Draft Order MLS: 2018 MLS Draft Order Round 224. LAFC: Pol Planellas Calvet, D, Pittsburgh, 25. Colorado Rapids (from Los Angeles Galaxy): Alan Winn, F, North Carolina, 26. Vancouver Whitecaps (from D.C. United): Lucas Stauffer, D, Creighton, 27. Colorado Rapids: Franzdy Pierrot, F, Coastal Carolina, 28. Toronto F.C. (from Minnesota United F.C.): Tim Kubel, D, Louisville, 29. F.C. Dallas (from Orlando City S.C.): Mauro Cichero, F, SMU, 30. San Jose Earthquakes (from Montreal Impact): Danny Musovski, F, UNLV, 31. New York Red Bulls (from Philadelphia Union): Niko De Vera, D, Akron, 32. Columbus Crew S.C. (from New England Revolution): Edward Opoku, F, Virginia, 33. Real Salt Lake: Ricky Lopez-Espin, F, Creighton, 34. F.C. Dallas: Christopher Lema, M, Georgetown, 35. San Jose Earthquakes: Mohamed Thiaw, F, Louisville, 36. Atlanta United F.C. (from Sporting Kansas City): Oliver Shannon, M, Clemson, 37. Atlanta United F.C.: Gordon Wild, F, Maryland, 38. Chicago Fire: Diego Campos, F, Clemson, 39. New York Red Bulls: Tom Barlow, F, Wisconsin, 40. Los Angeles Galaxy (from Vancouver Whitecaps): Drew Skundrich, M, Stanford, 41. Minnesota United F.C. (from Portland Timbers): Xavier Gomez, M, Omaha, 42. New York City F.C.: A.J. Paterson, M, Wright State, 43. Houston Dynamo: Mac Steeves, F, Providence, 44. Columbus Crew S.C.: Jake Rozhansky, M, Maryland, 45. Seattle Sounders: Markus Fjortoft, D, Duke, 46. Toronto F.C.: Drew Shepherd, G, Western Michigan, Round 1 . LAFC: Joao Mutinho, D, Akron, 2. Los Angeles Galaxy: Tomas Hilliard-Arce, D, Stanford, 3. LAFC (from D.C. United): Tristan Blackmon, D, Pacific, 4. F.C. Dallas (from Colorado Rapids): Francis Atuahene, M, Michigan, 5. Chicago Fire (from Minnesota United F.C.): Jon Bakero, M, Wake Forest, 6. Orlando City S.C.: Chris Mueller, F, Wisconsin, 7. Minnesota Uinited F.C. (from Montreal Impact): Mason Toye, F, Indiana, 8. New England Revolution (from Philadelphia Union): Brandon Bye, M, Western Michigan, 9. New England Revolution: Mark Segbers, F, Wisconsin, 10. Chicago Fire (from Real Salt Lake): Mo Adams, M, Syracuse, 11. F.C. Dallas: Ema Twumasi, M, Wake Forest, 12. San Jose Earthquakes: Paul Marie, M, Florida International, 13. Sporting Kansas City: Eric Dick, G, Butler, 14. Atlanta United F.C.: Jon Gallagher, F, Notre Dame, 15. Minnesota United F.C. (from Chicago Fire): Wyatt Omsberg, D, Dartmouth, 16. New York Red Bulls: Brian White, M, Duke, 17. Vancouver Whitecaps: Justin Fiddes, D, Washington, 18. Sporting Kansas City (from Portland Timbers): Graham Smith, M, Denver, 19. New York City F.C.: Jeff Caldwell, G, Virginia, 20. Houston Dynamo: Michael Nelson, G, SMU, 21. Columbus Crew S.C.: Ben Lundgaard, G, Virginia Tech, 22. Seattle Sounders: Alex Roldan, M, Seattle, 23. Minnesota United F.C. (from Toronto F.C.): Carter Manley, D, Duke

2018 MLS Super Draft Results

Round 2

Chris Ransom follow @DraftUtopia Last Updated: January 19, 2018

  1. LAFC: Pol Planellas Calvet, D, Pittsburgh B Grade

    Pol Planellas Calvet is the first player on the Pittsburgh Panthers soccer team to receive an invite to the MLS Combine. Pittsburgh also recruited a really good freshman that will go higher than Pol Planellas Calvet. The 5-7 160 lb defensive midfielder projects as an outside back and I see him making the transition to left back in the MLS.

  2. Colorado Rapids: Alan Winn, F, North Carolina A Grade

    The 5-11 172 lb striker has really stepped up as a senior earning team captain honors. He also had 11 goals, 2 assists, and 24 points in 2017 after being limited to 4 goals, 3 assists, and 11 points in 2016. Winn has done enough to earn first round consideration, but he's a major steal in the second round.

  3. Vancouver Whitecaps: Lucas Stauffer, D, Creighton A+ Grade

    Vancouver takes the best player on the board. The 5-6 160 lb Lucas Stauffer belongs in the first round. I couldn't find a team that needed an outside back. Stauffer is versatile enough to play left back or right back. He needs to come off the board here though after dominating the 2018 MLS Combine. I know MLS Soccer had him going to D.C. United at 3 overall during their MLS Combine Mock Draft, but that just isn't happening. I mocked Stauffer to Vancouver at 26 too.

  4. Colorado Rapids: Franzdy Pierrot, F, Coastal Carolina A Grade

    Franzdy Pierrot is a 6-4 205 lb striker who played at Northeastern for two years before transferring to Coastal Carolina. Pierrot has great speed and had 10 goals, 4 assists, and 24 points in 2017. I had Pierrot to Colorado in some of my MLS mocks so this is a fantastic selection even though their are an abundance of strikers that I have ranked above Peirrot still on the board. Colorado finally addressed their biggest need at striker.

  5. Toronto F.C.: Tim Kubel, D, Louisville A+ Grade

    Toronto's goal was to land an outside back for depth. They trade out of the first round, get $50,000 in allocation money and still get the top outside back on the board. That's the reasoning for Kubel getting an A+ grade here.

    Tim Kubel is a defensive midfielder with excellent footwork and dribbling who grew up playing soccer in Germany most of his career. Kubel had 7 goals, 5 assists, and 19 points as a true freshman in 22 starts while being a defensive midfielder in 2014. Kubel only had 5 goals, 3 assists, and 13 points in 2015 in 19 starts. Kubel had 1 goals, 9 assists, and 11 points through 15 games on an 11-3-2 squad that ranks third in the NCAA in 2016. Kubel helped produce 9 shutouts for Louisville in 2016. Kubel helped Louisville record 13 shutouts in 2017 along with 6 goals, 7 assists, and 19 points which is his best total since his freshman year.

    The 5-9 165 lb Tim Kubel never missed a single start in his four year career at Louisville. This durability goes back to when he was playing in Germany prior to arriving at Louisville. Despite a lack of size he plays the game with so much intensity and makes up for it with his tremendous passion and speed. Kubel probably is the most durable prospect in this class when it comes to defenders in this years group. His size will force him to convert to right back or left back on the outside, but Toronto deserves a lot of credit for getting Kubel here.

  6. F.C. Dallas: Mauro Cichero, F, SMU C- Grade

    The 6-3 175 lb forward had 9 goals, 7 assists, and 25 points in 2017 before suffering a torn ACL in October. Cichero was not one of the players invited to 2018 MLS Combine, but F.C. Dallas can gamble on Cichero at this point because they have scouted him locally like Houston did with Michael Nelson and probably have a better feel for him than most teams. Cichero also had issues with kicking accuracy when watching his 2016 tape. If a team can make sure he stays healthy and finds a way to improve his kicking accuracy they could be a getting a steal and a guy who was once projected as a first round pick before injuries.

  7. San Jose Earthquakes: Danny Musovski, F, UNLV A+ Grade

    Danny Musovski had 15 goals, 6 assists, and 36 points in 2017. Musovski had a great combine too.

  8. New York Red Bulls: Niko De Vera, D, Akron B- Grade

    This pick was a reach. At the same time, Niko De Vera fills a need at left back. The New York Red Bulls moved on from left back Justin Bilyeu their 2016 first round pick.

  9. Columbus Crew S.C.: Edward Opoku, F, Virginia A+ Grade

    The 5-7 140 lb striker has game breaking speed. He also had 8 goals, 4 assists, and 20 points in 2017. Opoku is the sixth of seven Generation Adidas prospects to get drafted. I had a top ten grade on Opoku so I love this pick.

  10. Real Salt Lake: Ricky Lopez-Espin, F, Creighton A+ Grade

    I love this pick for Real Salt Lake. I had Ricky Lopez-Espin going two picks before this. Ricky Lopez-Espin had 10 goals in 2016 before having 12 goals and 3 assists in 2017.

  11. F.C. Dallas: Christopher Lema, M, Georgetown A+ Grade

    I had a top twenty grade on Christopher Lema out of Georgetown. This is an awesome pick and one player in the second round that can make the F.C. Dallas roster right away.

    Christopher Lema is a 5-10 160 lb central midfielder with superb passing on tape. His 4 goals, 4 assists, and 12 points on tape may not be great stats. He's consistently kicking the ball in the right area and reading where the defenders are. Even when defenders double team certain areas Lima seems to find where the opening is and consistently makes the right play.

    Lema turned down a home grown deal with New York Red Bulls making him eligible for the 2018 MLS Super Draft. The team captain for Georgetown would be a great fit for F.C. Dallas bringing the necessary tools and leadership to succeed. Lema had a strong 2018 MLS Combine so I was really shocked when he fell to the second round.

  12. San Jose Earthquakes: Mohamed Thiaw, F, Louisville A+ Grade

    The 6-2 170 lb Mohamed Thiaw had 12 goals in 2016. He had 8 goals, 2 assists, and 18 points in 2017. Thiaw is explosive and has great speed. Thiaw used his speed to dominate and separated himself from the 2018 MLS Combine. I had a late first round grade on Thiaw so I love this pick.

  13. Atlanta United F.C.: Oliver Shannon, M, Clemson A+ Grade

    Oliver Shannon is a 6-0 170 lb defensive midfielder and has two years of experience as a team captain with Clemson. I had him going at the top of the second round so this is an awesome value pick.

  14. Atlanta United F.C.: Gordon Wild, F, Maryland A+ Grade

    Wild played for South Carolina Upstate back in 2015 where he had 15 goals as a true freshman before transferring to Maryland in 2016 where he had 14 goals, 3 assists, and 31 points in 2016. Wild is a special talent who probably will take a Generation Adidas offer in 2018 since Abu Danladi did the same thing where he turned down the chance to go top 5 in 2016 before entering the 2017 MLS Super Draft where he was selected first overall.

    Gordon Wild had 5 goals in 2017, all of which came in September of 2017. He went the entire months of October and November without scoring a goal and that's the biggest reason Wild dropped from a top 5 prospect to someone outside my first round. Commands double teams and triple teams which takes a lot of pressure on his teammates. I'd like to see Wild improve his decision making when passing. It's not something that can be consider a weakness though. The speed, kicking power, kicking accuracy, and the ability to garner attention from opposing defenders is there on tape which is a huge reason why scouts loved Wild heading into 2017 before he struggled this past season. Wild also struggled in the 2018 MLS Combine.

  15. Chicago Fire: Diego Campos, F, Clemson C+ Grade

    Diego Campos is a solid pick. There are much better strikers, but I can't criticize this pick too much.

  16. New York Red Bulls: Tom Barlow, F, Wisconsin B Grade

    New York City grabs the best player on the board. The 6-2 185 lb Tom Barlow had 10 goals, 5 assists, and 25 points in 2017. Barlow is a senior in that didn't have an invite to the 2018 MLS Combine, but he is a sleeper worth keeping an eye on.

  17. Los Angeles Galaxy: Drew Skundrich, M, Stanford A+ Grade

    Drew Skundrich has the versatility to play left back, right back, or defensive midfielder. He was teammates with Tomas Hilliard-Arce who the Los Angeles Galaxy took second overall.

  18. Minnesota United F.C.: Xavier Gomez, M, Omaha F Grade

    I don't have Xavier Gomez in the top 80. That's why this pick gets an F grade.

  19. New York City F.C.: A.J. Paterson, M, Wright State B Grade

    The 6-2 182 lb A.J. Paterson had 7 goals in 2017. He'd be a good midfielder to add for depth here.

  20. Houston Dynamo: Mac Steeves, F, Providence B Grade

    The 6-4 215 lb Mac Steeves won a starting forward job on Providence down the stretch in 2013. He had 11 goals, 4 assists, and 26 points in 2014. Steeves had 13 goals, 2 assists, and 28 points in 2015 as a junior. A season ending injury in 2016 allowed Steeves to have a medical redshirt allowing him to return in 2017 where he led Providence with 8 goals despite the departure of MLS Rookie of the year Julian Gressel. Steeves can be an awesome value pick if he stays healthy.

  21. Columbus Crew S.C.: Jake Rozhansky, M, Maryland F Grade

    Jake Rozhansky is a great player. Rozhansky signed a deal in Isreal. I don't think he will ever play in MLS which is why Columbus got an F grade here.

  22. Seattle Sounders: Markus Fjortoft, D, Duke A+ Grade

    The 6-5 205 lb Markus Fjortoft is the son fo a former Premier League player. He's a big body who can bolster the back line for Seattle down the road.

  23. Toronto F.C.: Drew Shepherd, G, Western Michigan C Grade

    Toronto has Alex Bono. I like Drew Shepherd and I'm glad someone took him in the second round. Toronto has Alex Bono so Shepherd probably goes to the USL.

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