Draft Order MLS: 2021 MLS Draft Order 2021 MLS Draft Order Round 2: 28. Austin FC: Daniel Steedman, F, Virginia, 29. F.C. Cincinnati: Avionne Flanagan, D, South Florida, 30. Houston Dynamo F.C.: Kristofer Strickler, F, Virginia Tech, 31. Atlanta United F.C. (from D.C. United): Josh Bauer, D, New Hampshire, 32. D.C. United (from Atlanta United F.C.): Logan Panchot, D, Stanford, 33. Chicago Fire F.C.: Jackson Ragen, D, Michigan, 34. Real Salt Lake: Elijah Amo, M, Louisville, 35. Los Angeles Galaxy: Preston Judd, F, Denver, 36. Nashville S.C. (from Vancouver Whitecaps): Tom Judge, D, James Madison, 37. Inter Miami CF: Joseph Hafferty, D, Oregon State, 38. Minnesota United F.C. (from CF Montreal): Sean O'Hearn, D, Georgetown, 39. San Jose Earthquakes: George Asomani, M, North Carolina State, 40. New York Red Bulls: Lamine Conte, M, Louisville, 41. LAFC: CC Uche, D, Ohio State, 42. Colorado Rapids: Passed, 43. Portland Timbers: Dawson McCartney, M, Dartmouth, 44. New York City F.C.: Ben Di Rosa, D, Maryland, 45. Toronto F.C.: Nathaniel Crofts, F, Virginia, 46. Vancouver Whitecaps (from Philadelphia Union): Eric Iloski, M, UCLA, 47. Chicago Fire F.C. (from Nashville S.C.): Christian Pinzon, F, Cal State Fullerton, 48. F.C. Dallas: Colin Shutler, G, Virginia, 49. Orlando City S.C.: Andrew Pannenberg, G, Wake Forest, 50. Sporting Kansas City: Matt Constant, D, North Carolina, 51. New England Revolution: Francois Dulysse, D, Manhattan, 52. Columbus Crew S.C. (from Minnesota United F.C.): Joshua Jackson-Ketchup, D, Ohio State, 53. Vancouver Whitecaps (from Seattle Sounders): Joel Harrison, D, Michigan, 54. F.C. Cincinnati (from Columbus Crew S.C.): Jonas Fjeldberg, M, Dayton, Round 1: 1. Austin FC: Daniel Pereira, M, Virginia Tech, 2. F.C. Cincinnati: Calvin Harris, F, Wake Forest, 3. Colorado Rapids (from Houston Dynamo F.C.): Philip Mayaka, M, Clemson, 4. D.C. United: Kimarni Smith, F, Clemson, 5. D.C. United (from Atlanta United F.C.): Michael DeShields, D, Wake Forest, 6. Houston Dynamo F.C. (from Chicago Fire F.C.): Ethan Bartlow, D, Washington, 7. Real Salt Lake: Brett Halsey, M, Virginia, 8. Orlando City S.C. (from Los Angeles Galaxy): Derek Dodson, F, Georgetown, 9. Vancouver Whitecaps: David Egbo, F, Akron, 10. Inter Miami CF: Josh Penn, F, Indiana, 11. Austin F.C. (from CF Montreal): Freddy Kleemann, D< Washington, 12. San Jose Earthquakes: Thomas Williamson, F, California, 13. New York Red Bulls: Luther Archimede, F, Syracuse, 14. LAFC: Daniel Trejo, F, Cal State Northridge, 15. F.C. Dallas (from Colorado Rapids): Nicky Hernandez, M, SMU, 16. Los Angeles Galaxy (from Portland Timbers): Josh Drack, D, Denver, 17. Minnesota United F.C. (from New York City F.C.): Justin McMaster, F, Wake Forest, 18. Minnesota United F.C. (from Toronto F.C.): Nabi Kibungchy, D, UC Davis, 19. Orlando City S.C. (from Philadelphia Union): Rio Hope-Gund, D, Georgetown, 20. Nashville S.C.: Irakoze Donasiyano, F, Virginia, 21. Austin FC (from F.C. Dallas): Aedan Stanley, D, Duke, 22. Orlando City S.C.: Brandon Hackenberg, D, Penn State, 23. Vancouver Whitecaps (from Sporting Kansas City): Javian Brown, D, South Florida, 24. New England Revolution: Edward Kizza, F, Pittsburgh, 25. Toronto F.C. (from Minnesota United F.C.): Mat Di Rosa, D, Maryland, 26. Inter Miami CF (from Seattle Sounders): Aime Mabika, D, Kentucky, 27. Columbus Crew S.C.: Justin Malou, D, Clemson

2021 MLS Super Draft Results

Round 2

Josh Bauer was a top five prospect on my board. He fell to ths second round. Find out who got the biggest steal in the 2021 MLS Super Draft.

Chris Ransom follow @DraftUtopia Last Updated: January 21, 2021

  1. Austin FC: Daniel Steedman, F, Virginia B Grade

    Daniel Steedman provides a nice value picck for Austin FC. This pick warrants a B grade.

  2. FC Cincinnati: Avionne Flanagan, D, South Florida B Grade

    The 5-11 165 lb Avionne Flanagan has 10 starts in three seasons with South Florida. He also had a mind boggling 7 assists which is amazing for a defenseman. FC Cincinnati now has a franchise left back to build their back line around.

  3. Houston Dynamo F.C.: Kristofer Strickler, F, Virginia Tech C Grade

    Solid pick. Strickler has the kicking power. He just needs to improve his accuracy.

  4. Atlanta United F.C.: Josh Bauer, D, New Hampshire A Grade

    Atlanta United F.C. loves New Hampshire center back Josh Bauer according to the reports I've read. The 6-1 175 lb Josh Bauer helped New Hampshire record 13 shutouts as their center back in 2019. New Hamshire didn't play in 2020, but Josh Bauer played in the 2020 MLS College Invitational Combine. Josh Bauer temporarily played in the USL this year. He's the top senior not named Edward Kizza in the 2021 MLS Super Draft.

    I posted a film cut of New Hampshire center back Josh Bauer VS Marist. Josh Bauer is a cleaner passer than Ethan Bartlow on tape which is why I could see Bauer going ahead of Bartlow. The gap between the top two center backs in the 2021 MLS Super Draft is a lot smaller than most realize.

  5. D.C. United: Logan Panchot, D, Stanford A Grade

    D.C. United gets a right back with this pick. The 5-10 160 lb Logan Panchot started all 22 games at right back when Stanford won the College Cup in 2017 when they three peated. Panchot played defensive midfielder in 2018 after Tomas Hilliard-Arce got drafted second overall. He moved back to right back in 2019 and had more success there.

  6. Chicago Fire F.C.: Jackson Ragen, D, Michigan B Grade

    The 6-6 200 lb Jackson Ragen is a nice center back addition for Chicago. He gives someone who could help out on the back line.

  7. Real Salt Lake: Elijah Amo, M, Louisville D+ Grade

    Eliajah Amo tied Louisville for the lead in team goals in 2020. He's a good winger for depth on a team like Real Salt Lake despite not being in my top sixty.

  8. Los Angeles Galaxy: Preston Judd, F, Denver B+ Grade

    he 6-3 185 lb Preston Judd led Denver with 7 goals in 2019 after Shinyashiki got drafted by the Colorado Rapids in the 2019 MLS Super Draft. Los Angeles gets Preston Judd here two years later in 2021.

    I'm not sure if Preston Judd will sign with the Los Angeles Galaxy or go to Sporting Kansas City II in the USL. I'm guessing Judd will get to choose, but it's worth pointing out that the Galaxy were his favorite MLS team growing up saying it was a dream come true to get picked by the Galaxy.

  9. Nashville S.C.: Tom Judge, D, James Madison C+ Grade

    Nashville S.C. has Walker Zimmerman and Jack Maher at center back. The 6-1 175 lb Tom Judge was a three year starter at James Madison. He's a good depth player for Nashville S.C.

  10. Inter Miami C.F.: Joseph Hafferty, D, Oregon State C Grade

    Inter Miami C.F. drafted a right back to compliment Dylan Nealis for depth. Joseph Hafferty was the starting right back on Oregon State.

  11. Minnesota United F.C.: Sean O'Hearn, D, Georgetown A Grade

    I had Sean O'Hearn in this exact spot in my two round mock draft. The 5-11 145 lb Sean O'Hearn can play left back or right back with his versatility. He complimented Dylan Nealis as an outside back in 2019.

  12. San Jose Earthquakes: George Asomani, M, North Carolina State F Grade

    San Jose took two players outside of our top sixty and passed on their third round pick. Rodney Michael the guy I mocked to them at 12 was available in all three rounds and San Jose made zero effort to improve their roster through the 2021 MLS Super Draft. The San Jose Earthquakes are my biggest loser from the 2021 MLS Super Draft. Even the New York Jets cannot screw up this badly in 2021.

  13. New York Red Bulls: Lamine Conte, M, Louisville A Grade

    Great pick by the New York Red Bulls. Lamine Conte may be the second best defensive midfielder in this draft. He's got a huge ceiling, but he's also going to need up to two years of development in the USL. If a team can remain patient with Conte that organization can get the most out of him.

  14. LAFC: CC Uche, D, Ohio State A Grade

    LAFC gets the best player on the board at 22. The 6-1 180 lb CC Uche did well at center back in 2019. He's a senior this year and could be a candidate for LAFC at this spot in the late first round. Uche had 2 shutouts in Ohio State's first four games while leading the Buckeyes to a 4-0 start before a season ending injury in 2019. He started all 18 games for Ohio State in 2018.

    That was my CC Uche writeup to LAFC back in July of 2020. I kept him in that spot in my second mock draft on Christmas Day in 2020. CC Uche may have fallen to the second round, but that doesn't change the fact that LAFC got incredible value here.

  15. Colorado Rapids: Passed F Grade

    I always hand out F grades to teams that pass on players at this point. At least make an effort to take someone here.

    Colorado took Mayaka at 3 and still somehow managed to get an F grade. Maybe Colorado didn't want to pay Mayaka and another players salary so if that's the case you can argue they should get a D grade. That still doesn't change my stance that I'm completely against teams passing on players.

    I get that MLS teams have acadamies for developing players. It's just NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB do not let teams pass on players in the draft and its time for the MLS to get with the times since they have expanded more than any other league over the past five years. In fact the MLS is the only one of these sports that lets teams pass a pick in the draft. It's time to end this stupid rule.

    Nate Regis, Albert Ruiz, and Rodney Michael in this years draft could have all be on MLS or USL teams fighting for a roster spot if teams didn't pass on picks in the MLS Super Draft. Ok my rant about teams passing on picks is over.

  16. Portland Timbers: Dawson McCartney, M, Dartmouth D Grade

    Dawson McCartney wasn't even the best Ivy League prospect on the board. It's not the worst pick in the world, but if Portland wanted an Ivy Leaguer someone like Mark Winhoffer out of Yale would have been a better selection.

  17. New York City F.C.: Ben Di Rosa, D, Maryland A Grade

    The 5-10 171 lb Ben Di Rosa is a three year starter at right back for Maryland. He even started at right back as a sophomore on that Maryland team that was loaded which won the 2018 College Cup over Akron. Getting Ben Di Rosa is big for New York City F.C. as they open up a brand new stadium in 2021.

  18. Toronto F.C.: Nathaniel Crofts, F, Virginia A Grade

    Nathaniel Crofts was Virginia's leading scorer from 2019 returning to the 2020 Virginia Cavaliers team. Toronto also got Paul Rothrock and Talen Maples with their two third round picks which is the biggest reason why I'm giving Toronto F.C. an A grade because I thought they got a good core of players with their second and third round picks which is more than you can say about most teams.

  19. Vancouver Whitecaps: Eric Iloski, M, UCLA B Grade

    Eric Iloski is the younger brother of Milan Iloski who also played at UCLA. Good pick by Vancouver here in the second round as I had Iloski in my top sixty.

  20. Chicago Fire F.C.: Christian Pinzon, F, Cal State Fullerton B Grade

    The 5-9 160 lb Christian Pinzon had 7 goals, 7 assists, and 21 points in 2019. He led Cal State Fullerton to their first 8-0 start in school history which is why this is a great pick for the Fire at this point in the second round. Florian also known as French College Soccer called Pinzon one of his sleepers for the draft. I did a podcast with him earlier in the year and he knows his soccer so let's help him get up to 1,000 followers.

  21. F.C. Dallas: Colin Shutler, G, Virginia A Grade

    he 6-1 185 lb Colin Shutler had a 0.52 goals against average in 2019 which was best in the NCAA. His .827 save percentage, 63 saves, and 14 shutouts, while playing every minute in all 24 games with the Virginia Cavaliers certainly stood out. Shutler only had 2 shutouts in 2020. He goes to an F.C. Dallas team that has a strong back line so I can see him recapturing his 2019 form in the MLS.

  22. Orlando City S.C.: Andrew Pannenberg, G, Wake Forest A Grade

    Orlando City S.C. was another team that had a really strong 2021 MLS Super Draft. They got Derek Dodson plus two good center backs before adding Andrew Pannenberg. Andrew can succeed in Orlando City S.C.

    The 6-3 195 lb Andrew Pannenberg had 4 shutouts for Wake Forest in a shortened 2020 season. He's considered the best junior redshirt goalie in this draft. He outperformed Virginia Colin Shutler in 2020 despite only recording 9 shutouts in 2019 to Shutler's 14 shutouts which is why the gap between Shutler an Pannenberg for the right to be the first goalie picked in this draft is much slimmer than you'd think.

  23. Sporting Kansas City: Matt Constant, D, North Carolina A Grade

    Sporting Kansas City gets their center back here. The 6-6 190 lb Matt Constant played for both New Mexico and North Carolina. He can give LAFC a center back that may provide some value in the second round.

  24. New England Revoultion: Francois Dulysse, D, Manhattan C Grade

    Francois Dulysse played at center back at Central Florida before transferring to Manhattan. He'd be a backup if he makes New England's roster.

  25. Columbus Crew S.C.: Joshua Jackson-Ketchup,D, Ohio State C Grade

    Solid pick by the 2020 MLS Cup Champions. The 5-9 145 lb Joshua Jackson-Ketchup can play defensive midfielder, left back, or right back. That's why he's a great addition for Columbus Crew S.C.

  26. Vancouver Whitecaps: Joel Harrison, D, Michigan C+ Grade

    The 6-0 165 lb Joel Harrison did get voted team captain of Michigan's soccer team in 2020 before the season got cancelled due to the pandemic. That makes this a solid pick for Vancouver here.

  27. FC Cincinnati: Jonas Fjeldberg, M, Dayton A Grade

    The 5-10 165 lb Jonas Fjelberg had 11 goals, 9 assists, and 31 points at Dayton leading the team in goals, assists, points, and shots in 2019. He was also the defensive midfielder for Dayton. He's easily Dayton's best prospect since Lalas Abubakar, but nobody else has him in their top fifty which makes me think he'll be a second or third round pick on Thursday. F.C. Cincinnati took him with their final pick in the second round.

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