Draft Order MLS: 2024 MLS Draft Order Round 1: 1. Toronto F.C.: Tyrese Spicer, F, Lipscomb, 2. Colorado Rapids: Wayne Frederick, M, Duke, 3. F.C. Dallas (from Inter Miami CF): Logan Farrington, F, Oregon State, 4. Colorado Rapids (from Los Angeles Galaxy): Kimani Stewart-Baynes, F, Maryland, 5. Colorado Rapids (from Austin FC): Nate Jones, D, Washington, 6. Chicago Fire F.C.: Bryan Dowd, G, Notre Dame, 7. D.C. United: Jacob Murrell, F, Georgetown, 8. New York City F.C.: Malachi Jones, F, Lipscomb, 9. Minnesota United F.C.: Hugo Bacharach, D, Indiana, 10. CF Montreal: Grayson Doody, D, UCLA, 11. Nashville S.C. (from Portland Timbers): Wyatt Meyer, D, California, 12. New York Red Bulls (from Charlote FC): Aidan O'Connell, D, Virginia, 13. San Jose Earthquakes: Jamar Ricketts, F, Cal State Fullerton, 14. Charlotte FC (from New York Red Bulls): Tyger Smalls, F, Loyola Marymount, 15. Inter Miami CF (from F.C. Dallas): Yannick Bright, M, New Hampshire, 16. Real Salt Lake (from Vancouver Whitecaps): Matthew Bell, F, Marshall, 17. St. Louis City SC (from Nashville S.C.): Hosei Kijema, M, Wake Forest, 18. Real Salt Lake: Kevin Bonilla, D, Portland, 19. Atlanta United F.C.: Jayden Hibbert, G, Connecticut, 20. Minnesota United F.C. (from New England Revolution): Marcus Calderia, F, West Virginia, 21. Colorado Rapids (from St. Louis City SC): Jeorgio Kocevski, M, Syracuse, 22. Sporting Kansas City: Ryan Schewe, G, Georgetown, 23. Seattle Sounders: Kalani Kossa-Rienzi, M, Washington, 24. Inter Miami CF (from Philadelphia Union): Ryan Carmichael, F, Hofstra, 25. Orlando City S.C.: Yutaro Tsukada, F, West Virginia, 26. Houston Dynamo F.C.: Stephen Annor Gyamfi, F, Virginia, 27. FC Cincinnati: Brian Schaeffer, D, South Florida, 28. LAFC: Jackson Lee, G, West Virginia, 29. Columbus Crew: Jayden Da, F, Duquesne

2024 MLS Super Draft Results

Round 1 Picks 16-29

West Virginia striker Marcus Calderia is still on the board. Find out where he went.

Chris Ransom follow @DraftUtopia Last Updated: December 19, 2023.

  1. Real Salt Lake: Matthew Bell, F, Marshall A+ Grade

    Real Salt Lake runs a 3-5-2 formation in the regular season before transitioning to a 4-4-2 formation during the 2023 MLS Playoffs. Real Salt Lake traded their striker Sergio Cordova to the Vancouver Whitecaps for this pick. Real Salt Lake has all 8 International roster slots and all 3 Under 22 International slots occupied.

    Matthew Bell was one of my top 5 players. The fact that Real Salt Lake used Vancouver's 2024 first round pick in the Sergio Cordova trade to capitalize off of everyone says a lot.

    The 21-year-old Matthew Bell is a steal at 16. I had Matthew Bell in my top 5.

    The 6-0 160 lb Matthew Bell had 10 goals, 4 assists, and 24 points as a true freshman winning the 2022 Sun Belt Freshman Of The Year in 2022. Matthew Bell had 10 goals, 12 assists, and 32 points as a true sophomore winning the 2023 Sun Belt Player Of The Year in 2023.

    Matthew Bell plays the 9 at striker, but can also play the 7 at right winger or the 11 at left winger with his versatility. Marshall got off to an 11-0-0 start and was the number one team in the country before losing to West Virginia.

    A team in Ireland bought the rights to Ilijah Paul, Real Salt Lake's 2023 first round pick. Now Matthew Bell replaces Ilijah Paul and this is a fantastic job by Real Salt Lake to reload at striker.

  2. St. Louis City SC: Hosei Kijima, M, Wake Forest B Grade

    The 5-10 165 lb Hosei Kijima had 3 goals, 2 assists, and 8 points in 2023. Hosei Kijima is versatile enough to play the 6 at defensive midfielder, the 8 at central midfielder. or the 10 at attacking midfielder. I think his best role of those three may be a box-to-box role at the 8. He's good, but not great defensively, and you'd like to see more offense from him if you wanted him to play the 10 in the MLS.

    Hosei Kijima is the one player with a consensus first round grade in most 2024 MLS Mock Drafts that ends up going in the first round. The Wake Forest midfielder might be the most versatile player in this years draft.

    St. Louis City SC will stash Hosei Kijima in MLS Next. He could develop into a potential bench player on St. Louis City SC down the road once he gets more seasoning. My guess is that Lutz will help him get a green card once he proves himself in MLS Next before promoting him, so that St. Louis City SC doesn't have to use an Internation.

  3. Real Salt Lake: Kevin Bonilla, D, Portland A+ Grade

    Real Salt Lake uses this second first round pick on a future left back at the 2 with Real Salt Lake's starting left back Bryan Oviedo being 33-years-old. I actually had Kevin Bonilla going to Real Salt Lake in the second round of my original final MLS Mock Draft. This is a fantastic pick

    Portland left back Kevin Bonilla has the versatility to play both the 2 at left back and the 3 at right back. That versatility makes Kevin Bonilla one of the top fullbacks that can defend on the outside while making big plays offensively in the 2024 MLS Super Draft.

    The 5-8 158 lb Kevin Bonilla had 1 goals, 5 assists, 7 points, helped Portland record 7 shutouts, playing the 2 at left back, and played 1,553 minutes in 18 starts as a freshman redshirt in 2021. Kevin Bonilla had 1 goal, 2 assists, 4 points, helped Portland record 10 shutouts getting Portland to the quarterfinals of the 2022 College Cup where Portland lost to Pittsburgh 1-0 in the quarterfinals at Ambrose Urbanic Field while starting all 20 games, and playing 1,715 as a sophomore redshirt in 2022. Kevin Bonilla had 1 goal, 10 assists, 12 points, helped Portland record 8 shutouts, played the 3 at right back for Portland as a junior redshirt, started all 17 games, and played 1,403 minutes in 2023.

    Kevin Bonilla showcased the versatility to play both left back and right back during his time at Portland. Kevin Bonilla also got invited to the 2023 MLS College Showcase where he stood out there.

  4. Atlanta United F.C.: Jayden Hibbert, G, Connecticut C Grade

    Atlanta United F.C. ran a 4-3-3 formation in the regular season and a 4-2-3-1 formation in the 2023 MLS Playoffs before losing to Columbus. Atlanta United F.C. can go best player on the board since Atlanta United F.C. has quality starters as well good Academy players like 2023 ACC Defenseman Of The Year Garrison Tubbs who gives you depth behind Luis Vera and Miles Robinson if both center backs stay. Caleb Wiley looks like a stub at left back as the homegrown player is only 18. Brooks Lennon is under contract at right back for two more years. Atlanta has used all 8 of their International roster slots for 2024 at the present moment. If Miles Robinson leaves in Free Agency, you can just reload with Garrison Tubbs. Atlanta United F.C. has their defensive midfielder under contract until 2026 while their attacking midfielder and striker are back. Left winger is a pretty strong area too while Atlanta seems happy with their goalie depth. Atlanta United F.C.'s lone need where they may need an upgrade currently lies at right winger.

    Atlanta has two goalies in their thirties and loses one goalie to Free Agency. Atlanta United F.C. opted to draft Connecticut goalie Jayden Hibbert at 19.

    The 6-2 165 lb Jayden Hibbert plays the 1 at goalie for Connecticut. Jayden Hibbert doubled his shutout total from 2 shutouts in 6 starts as a freshman in 2022 to 4 shutouts in 14 starts as a sophomore in 2023. Jayden Hibbert also improved his goals allowed from 10 goals in 6 starts to 9 goals allowed in 14 starts. He improved his goals against average from 1.72 to 1.27. His saves improved from 15 to 17 saves. His save percentage improved from .600 to .654 as a sophomore in 2023. Jayden Hibbert was 4-2 in 2022 and 7-6 in 2023.

    I love the intensity Jayden Hibbert plays with as he will do whatever it takes to protect the soccer ball even if it means tackling a defender like a linebacker and knocking that defender on their rear end. The 19-year-old goalie has the ceiling to develop into Connecticut's best goalie since Andre Blake if he can channel that level play which is a big if. The problem is that domineering style of play got him a red card in Connecticut's regular season finale which cost him a chance to start for Connecticut in the 2023 Big East Tournament.

    Jayden Hibbert is rawer than Wake Forest goalie Trace Alphin, but you can argue he's got more of a ceiling than Notre Dame goalie Bryan Dowd, my only goalie with a first round grade or Trace Alphin if he puts everything together. Jayden Hibbert did well enough to earn an invite to the 2023 MLS College Showcase where he performed in front of MLS Scouts leading up to the 2024 MLS Super Draft. He's a boom or bust pick that Atlanta's scouts are betting on. This front office needs to have a plan to develop Jayden Hibbert if they don't want to get scolded by Arthur Blank.

    Atlanta United F.C. wouldn't have to sign Jayden Hibbert to a contract in the MLS or MLS Next until December 31, 2025 under the new MLS Draft rules that go into effect this year for the 2024 MLS Super Draft. These new rules for the 2024 MLS Super Draft give Atlanta United F.C. the luxury to gamble on Jayden Hibbert at pick 19.

  5. Minnesota United F.C.: Marcus Calderia, F, West Virginia A+ Grade

    The 6-2 184 lb Marcus Calderia had 5 goals, 4 assists, and 14 points as a freshman in 2022. Marcus Calderia had 6 goals in 12 games for Sigma FC in League1 Ontario which happens to be a professional soccer league in Canada in the Spring and Summer of 2023 prior to his sophomore season at West Virginia after being loaned to Sigma FC prior to his freshman season at West Virginia in 2022. Marcus has 12 goals, 3 assists, and 27 points so far as a sophomore in 2023.

    Marcus Calderia scored a hat trick on Marshall who was the number one team in the country when West Virginia defeated Marshall 5-2 following the Marshall Thundering Herd's 11-0-0 start. West Virginia also had 0 losses on the year entering the Derby against Marshall despite having some ties. West Virginia did lose prior to the 2023 Sun Belt Tournament where Marshall defeated West Virginia in a rematch during the 2023 Sun Belt Championship Game which was located at Marshall. Marcus Calderia hasn't scored a goal since his hat trick against Marshall, but he did get an assist in West Virginia's win during the quarterfinals of the 2023 Sun Belt Tournament. Marcus Calderia has West Virginia in the ELite 8 of the 2023 College Cup and could get West Virginia to Louisville, Kentucky for the Final 4 in the 2023 College Cup since West Virginia is the only top 16 team in their bracket with upsets taking place in the first two rounds of the 2023 College Cup.

    Marcus Calderia believes West Virginia can go toe-to-toe with any team in the country. He led West Virginia in goals for two years in a row in both 2022 and 2023. He's confident, but not cocky. Marcus Calderia could end up dropping to 14 since he wasn't one of the four forwards to get a Generation Adidas offer.

    Marcus Calderia plays the 9 at striker. Marcus Calderia was the first pick in my first two 2024 MLS Mock Drafts, but he fell to 20 due to a poor game in the 2023 College Cup against Clemson along with some questions about his stamina in the MLS due to fatiguing after 60-70 minutes.

    Marcus Calderia is a guy with the potential to be a star. You want to see him improve his stamina and maintain his high level of play going forward.

  6. Orlando City S.C.: Jeorgio Kocevski, M, Syracuse A Grade

    Orlando City S.C. runs a 4-2-3-1 formation. Orlando City S.C. drafts an attacking midfielder that compliments Duncan McGuire quite well.

    The 6-1 175 lb Jeorgio Kocevski had 5 goals, 4 assists, and 14 points as a junior Syracuse helping Syracuse win the 2022 College Cup. Jeorgio Kocevski had 1 goal, 12 assists, and 14 points as an attacking midfielder at the 10 with Syracuse as a senior with Syracuse in 2023. Real Salt Lake has a good core of guys on their backline. This means upgrading at forward by getting someone who can get 10 goals or upgrading at midfielder by getting someone who can generate 10 assists are the two best options for Real Salt Lake at 18. There are quality strikers in this draft, but Jeorgio Kocevski was 2023 ACC Co-Midfielder Of The Year along with Virginia midfielder Mouhameth Thiam who used to play at Oregon State. Kocevski is a domestic born soccer player while Thiam will require an International roster slot.

    Jeorgio Kocevski can play the 6 at defensive midfielder, the 8 at central midfielder, or the 10 at attacking midfielder. Kocevksi has great leadership traits and is a team captain with Syracuse in 2023 after being part of a Syracuse team that won the 2022 College Cup as the one returning starter with a first round grade.

    Orlando City S.C. now has a Robin to Duncan McGuire's Batman here with Jeorgio Kocevski. I love this pick. Orlando City S.C. did have to give Stan Kronke some Allocation Money to make this happen which is the only reason I gave Orlando City S.C. an A grade instead of an A+, but I'm pleasantly surprised by this decision.

  7. Sporting Kansas City: Ryan Schewe, G, Georgetown B Grade

    Sporting Kansas City did not have a backup goalie in their MLS Next System to develop. Sporting Kansas City has one goalie returning and that goalie is in his thirties. I expected Sporting Kansas City to draft a goalie at some point in the 2023 MLS Super Draft.

    The 6-4 185 lb Ryan Schewe plays the 1 at goalie. Ryan Schewe had a 0.74 goals against average, 57 saves, a .838 save percentage, a 11-2-1 record, 7 shutouts, faced 187 shots, 11 goals allowed, played 1,345 minutes, and started 15 games in 2022 as a junior redshirt. Ryan Schewe had a 0.84 goals against average, 29 saves, a. 707 save percentage, a 9-2-3 record, 5 shutouts, faced 134 shots, 12 goals allowed, played 1,280 minutes, and started 14 games as a senior redshirt in 2023.

    After James Madison knocked out four seed Georgetown in the 2023 College Cup, Ryan Schewe accepted an invite to the 2023 MLS College Showcase. The two year starting goalie at Georgetown was consistent enough to get drafted in the 2024 MLS Super Draft.

    Ryan Schewe has the physical and mental makeup that you want from an MLS starting goalie from a traits standpoint. Sporting Kansas City opts to roll the dice on Schewe here.

  8. Seattle Sounders: Kalani Kossa-Rienzi, M, Washington A+ Grade

    Seattle has a 4-2-3-1 formation. The Seattle Sounders goes for youth and add a local with incredible stamina who played 110 minutes in a regional tournament.

    The 5-7 150 lb Kalani Kossa-Rienzi has the versatility to play the 3 at right back, the 6 at defensive midfielder, and the 8 at central midfielder. Kalani Kossa-Rienzi is a four year starter that is listed as a junior redshirt. Some have Kalani Kossa-Rienzi going in the first round of the 2024 MLS Super Draft.

    Kalani Kossa-Rienzi had 0 goals, 3 assists, 3 points, and helped Washington record 8 shutouts as a true freshman in the Spring of 2021. Kalani Kossa-Rienzi had 2 goals, 3 assists, 7 points, and helped Washington record 11 shutouts while helping Washington make the Championship of the 2021 College Cup as a freshman redshirt in the Fall of 2021. Kalani Kossa-Rienzi had 3 goals, 3 assists, 9 points, and helped Washington go undefeated during the regular season as a sophomore redshirt in 2022. Kalani Kossa-Rienzi had 1 goal, 2 assists, 4 points, and helped Washington record 3 shutouts as a junior redshirt in 2023.

    Kalani Kossa-Rienzi did well at the 2023 MLS College Showcase despite a less than stellar 2023 season at Washington. Kalani Kossa-Rienzi is too talented to slip out of the top 40 even if his 2023 season at Washington causes him to slip out of the first round after entering the 2022 Preseason as a candidate to go in the top 5 of the 2023 MLS Super Draft.

    Kalani Kossa-Rienzi was the fifteenth underclassmen to get picked in my 2024 MLS Mock Draft. There's a chance he ends up in the top half first round since College Soccer News listed Kalani Kossa-Rienzi as one of their four best overall players in the 2024 MLS Super Draft.

  9. Inter Miami C.F.: Ryan Carmichael, F, Hofstra A+ Grade

    The 5-11 160 lb Ryan Carmichael is a four year starting forward at Hofstra whose hometown is Ireland. He will require an International roster slot, but Inter Miami C.F. can stash him in MLS Next and develop him until Luis Suarez wears out his welcome.

    Ryan Carmichael had 4 goals, 0 assists, and 8 points in 10 starts as a freshman in the Spring of 2021. Ryan Carmichael had 15 goals, 9 assists, and 39 points in 22 starts in the Fall of 2021 as a sophomore. Ryan Carmichael had 10 goals, 4 assists, and 24 points as a junior in 2022. Ryan Carmichael had 17 goals, 5 assists, and 39 points as a senior in 2023.

    Ryan Carmichael plays the 9 at striker. He also is willing to try to win the kickoff in addition to scoring with his kicking power and kicking accuracy. Ryan Carmichael is a player you can develop in MLS Next. When Luis Suarez retires, he could be ready to play in the MLS.

  10. Orlando City S.C.: Yutaro Tsukada, F, West Virginia C Grade

    Yutaro Tuskada had trouble controlling his emotions. Orlando City S.C. is already stacked at striker too.

    The 5-11 154 lb Yutaro Tsukada is versatile enough to play the 9 at striker, the 10 at attacking midfielder, or the 11 at left winger. Yutaro Tsukada led West Virginia with 12 goals tying Marcus Calderia, 9 assists which led West Virginia in 2023, and 33 points which also led West Virginia in 2023. He would line up at left winger, attacking midfielder, or a secondary striker to take pressure off of Marcus Calderia when West Virginia opted to deploy two forwards in formations.

  11. Houston Dynamo F.C.: Stephen Annor Gyamfi, F, Virginia A+ Grade

    Houston Dynamo F.C. runs a 4-2-3-1 formation. Houston Dynamo F.C.'s biggest need is at central midfielder, but Houston Dynamo F.C. got one of the two Generation Adidas freshmen as well as one of Matthew Doyle's number one prospect here at 26.

    The 6-0 140 lb Stephen Annor Gyamfi had 10 goals, 0 assists, and 20 points winning 2023 ACC Freshman of the year at Virginia. Stephen Annor Gyamfi is the second and final freshmen to get a Generation Adias offer. The Virginia forward plays the 9 at striker. Houston can stash Stephen Annor Gyamfi in MLS Next, but they also own his draft rights from now until the end of his junior season.

  12. FC Cincinnati: Brian Schaefer, D, South Florida C Grade

    FC Cincinnati runs a 3-4-1-2 formation. FC Cincinnati can go with the best player on their board. With Alvas Powell and Raymond Gaddis as the two right backs on this roster, right back depth is needed even if Powell returns. If Powell leaves along with Gaddis, a day 1 starter at right back will be needed.

    The 6-3 190 lb Brian Schaefer can return to South Florida for one more year. FC Cincinnati will probably sign him to an MLS Next Deal in 2024.

    Brian Schaefer has the versatility to play the 5 at center back and the 6 at defensive midfielder. He's a nice complimentary center back, but I have questions about him being the main guy in a two center back formation.

    FC Cincinnati uses one center back. He could do well in MLS Next, but I'm not sure he's anything more than a bench guy in the MLS after having 1 goal, 1 assit, 3 points, and only helping South Florida record 2 shuouts. I like him less than I liked Joey Akpunouou who FC Cincinnati drafted out of Bowling Green in the first round of the 2023 MLS Super Draft.

  13. LAFC: Jackson Lee, G, West Virginia B Grade

    LAFC runs a 4-3-3 formation and has used 5 of their 8 International roster slots while the 3 Under-22 International roster spots are all occupied. LAFC has two goalies that are Free Agents after this season. LAFC needs help at center back, goalie, left winger, and maybe right winger, or striker too if Carlos Vela leaves.

    The 6-3 202 lb Jackson Lee is a good future goalie to plug into MLS Next. He could develop into a good backup goalie to Maxime Crepeau down the road. Jackson Lee started all 24 games for West Virginia playing 90 minutes in every contest this season. Jackson Lee allowed 23 goals, had a 0.96 goals against average, made 66 saves, posted a .742 save percentage, went 17-3-4 recorded 9 shutouts, and faced 232 shots from opposing players in 2023.

    Jackson Lee's goaltending is a big reason why West Virginia made the Final 4 of the 2023 College Cup. This is a good first round pick for LAFC to develop.

  14. Columbus Crew: Jayden Da, F, Duquesne C Grade

    The Columbus Crew run a 3-4-2-1 formation. Cucho at striker, Aidan Morris at midfielder, Darlington Nagbe at midfielder, Rudy Camacho at center back, and Patrick Schulte at goalie are the core pieces to this team. Columbus acquired Camacho at the 2023 MLS Trade Deadline from CF Montreal in exchange for $400,000 in allocation money. The Columbus Crew became the first MLS team since the 2011 Los Angeles Galaxy to retain all 11 starters after winning the 2023 MLS Cup. The 2011 Los Angeles Galaxy repeated as MLS Cup Champions in 2012.

    The 6-4 190 lb Jayden Da was the striker on the Duquesne Dukes in 2023. He was a bench player his first two seasons before becoming a full-time starter in 2023. Jayden Da's teammate Ask Ekeland from Norway was the top prospect from Duquesne in my mock, but Da showcases more speed and explosiveness with the ball despite the fact that Ekeland led Duquense in goals as a two year starter. Jayden Da is a fast explosive striker. This is the second year in a row that the Columbus Crew spent a first round pick on an Atlantic 10 player after drafting Xavier Zengue in the first round of the 2023 MLS Super Draft.

    Jayden Da is already 21-years-old and turns 22 in April. He is a player you can keep on Duquense for a year and then bring up to MLS Next in 2025 or you can bring him up to MLS Next right now and groom him to be a successor to Cucho Hernandez whenever you want to move on from Cucho. Essentially you can develop him into a successor for Cucho Hernandez whose contract is up in 2025.

    Columbus has a good track record with draft picks despite reaching here. That's why the worst grade I'll give Columbus is a C grade. I went to a Duquesne game against Loyola Chicago in 2022 and Jayden Da was basically an extra body off the bench last year.

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