touchdown. Breshaud Breeland missed the tackle. Wentz did a wonderful job extending the play after both Lane Johnson and Jason Peters missed their blocks.

Carson Wentz threw another first down. That got Philadelphia into Washington territory. Nelson Agholor gave up a fumble. Mason Foster recovered the fumble.

Philadelphia led 7-0 after one quarter. Carson Wentz threw a second touchdown pass to LeGarrette Blount. That gave Philadelphia a 13-0 lead afer a missed extra point.

Eagles cornerback Ronald Darby dislocated his ankle. He got carted off the field.

Carson Wentz threw a pick 6 to Ryan Kerrigan. That interception put Washington on the scoreboard making it a 13-7 lead.

Washington took a 14-13 lead. Caleb Sturgis made it 16-14 for Philadelphia by converting a field goal at halftime.

Philadelphia and Washington traded field goals in the third quarter. The Eagles led 19-17 after three quarters.

A Caleb Sturgis field goal was the only score for much of the fourth quarter. Philadelphia led 22-17. Defensive tackle Fletcher Cox made the play of the game with a 20-yard fumble recovery for a touchdown. The Eagles went for a two point conversion and got it which resulted in a 30-17 Eagles victory.

Carson Wentz improved to 6-0 with Jason Peters and Lane Johnson as his offensive tackles making some excellent throws to bail them out. Defensive tackle Fletcher Cox was my player of the game though despite the fact that Wentz bailed out both offensive tackles. Cox had 1 solo tackle which was a sack. Cox also had a forced fumble as well as a 20-yard fumble recovery which gave the Eagles the 30-17 lead plus he limited Washington's running game to 17 carries for 64 rushing yards so Cox had a huge day for the Eagles.

Baltimore Ravens 1-0-0
Cincinnati Bengals 0-1-0

Game Recap: CINCINNATI-Baltimore heads to Cincinnati. Andy Dalton gets A.J. Green and Tyler Eifert back. He also has a lot more weapons this year at quarterback despite having a much weaker offensive line.

Joe Flacco threw a pass to Danny Woodhead. Woodhead caught the pass, but was slow to get up after the catch. Baltimore got a field goal to take a 3-0 lead after making a 25-yard field goal. Woodhead grabbed his left hamstring and it is a hamstring injury.

Andy Dalton threw an interception. Baltimore got the ball back to lead 3-0 after one quarter. Andy Dalton threw another interception in the second quarter.

Joe Flacco threw a touchdown to Jeremy Maclin. That gave the Ravens a 10-0 lead.

Dalton threw a third interception. Baltimore got a touchdown on the following possession. That gave Baltimore a 17-0 lead.

Dalton fumbled in the third quarter. That set up a Baltimore turnover. Datlon's four turnovers are greater than the number of carries Joe Mixon has today with 3.

That turnover set up a Ravens field goal which made it 20-0. Neither team scored in the fourth quarter with Baltimore winning 20-0.

A lot of players on Baltimore's defense stepped up. Jimmy Smith limited A.J. Green to 5 receptions for 75 receiving yards. Smith also picked off Dalton. Terrell Suggs had 5 solo tackles, 1 assisted tackle, 6 total tackles, 2 sacks, and 1 forced fumble. Suggs got by Cedric Ogbuhei at left tackle. Tony Jefferson held Tyler Eifert to 1 reception for 4 receiving yards and picked off Dalton at strong safety.

Baltimore Ravens 3-4 middle linebacker C.J. Mosley probably had the biggest impact with 5 solo tackles, 3 assisted tackles, 8 total tackles, and 1 interception while limiting Cincinnati's running game to 77 rushing yards. Mosley held Giovani Bernard to 7 carries for 40 rushing yards, Jeremy Hill to 6 carries for 26 rushing yards, Joe Mixon to 8 carries for 9 rushing yards, and Andy Datlon to 1 carry for 2 rushing yards.

Atlanta Falcons 1-0-0
Chicago Bears 0-1-0

Game Recap: CHICAGO-Matt Ryan gets to start his first game without Kyle Shanahan. Chicago will start Mike Glennon over Mitchell Trubisky who the Bears traded up for in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Atlanta took a 3-0 lead heading into the second quarter. Chicago tied the game with a field goal.

Matt Ryan scrambled to make it first and goal. Devonta Freeman gets a rushing touchdown. That makes it 10-3 Falcons.

Jordan Howard tied the game. His rushing touchdown made it a 10-10 game at halftime.

Atlanta got a field goal in the third quarter thanks to Matt Bryant. Atlanta led 13-10 after three quarters.

Matt Ryan threw an 88-yard touchdown pass to tight end Austin Hooper. That made it a 20-10 game.

Mike Glennon threw a touchdown pass to Tarik Cohen. THat made it 20-17.

Atlanta was able to get a field goal. The Falcons led 23-17.

Chicago made the end of this game very interesting. Mike Glennon kept moving the chains in critical situations. Eventually, he set up the Bears for a first and goal situation at the Atlanta Falcons 9-yard line. Atlanta managed to make four consecutive stops to win the game.

Quarterback Matt Ryan went 21/30 with 321 passing yards, 1 passing touchdown, and no interceptions. Ryan's play is what guided Atlanta to a 1-0 start.

New York Jets 0-1-0
Buffalo Bills 1-0-0

Game Recap: BUFFALO-Tyrod Taylor got cleared. He will start against the Jets in week one.

Neither team scored in the first quarter. Taylor threw am interception early in the game and Josh McCown ended the first quarter 4/4 for the New York Jets.

Tyrod Taylor began 4/9 in the first quarter with the 1 interception. He made up for it with a touchdown pass to Charles Clay.

New York got a field goal. That made it a 7-3 game. The Jets got another field goal. That made it 7-6 with Buffalo ahead by a point at halftime.

Tyrod Taylor threw a touchdown pass to Andre Holmes. That made it a 14-6 game.

Josh McCown ran it in for a rushing touchdown. The Jets went for the two point conversion and did not get it. That gave the Bills a 14-12 lead heading into the fourth quarter.

Mike Tolbert pounded it in to give the Bills a 21-12 lead. The Bills won 21-12. Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy had 22 carries for 110 rushing yards and was a huge reason why the Bills won this game.

The Jets head to Oakland in week 2. Sean McDermott returns to Carolina the team where he was a defensive coordinator when Buffalo faces the Carolina Panthers in week 2.

Indianapolis Colts 0-1-0
Los Angeles Rams 1-0-0

Game Recap: LOS ANGELES-The Colts did not have their best player on offense Andrew Luck or their best player on defense Vontae Davis. It was a long day for the Colts as a result.

Greg Zuerlein kicked a field goal. That made it 3-0 Rams. Trumaine Johnson intercepted Scott Tolzien seconds later. The Rams took a 10-0 lead following the pick 6 off of Scott Tolzien. Adam Vinatieri nailed a 20-yard field goal. The Rams led 10-3 after one quarter.

The Rams' offense took control in the second quarter. Todd Gurley had a rushing touchdown in the second quarter which gave the Rams a 17-3 lead. Jared Goff threw a passing touchdown to Cooper Kupp later in the second quarter to put the Rams up 24-3. Greg Zuerlein kicked a field goal to make it a 27-3 game at halftime.

Greg Zuerlein kicked another field goal. THen LeMarcus Joyner had a pick 6. The Rams led 37-3 after three quarters.

Scott Tolzien played so bad at quarterback for the Colts that he got benched for Jacoby Brissett. It really didn't matter though since the Rams got another touchdown and a safety. Los Angeles won this game 46-9.

Quarterback Jared Goff was the man who stepped up for the Rams. Goff went 21/29 with 306 passing yards, 1 passing touchdown, and no interceptions. The Colts were 0/10 on third down conversions and Wade Philips did an awesome managing the defense today. Chuck Pagano on the other hand was so clueless without Andrew Luck that he got the 49ers and Rams mixed up after the game.

The Colts home opener is against the Arizona Cardinals next week. Los Angeles welcomes the team Sean McVay used to be an offensive coordinator for in the Washington Redskins. The 30-year-old head coach will face his former team next Sunday.

Seattle Seahawks 0-1-0
Green Bay Packers 1-0-0

Game Recap: GREEN BAY-The Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers have history. Russell Wilson faced Aaron Rodgers once again.

This was a defensive game in the first half. Blair Walsh got the only points in the first half for Seattle on a last second field goal heading into halftime.

Green Bay got a touchdown to take a 7-3 lead in the third quarter. Seattle made it a one point game when Blair Walsh converted another field goal to make it a 7-6 game.

Aaron Rodgers threw a touchdown pass to Jordy Nelson. Green Bay took a 14-6 lead after three quarters.

Mason Crosby put the Packers ahead 17-6 before Blair Walsh made it 17-9. Aaron Rodgers did a good job in this game which was the biggest reason Seattle is at 0-1 and Green Bay is at 1-0.

Carolina Panthers 1-0-0
San Francisco 49ers 0-1-0

Game Recap: SAN FRANCISCO-Carolina headed to San Francisco. This was Cam Newton's first game where he was 100 percent prior to Super Bowl 50.

Cam Newton threw the only touchdown in the first quarter. Carolina led 7-0 after one quarter.

Graham Gano got two field goals in the second quarter. Carolina led 13-0 at halftime.

Carolina watched Cam Newton connect with Jonathan Stewart in the third quarter. The passing touchdown from Newrton to Stewart gave Carolina a 20-0 lead. Graham Gano made another field goal to give Carolina a 23-3 lead. Carolina led 23-3 after three quarters and won by a final score of 23-3.

Carolina won this game due to the brilliant play of their linebackers. Right outside linebacker Thomas Davis had 7 solo tackles and a sack. Middle linebacker Luke Kuechly had 5 solo tackles, 2 assisted tackles, 7 total tackles, and 1 interception. The combination of Davis and Kuechly helped Carolina start 1-0.

New York Giants 0-1-0
Dallas Cowboys 1-0-0

Game Recap: DALLAS-Ezekiel Elliott won his appeal. Also Odell Beckham Jr. was ruled inactive for this game.

Dan Bailey got a field goal in the first quarter. That was the only score in the first quarter with Dallas up 3-0 after one quarter.

Dan Bailey kicked another field goal in the second quarter. That gave Dallas a 6-0 lead. Dak Prescott threw a touchdown pass to Jason Witten at tight end. That expanded the Cowboys lead.

Dallas took a 13-0 lead following the Jason Witten touchdown. Dan Bailey kicked another field goal which gave Dallas a 16-0 lead at halftime.

The Giants kicked a field goal in the third quarter. That was the only score in the third quarter. Dallas led 16-3 after three quarters.

Dallas did a good job driving downfield in the fourth quarter causing the New York Giants to burn two timeouts. Dan Bailey kicked a fourth field goal. That made it a 19-3 Cowboys lead.

Dallas won 19-3. Not only did Odell Beckham Jr. not play, Brandon Marshall did not make a single reception until 5 seconds were left in the game. Sterling Shepard led the Giants with 7 receptions. Roger Lewis and tight end Evan Engram made some receptions, but both disappointed. New York looked lost without Odell Beckham Jr. as Eli Manning was flustered without his flanker receiver.

Dak Prescott on the other hand finally defeated the New York Giants after going 0-2 against the Giants as a rookie. Dak Prescott went 24/39 with 268 passing yards, 1 passing touchdown, and no interceptions. Prescott played well and managed the game effectively. Ezekiel Elliott had 24 carries for 104 rushing yards against the New York Giants. The balance of Prescott and Elliott finally clicked versus the New York Giants.

New Orleans Saints 0-1-0
Minnesota Vikings 1-0-0

Game Recap: MINNESOTA-Adrian Peterson returned to Minnesota. The Minnesota Vikings started rookie Dalvin Cook versus the New Orleans Saints at running back where he would replace Adrian Peterson.

New Orleans got the first score of the game with a field goal. That gave the Saints a 3-0 lead. Minnesota tied the game at 3 thanks to a pass breakup by Alex Anzalone. The game was tied 3-3 after one quarter.

Minnesota made some big runs. Dalvin Cook really opened things up for this offense early. Mike Remmers holding penalty on Cameron Jordan cost Minnesota a first down.

Drew Brees completed a third down pass to Michael Thomas. Ryan Ramczyk did an awesome job blocking for Brees protecting his blindside on third down. Brees followed that up with a bullet to tight end Coby Fleener. Left guard Andrus Peat gave Brees a ton of time in the pocket. Brees went to Fleener again on third down. New Orleans got another field goal and watched Zach Streif get injured at right tackle. The Saints led 6-3.

Sam Bradford threw an 18-yard touchdown pass to Stefon Diggs by throwing on a run. Minnesota took a 10-6 lead.

Anthony Barr stopped Alvin Kamara flat in his tracks on third down. That forced a fourth down with the Vikings leading 10-6 at the two minute warning.

Sam Bradford threw a big pass to Adam Thielen. That play resulted in a huge gain. That put Minnesota in great field goal position. Sam Bradford threw another big pass to Stefon Diggs which made it first and goal for Minnesota.

Sam Bradford threw it into coverage. Sam Bradford threw an interception until A.J. Klein knocked it out of Cameron Jordan's hands. That play gave Minnesota new life as Diggs caught his second receiving touchdown. Minnesota missed the extra point. That gave the Vikings a 16-6 lead though.

Sam Bradford went 17/20 with 197 passing yards, 2 passing touchdowns, and no interceptions in the first half. Minnesota got the ball to start the second half. Bradford opened the second half 2/2 with 34 passing yards.

Latavius Murray fumbled on his first carry for the Vikings. Dalvin Cook dropped an easy pass which forced the Vikings to settle for a field goal. Minnesota has 3 dropped passes along with one pass thrown into coverage now with Bradford being 19/23 with three of his four incompletions being dropped passes. Minnesota kicked a field goal to make it a 19-6 Vikings lead.

Everson Griffen got by Ryan Ramczyk to sack Drew Brees on second down. That set up a third and fifteen. A holding penalty by Senio Kelemee. New Orleans had to punt the ball.

Sam Bradford threw two more completions to Adam Thielen. Cameron Jordan sacked Sam Bradford. Jordan got by right tackle Mike Remmers to set up a third and twenty two for Bradford. Bradford completed another pass to Thielen, but Minnesota had to punt to New Orleans.

Drew Brees drove the ball downfield. The Saints could not capitalize on a first and goal situation. New Orleans had to settle for a field goal. Minnesota led 19-9.

Sam Bradford threw a medium pass to Adam Thielen. That 27-yard gain made it a first down for the Vikings. Minnesota led 19-9 after three quarters.

Sam Bradford connected with Kyle Rudolph. That 15-yard touchdown reception gave Minnesota a 26-9 lead.

New Orleans got the ball back. Brees drove the Saints downfield only to watch New Orleans settle for a field goal once again. Minnesota led 26-12.

Minnesota got a field goal. That made it a 29-12 game.

Drew Brees drove New Orleans downfield. He threw a touchdown. Minnesota led 29-19 following the touchdown pass Brees threw to Coby Fleener.

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Sam Bradford stepped up in this game. Bradford went 27/32 with 346 passing yards, 3 passing touchdowns, and no interceptions. Wide receiver Stefon Diggs was also a huge asset for Minnesota's quarterback with 7 receptions, 93 receiving yards, and 2 receiving touchdowns. Running back Dalvin Cook had 127 rushing yards in his debut and gave the Vikings that presence they had for the first time since Adrian Peterson.

Los Angeles Chargers 0-1-0
Denver Broncos 1-0-0

Game Recap: DENVER-Russell Okung returned to Denver. He signed with the Los Angeles Chargers to be their starting left tackle.

Denver got the ball. Joey Bosa got by Garrett Bolles to stop the run on first down. Trevor Siemian completed a pass to Demaryius Thomas. Siemian completed a pass to Emmanuel Sanders even when Bolles got beat by Melvin Ingram. Siemian reminded many of when Manning played by chanting Omaha.

The pass rush for the Los Angeles Chargers got pressure on Trevor Siemian. That set up a third and eight situation for Siemian. Casey Heyward displayed excellent coverage lining up at field cornerback. That forced Denver to punt the ball to the Los Angeles Chargers.

Melvin Gordon gained a lot of rushing yards. He got a first down. Denver got pressure on Rivers. That set up a third and five situation. Los Angeles punted the ball to Denver.

Casey Hayward had that interception which would have been an easy pick 6 which Hayward dropped. Trevor Siemian threw a first down to Demaryius Thomas. Denver handed it off to C.J. Anderson following that first down.

Denver drove downfield. Emmanuel Sanders dropped an easy pass in the end zone. Sanders cannot drop easy passes like that whne you win the matchup. Siemian threw a touchdown pass to Bennie Fowler who bailed out Siemian on a third down play earlier this drive. Denver orchestrated a 13-play drive that went 70 yards and took up 6 minutes and 5 seconds. Denver leads 7-0 with 4:50 left in the first quarter.

Denver was playing well defensively. Bradley Roby made the stop. Denver led 7-0 after one quarter.

Philip Rivers threw a touchdown pass to Melvin Gordon. That touchdown allowed the Chargers to tie the game at 7 thanks to Younghoe Koo's extra point.

Trevor Siemian scrambled into the end zone. That gave Denver a 14-7 lead after Denver had another strong drive where they controlled the time of possession. Denver led 14-7 at halftime.

Philip Rivers threw an interception to Bradley Roby. Roby made up for his pass interference penalty by intercepting Keenan Allen. Trevor Siemian had another big run before throwing a second touchdown to Bennie Fowler. Denver took a 21-7 as that turnover prevented a possible tie and put the Broncos up by two touchdowns.

Denver got the ball back after another defensive stop. Denver took up the final 8 minutes and 16 seconds in the third quarter to keep the Chargers off the field. The Broncos were limited to a field goal, but led 24-7 after three quarters.

Denver got the ball back. Trevor Siemian threw an interception making it Chargers football.

Philip Rivers threw a touchdown pass to Keenan Allen. That made it a 24-14 game.

Denver fumbled the football. That resulted in another turnover for Denver giving the Chargers hope. Rivers threw a passing touchdown by striking deep to Travis Benjamin on the very next play. That touchdown made it a 24-21 game with 7 minutes left.

Trevor Siemian completed a 34-yard pass to Virgil Green. A fifteen yard penalty turned that into a 59-yard play. BOsa and Ingram gang up on Siemian to sack him setting up a third and long situation. Melvin Ingram made a huge sack. Bolles could be a solid left tackle, but the Broncos really need to pair him with a good right tackle next offseason. Brancon McManus missed a 50-yard field goal and now the Chargers only need 3 points to tie this game.

Phillip Rivers had 4:07 to get the Chargers in field position to tie the game. Denver had an excellent stop on defense. The Chargers took off 1 minute and 3 seconds off the clock only to come away empty handed.

The Chargers saved the timeout and still had 2:09 to work with. The Chargers got the ball to midfield and burned their last timeout on a fourth down. Thanks to a pass interference penalty by Bradly Roby, the Chargers took over at the Denver 34-yard line. Rivers completed the pass and got it to the Denver 25-yard line.

Younghoe Koo came in to try to tie the game. He made the kick, but Denver called a timeout so Koo had to re-kick the 44-yard field goal. This time Koo's field goal was blocked. Denver won 24-21 and Trevor Siemian was huge in this game as his big plays helped Denver get off to a 1-0 start.

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