NFL Divisional Round Picks 2019 NFL Divisional Round Predictions: Indianapolis Colts 11-6-0 VS Kansas City Chiefs 12-4-0 (-5.5), Dallas Cowboys 11-6-0 VS Los Angeles Rams 13-3-0 (-7), Los Angeles Chargers 13-4-0 VS New England Patriots 11-5-0 (-4.5), Philadelphia Eagles 10-7-0 VS New Orleans Saints 13-3-0 (-6)

2019 NFL Divisional Round Predictions

Tom Brady still rules the AFC. Three quarterbacks who have never been to a Super Bowl have a chance to supplant him in 2019 though.

Chris Ransom Last Updated: January 9, 2019.

6. Indianapolis Colts 11-6-0
1. Kansas City Chiefs 12-4-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

Wild Card Week. Tanya Holmes has been the overall leader since week 3. Tanya Holmes, Jesse Lucas and myself all went 2-2 in the wild card week while Jason Bantle and Oren Shiri went 1-3. Tanya is now 176-84 leading me by six games with seven games left in the year. I am 170-90 and basically need to disagree with Tanya on every game in order to come back. One slip up and Tanya is the league champion. Jason Bantle trails me by three games at 167-93 so he can still push me for second as can Oren who is 166-94. Jesse Lucas gained a game on Oren to improve to 164-96 and his goal is to surpass Oren to avoid last place.

I'm even letting Tanya Holmes post Tanya's Take segments for the games we disagree on for the duration of the playoffs until she is crowned NFL League Champion at Draft Utopia in 2018. If you like the Tanya's Take segment we can add it to our pickem page next season. Follow us on Twitter @DraftUtopia for more awesome content.

Why the Indianapolis Colts Will Win: Andrew Luck has more experience then Patrick Mahomes. A lack of experience by quarterbacks in the AFC has certainly showed this season. Lamar Jackson and Deshaun Watson got dismantled and folded under pressure.

Luck has an expectation to overcome his injury with this chip he has on his shoulder. There is something different about 12 on the Colts. He seems more determined then Lance Armstrong after his battle with cancer or more fueled then Kazuya Mishima in Tekken after Heihachi threw his kid off a cliff. Luck just seems that determined to finally escape the friend zone known as the AFC Conference and help Irsay get back to a Super Bowl after missing over 600 days with an injury. His moment will come in due time.

While Kansas City has had an incredible season. One can argue there are major kinks in their secondary at cornerback despite the return of Eric Berry. Also they cut Kareem Hunt and Marlon Mack has been clicking as of late. Mahomes is more one dimensional as a result, plus there is way more pressure on him to be the savior for Kansas City in his first playoff game.

Now we get to my concluding statement about the team that blew a 28-0 lead to Andrew Luck at Lucas Oil Stadium. Ready! Awesome, here it is. The Kansas City Chiefs are the Washington Nationals of the NFL. I am a Redskins fan that lives in the D.C. area and I see Nationals all over the Kansas City Chiefs. It does not help that Andy Reid coaches like Dusty Baker in the playoffs.

Why the Kansas City Chiefs Will Win: As long as Tom Brady is still overlord of the AFC, Andrew Luck will not be escaping the friend zone known as the AFC Conference. I am going to counter Tanya's amazing argument for Indianapolis by telling you why the Kansas City Chiefs will win.

Houston had an awful offensive line. Kansas City has the advantage in the trenches against the Indianapolis Colts with Eric Fisher at left tackle and Mitchell Schwartz at right tackle. Also they have a pass rusher tandem of Dee Ford and Justin Houston. The Texans may have had a defensive advantage, but their offensive line sucked.

Also Frank Reich is a way better head coach then Bill O'Brien considering he had a lackluster defense compared to what Houston had. Indianapolis had a stronger offensive line then Houston, and Luck's experience, drive, and motivation led to the Colts getting a date with Kansas City.

What goes around comes around. Tyreek Hill is much faster then Kenny Moore. Plus Hill used the bye week to study Moore's coverage. Travis Kelce gets to put Malik Hooker out of his misery. Sammy Watkins matches up with Quincy Wilson. Outside of Darius Leonard at 4-3 right outside linebacker, and this secondary, Indianapolis has nobody on the front 7 that can make Mahomes quiver in fear.

Kansas City blew a 28-0 lead to Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium. Just for the heck of it, I'll say that Indianapolis goes into Kansas City and gains a huge lead in the first half only to watch Patrick Mahomes ball out in the second half like Shane Falco in The Replacements only to watch the Magic Man known as Patrick Mahomes guide the Kansas City Chiefs to a playoff win.

Kansas City suffered many playoff losses to the Colts when Lamar Hunt was alive after he purchased the Chiefs in 1988. There was the 1993-1994 game where Jim Harbaugh kept Joe Montana from getting the Chiefs to the AFC Championship Game. There was the time when I was in seventh grade where Peyton Manning stuck it to the NFL's best offense during the regular season in 2003-2004. Then ten years after that both teams met in Lucas Oil Stadium where the Colts came back from a 38-10 deficit only to win 45-44.

Mark my words, Kansas City will finally break their playoff drought against the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday because Lamar Hunt is no longer there for bad luck, plus Patrick Mahomes is the magic man destined to send Andrew Luck packing for what he did to Kansas City at Lucas Oil Stadium five years ago following a 9-0 start by the Chiefs.

Prediction: Kansas City enters as a 5.5 point favorite. The minimum bet is $210 dollars, the maximum bet is $250 dollars with the average gambler betting around $230 dollars on this game. The over or under on this game is 56.5 points. I am going with Kansas City to win and Indianapolis to cover with the pver.

Final Score Chiefs 36 Colts 35

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

4. Dallas Cowboys 11-6-0
2. Los Angeles Rams 13-3-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

The Dallas Cowboys are now 48-33 under Bill Lumbergh. Lumbergh enters year five as the Dallas Cowboys GM with a 1-2 record in the Playoffs after winning a playoff game in his first year as a GM. If Lumbergh can't right the ship, I'm open to making a new ficitional character the Cowboys GM.

Here is this weeks advice from Bill Lumbergh.

Hey Dak Prescott. What's happening? If you can avoid losing to Seattle like Tony Romo that would be great.

Why the Dallas Cowboys Will Win: Ok the Rams should probably win this game, but I only need one upset to be the NFL Pickem Champion at Draft Utopia. However I will make a case for Dallas since they have better edges in Taco Charlton and DeMarcus Lawrence. The Los Angeles Rams have a glaring weakness at right tackle that Lawrence can exploit like TMZ when they decide to videotape athletes on camera.

The other reason I am making the case for Dallas is we finally get to find out whether Draft Evolution or Draft Utopia was right about the 2016 NFL Draft. Joseph Potter the co-host of the Draft Utopia podcast kept pounding the table for Dak Prescott. Chris Ransom had Goff as a round 1 qb on his board as of July 2015 pointing out how he had the best chance to supplant three Big 10 stooges who shall remain nameless.

Dak Prescott has a playoff win under his belt. Jared Goff does not. There is way more pressure on Goff to get his first playoff win with what the Rams have assembled then there is for Dallas. Dallas also has the linebackers to limit what Gurley does. Dallas has the interior offensive line that can match up well with Ndamukong Suh and Aaron Donald thanks to Connor Williams and Zack Martin at guard. That makes me confident that Ezekiel Elliott can gain more rushing yards then Gurley. Also, the Rams new logo has lacked flair ever since they got rid of the yellow on their helmets following Super Bowl 34, so they deserve to lose to Dallas for changing their logo Yee Haw!

Why the Los Angeles Rams Will Win: The Los Angeles Rams got the best quarterback in the 2016 NFL Draft. Also Gurley and Elliott will be fun. Los Angeles has an abundance of playmakers that Goff can throw to in order to pick apart the Dallas Cowboys with Brandin Cooks, Robert Woods, Josh Reynolds, Tyler Higbee, and Gerald Everett. That many playmakers will be too much for Dallas to handle.

Prediction: Los Angeles enters as a 7 point favorite. The minimum bet is $280 dollars, the maximum bet is $340 dollars with the average gambler betting around $310 dollars on this game. The over or under on this game is 49 points. I am going with Los Angeles to win and to cover with the pver.

Final Score Rams 31 Cowboys 21

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

5. Los Angeles Chargers 13-4-0
2. New England Patriots 11-5-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

The Draft Utopia podcast just needed 500 episodes to reach 200,000 listeners. When we get to 1,000,000 episodes we'll do a podcast on a cruise. Until then you just have to continue to tune in as Oren Shiri, Joseph Potter, Andrew Kermish, and myself torture your asses with sports discussions muhaha. We were all over the place on this weeks podcast.

Why the Los Angeles Chargers Will Win: The New England Patriots have their worst offensive tackle situation in years while the Chargers have the leagues best 4-3 defensive end tandem led by Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram. Also the Los Angeles Chargers are getting Hunter Henry back at tight end. So Rivers will have Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, Tyreek Williams, Hunter Henry, and Antonio Gates. He also has the better blindside in Russell Okung.

The Los Angeles Chargers are the one team that actually has the personnel to keep the Patriots from making a third straight Super Bowl. If they win this game, I think the Chargers are this years AFC Champions and if not, then I believe that next weeks AFC Championship is wide open.

Even though I am a Patriots fan, this is the most excited I've been about a Divisonal Round for the NFL in years because its Tom Brady versus three quarterbacks looking for their first AFC Championships. This game honestly feels like it could go either way, and I feel less confident in the Patriots this year compared to previous years.

Tanya made a case for why I am wrong about my favorite NFL team. Let's hear her two cents on this.

Why the New England Patriots Will Win: Los Angeles has the edges to invade Gillette Stadium and finally send Tom Brady one step closer to a retirement home. At the same time their offensive line is shaky without Forrest Lamp at right guard or Joseph Barksdale at right tackle, they are suspect. Los Angeles barely defeated Lamar Jackson despite showcasing excellent defense in the first three quarters.

Now they get to go face Tom Brady in the flipping snow on Sunday afternoon. Early weather reports indicate this will be the most snow Gillette Stadium has had since the Tuck Rule game. New England is 3-1 in playoff games on Sunday Afternoons under Tom Brady in the divisional round or later at Gillette Stadium, plus he is 4-1 if we throw in the Tuck Rule game. I love what Rivers has done this season. It just feels like Tom Brady will barely find a way to bail out New England.

You cannot take your foot off the gas petal in the fourth quarter versus Tom Brady period. Also if I pick the Patriots, I can torture Chris who is a die hard New England Patriots fan into picking against his own team shall he choose to accept the challenge of trying to catch up to me.

Prediction: New England enters as a 4.5 point favorite. The minimum bet is $180 dollars, the maximum bet is $220 dollars with the average gambler betting around $200 dollars on this game. The over or under on this game is 49 points. I am going with Los Angeles to win and to cover with the under.

Final Score Chargers 24 Patriots 23

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

6. Philadelphia Eagles 10-7-0
1. New Orleans Saints 13-3-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

Our fourth 2019 MLS Mock Draft is now up and I've got a two round mock up, but its not my final mock draft. I also posted a 2019 MLS Draft Game. Feel free to check those out if you are into College Soccer and MLS Draft content. We updated the game from 40 players to 50 to prepare for the 2019 MLS Combine. I've even set up my 2019 MLS Draft results page for next months MLS Super Draft.

Why the Philadelphia Eagles Will Win: If Nick Foles somehow leads the Eagles to an upset win over New Orleans, he can screw with the Eagles quarterback competition like Rick Sanchez on Rick and Morty. Seriously though Foles is capable of accomplishing this. Nothing would traumatize Saints fans more then losing in the divisional round two years in a row while Tom Benson rolls over his grave in agony disappointed that Drew Brees failed to take the Saints to the NFC Championship for a second year in a row.

Why the New Orleans Saints Will Win: Drew Brees bested the Philadelphia Eagles earlier in the season. I feel fairly confident he can do it again. I felt like New Orleans was the best team in the NFC last year, but they got screwed over thanks to the Stefon Diggs hail mary. I also feel like the combination of Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram will wear down Philadelphia.

Prediction: New Orleans enters as a 9 point favorite. The minimum bet is $340 dollars, the maximum bet is $420 dollars with the average gambler betting around $380 dollars on this game. The over or under on this game is 49 points. I am going with New Orleans to win and Philadelphia to cover with the over.

Final Score Saints 28 Eagles 27

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

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