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Carl Grundstrom Is The Top Prospect From Elitserien League

Posted By: Melissa Scanladi on 1/19/2016

My name is Melissa Scanladi and I'll be covering NHL Draft content in Scandinavia for the Elitserien league in Sweden and SM Liiga league in Finland. Today I'm going to discuss Carl Grundstrom the top prospect in the Elitserien league.

For most of the season the top prospect in the Elitserien league was Farjestads B.K. left winger Rasmus Asplund. Asplund is a pure left winger. Grundstrom has the versatility to play both left wing and right wing in the NHL.

In 31 games Grundstrom has 3 goals, 5 assists, and 8 points in 2015-2016. Asplund has 4 goals, 2 assists, and 6 points in 31 games this season. Grundstrom has a slight edge in production and has a huge edge in versatility and that gives him the landslide edge over Asplund at the moment.

Both Grundstrom and Asplund should be late first round picks. For now, the former Grundstrom gets the edge over Asplund as Asplund plays with first round pick Joel Ek Eriksson while Grundstrom leads Modo Hockey with his defense, awareness at both ends, and versatility.

I may have more updates on Modo Hockey players at some point in the near future. For now read up on Carl Grundstrom and feel free to comment about other Elitserien players you would like to read about below in the comments section.

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