NFL Wild Card Picks 2018 NFL Wild Card Predictions: Tennessee Titans 9-7-0 VS Kansas City Chiefs 10-6-0 (-8), Atlanta Falcons 10-6-0 VS Los Angeles Rams 11-5-0 (-6.5), Buffalo Bills 9-7-0 VS Jacksonville Jaguars 10-6-0 (-8), Carolina Panthers 11-5-0 VS New Orleans Saints 11-5-0 (-6.5)

2018 NFL Wild Card Predictions

Drew Brees swept the Carolina Panthers in the regular season. Now he has to defeat them in the postseason when it counts.

Chris Ransom Last Updated: January 3, 2018.

5. Tennessee Titans 9-7-0
4. Kansas City Chiefs 10-6-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

Oren Shiri now has a nine game lead at 172-84 after a 14-2 week. Jason Bantle and myself are tied for second place at 163-93. Jesse Lucas is in fourth place at 162-94. Tanya Holmes went 10-6 in week 17 and is 160-96 on the year. There are 11 playoff games remaining and Oren has a chance to clinch first place this week for the season because I count regular season and postseason.

Why the Tennessee Titans Will Win: Marcus Mariota has to outplay Alex Smtih at quarterback for Tennessee to have any chance to win. Marcus Mariota has great offensive tackles with left tackle Taylor Lewan and right tackle Jack Conklin. He has 13 passing touchdowns to 15 interceptions. Even with the supporting cast that Mariota has he's not getting the job done consistently. The crazy thing is it's not his fault. Mariota's teammates want him to call his own plays in the huddle, but head coach Mike Mularky is calling all the offensive plays and that's hindering Tennessee's success.

Tight end Delanie Walker needs a huge game. Corey Davis, who the Titans took fifth overall out of Western Michigan has not scored a single touchdown this season. That's a major problem. Rishard Matthews is still a reliable target for Mariota, but he's regressed immensely. Eric Decker's 1 receiving touchdown in 8 starts is a career low for him as well. Marcus Peters will shut down any of these wide receivers at cornerback for the Chiefs. I'm even slightly optmistic that Darrelle Revis can do the same.

Tennessee is going to have to rely on their running back combination of DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry because Kansas City has one of the NFL's worst run defenses in 2017. Murray has only one game all season with over 100 rushing yards in Seattle and Tennessee won that game. Derrick Henry had more rushing yards than Murray this season, but less rushing touchdown. The entire offense has been inconsistent and again that comes back to one man Mike Mularky the teams head coach. Ian Rappaport tweeted that if the Titans lose this wild card game he's going to get fired and it's easy to see why.

Tennessee's offensive line only allowed 12 sacks in 2017. Left tackle Taylor Lewan allowed 4 sacks and left guard Quenton Spain allowed 4.5 sacks. Center Ben Jones and right guard Josh Kline each only allowed 1 sack with right tackle Jack Conklin only allowing 1.5 sacks all season.

Brian Orakpo and Derrick Morgan were sack artists in 2016. Both regressed in 2017. Tennessee's defense can keep them in this game if Brian Orakpo wins the battle in the trenches with left tackle Eric Fisher. Orakpo finished 2017 with 7 sacks and Fisher allowed 7 sacks in 2017 so this matchup is pretty much a stale mate that could go a long way in deciding who wins this game.

Why the Kansas City Chiefs Will Win: As long as Eric Fisher wins the battle in the trenches with Titans 3-4 right outside linebacker Brian Orakpo, Kansas City has this game in the bag because their right tackle Mitchell Schwartz will limit what Derrick Morgan does on Saturday. Alex Smtih has been much better than Marcus Mariota in terms of being consistent and avoiding turnovers. Honestly, if the Chiefs started Patrick Mahomes, I'd still probably take them when you consider how inconsistent Tennessee has been in 2017 on the offensive side of the ball.

Kansas City went 6-0 in 2017 when Kareem Hunt got 100 rushing yards. Tennessee had a top 5 run defense in the NFL and really that's the only thing that is working against the Chiefs. Kansas City's pass rush is at a disadvantage against Tennessee's offensive tackles as well. Both teams have struggled with their pass defense while disappointing with their pass rush, but Kansas City has allowed 4 fewer passing touchdowns and they have the more consistent quarterback in Alex Smith. That's really the x-factor if you put things into perspective.

Prediction: Kansas City enters as a 8 point favorite. The minimum bet is $340 dollars, the maximum bet is $440 dollars with the average gambler betting around $390 dollars on this game. The over or under on this game is 44.5 points. I like Kansas City to win and Tennessee to cover with the over.

Final Score Chiefs 31 Titans 24

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

6. Atlanta Falcons 10-6-0
3. Los Angeles Rams 11-5-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

Check out Rams Showcase hosted by Joe Branham on Spreaker. Tonight Sherrif Joe Bags previews the Falcons VS Rams wild card. Here is an archive of their other episodes.

Listen to "Rams Showcase" on Spreaker.

Why the Atlanta Falcons Will Win: Matt Ryan is 3-0 this year when Jake Matthews starts at left tackle, Andy Levitre starts at left guard, Alex Mack starts at center, and Ryan Schrader starts at right tackle. Atlanta is also first in the NFL in third down conversions. Matthews only allowed 3 sacks in 2017 and with Quinn having under 10 sacks being on a cold streak you can argue Matthews has the advantage which means Matt Ryan will have all day to throw the football. Barwin only has 5 sacks next to Quinn at 3-4 left outside linebacker off the edge so with a healthy Schraeder, I expect Atlanta to have lots of time in the pocket.

Atlanta will have no problem putting up points if Julio Jones picks apart Trumaine Johnson. Steve Sarkisian is going up against Wade Phillips. The Falcons don't have Kyle Shanahan and they are playing outdoors. Those things work in the favor of the Los Angeles Rams.

Desmond Trufant, Robert Alford, Keanu Neal, and Ricardo Allen can limit what Jared Goff does in the passing game with the Atlanta Falcons secondary. Todd Gurley is going to have to win this game for the Rams. With Grady Jarrett and Dontari Poe at defensive tackle along with Deion Jones, I love Atlanta's defense versus the Rams if Vic Beasley or Takkarist McKinley can get by right tackle Rob Havenstein. Left tackle Andrew Whitworth allowed 6 sacks in 2017 and Havenstein has allowed 4 sacks so the Rams are going to need an offensive tackle upgrade.

Why the Los Angeles Rams Will Win: The Rams offensive line may lose the battle in the trenches to Atlanta. Jared Goff's lack of playoff experience may work against him. At the same time, the Rams have the hungrier coaches with head coach Sean McVay, offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur who was a quarterbacks coach with Atlanta last year before being fired, and defensive coordinator Wade Phillips. You can bet McVay will fire up LaFleur and he will his experience with Atlanta to give Wade Phillips some strategies after Wade lost to Atlanta in 2016.

Prediction: Los Angeles enters as a 6.5 point favorite. The minimum bet is $250 dollars, the maximum bet is $300 dollars with the average gambler betting around $275 dollars on this game. The over or under on this game is 48.5 points. I like Atlanta to win and cover with the over.

Final Score Falcons 27 Rams 24 OT

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

6. Buffalo Bills 9-7-0
3. Jacksonville Jaguars 10-6-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

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Why the Buffalo Bills Will Win: Buffalo only got in because of the Ravens blowing it. Buffalo has an injured LeSean McCoy and an injured Cordy Glenn at left tackle. I don't think they have a chance with that Jacksonville crowd and the NFL's number one defense.

Why the Jacksonville Jaguars Will Win: Jacksonville should win this game. Blake Bortles and Leonard Fournette will guide this offense. The defense will step up too.

Prediction: Jacksonville enters as a 8 point favorite. The minimum bet is $320 dollars, the maximum bet is $400 dollars with the average gambler betting around $360 dollars on this game. The over or under on this game is 39.5 points. I like Jacksonville to win and cover with the over.

Final Score Jaguars 35 Bills 7

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

5. Carolina Panthers 11-5-0
4. New Orleans Saints 11-5-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

Joseph Potter, the co-host of my podcast also has his own channel on The Evolution Network. Subscribe, like, share, go into the chat room and troll Joey. Draft Outlook will be back in 2018.

Why the Carolina Panthers Will Win: Carolina heads to New Orleans. They got swept by New Orleans and may be motivated for revenge. That's the only reason to consider picking Carolina.

Why the New Orleans Saints Will Win: New Orleans enters their 300th year of existence in 2018. Drew Brees wants to prove what happened on New Years Eve was a fluke. With Michael Thomas, Mark Ingram, and Alvin Kamara expect this offense to take off. Marshon Lattimore can blanket anyone on Carolina. I got more confidence in the Saints offensive line then I do with Carolina's offensive line.

Prediction: New Orleans enters as a 6.5 point favorite. The minimum bet is $250 dollars, the maximum bet is $300 dollars with the average gambler betting around $275 dollars on this game. The over or under on this game is 48.5 points. I like New Orleans to win and cover with the over.

Final Score Saints 38 Panthers 31

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

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