Draft Order MLS: 2017 MLS Draft Order Round 1 1. Minnesota United F.C.: Abu Danladi, F, UCLA, 2. Atlanta United F.C.: Miles Robinson, D, Syracuse, 3. New York City F.C. (from Chicago Fire): Jonathan Lewis, F, Akron, 4. Portland Timbers (from Houston Dynamo): Jeremy Ebobisse, F, Duke, 5. Columbus Crew S.C. : Lalas Abubakar, D, Dayton, 6. San Jose Earthquakes: Jackson Yueill, M, UCLA, 7. Vancouver Whitecaps: Jakob Nerwinski, D, Connecticut, 8. Atlanta United F.C. (from Orlando City S.C.): Julian Gressel, M, Providence, 9. Columbus Crew S.C. (from New England Revolution): Niko Hansen, F, New Mexico, 10. Houston Dynamo (from Portland Timbers): Joseph Holland, F, Hofstra, 11. Chicago Fire (from Philadelphia Union): Daniel Johnson, M, Louisville, 12. D.C. United: Chris Odoi-Atsem, D, Maryland, 13. Real Salt Lake: Reagan Dunk, D, Denver, 14. Sporting Kansas City: Colton Storm, D, North Carolina, 15. Colorado Rapids (from Los Angeles Galaxy): Sam Hamilton, M, Denver, 16. New York City F.C.: Kwame Awuah, M, Connecticut, 17. New York Red Bulls: Zeiko Lewis, M, Boston College, 18. F.C. Dallas: Jacori Hayes, M, Wake Forest, 19. Montreal Impact: Nick DePuy, F, U.C. Santa Barbara, 20. (from Colorado Rapids): Brian Wright, F, Vermont, 21. Toronto F.C.: Brandon Aubrey, D, Notre Dame, 22. Seattle Sounders: Brian Nana-Sinkham, D, Stanford


2017 MLS Super Draft Results

Round 1 Picks 12-22

Chris Ransom follow @DraftUtopia Last Updated: January 13, 2017.

  1. D.C. United: Chris Odoi-Atsem, D, Maryland D+ Grade

    Chris Odoi-Atsem is a top 5 prospect. My biggest problem with him is that he looked sluggish against UCLA and showed no motor or acceleration on tape.

    Chris Odoi-Atsem has the versatility to play left back, center back, right back, or defensive midfielder. Chris Odoi-Atsem helped Maryland record 5 shutouts on defense in 2016 and Odoi-Atsem is more of a player who you develop rather than a guy who can start right away unlike Dunk. D.C. United is close to Maryland though so if they like this player better I understand. That's my only reason for giving D.C. United a D+ grade. Odoi-Atsem is a bust in my mind, but I'm not giving a team an F grade for taking him in the back half of the first round.

  2. Real Salt Lake: Reagan Dunk, D, Denver A Grade

    Real Salt Lake reaps the benefits of D.C. United's horrible selection. This may be the steal of the first round.

    Not only did Denver's Reagan Dunk dominate at both outside back roles. He also showed the versatility to play center back during the 2016 College Cup against Wake Forest. He also moved to the wing during the 2017 MLS Combine to see if they can utilize his offensive abilities to set up scoring chances. Dunk has good speed and is very quick to adapt his mindset from offense to defense when the opposing team has the ball. Dunk was able to transition from right wing to left back in a matter of seconds and I just feel like that's something you cannot teach.

    Reagan Dunk had 10 shutouts as a freshman in 2013. Dunk had a sophomore slump with 7 shutouts in 2014. Dunk had 12 shutouts in 2015. Dunk has 13 shutouts so far in 2016. Dunk has 42 career shutouts in his career. Dunk only allowed 4 goals in 81 career games at Denver allowing 1 goal on average each season. Dunk is versatile enough to play both left back or right back at 5-11 170 lbs and projects as an outside back in the MLS. Odoi-Atsem is 5-10 150 lbs plus his motor was horrendous on tape against UCLA so that's why I feel Dunk is such a huge steal at this point.

  3. Sporting Kansas City: Colton Storm, D, North Carolina A Grade

    Sporting Kansas City should have taken Walker Hume. I'm not faulting them for taking Colton Storm though because Storm was the only outside back with a first round grade.

    Colton Storm lined up at right back in 2015 when North Carolina had Jordan McCrary at left back. This year Storm played left back as well with McCrary in the MLS and Storm has the versatility to play both outside back roles. The 5-11 166 lb outside back can play both left back and right back. He complimented McCrary on both sides in 2015 as well

  4. Colorado Rapids: Sam Hamilton, M, Denver D Grade

    I had a fourth round grade on Sam Hamilton. Colorado scouted this guy in their backyard though which is the only reason I'm sparing the Rapids from a dreaded F grade.

  5. New York City F.C.: Kwame Awuah, M, Connecticut C Grade

    The 5-7 160 lb Awuah had 2 goals, 7 assists, and 11 points in 2016 after being a co captain for Connecticut in 2016. Awuah is also great on defense and versatile enough to be a defensive midfielder in the MLS despite being slightly undersized. That versatility to play both attacking midfielder and defensive midfielder may get Awuah drafted anywhere between the first and third round.

    I'm giving New York City F.C. a C grade here. While Awuah is a slight reach, he has the tools to be a role player on New York City F.C. despite his lack of size down the road.

    New York City F.C. may move Awuah to the wing or outside back two positions he lacks experience in. New York City F.C. also gave up Allocation money to regain a pick they originally traded to the Seattle Sounders which I have mixed feelings about. That's why I gave New York City F.C. a C grade.

  6. New York Red Bulls: Zeiko Lewis, M, Boston College A Grade

    I had Zeiko Lewis going two picks later to Montreal. Lewis demonstrated the speed to get by Miles Robinson at the 2017 MLS Combine. Even though he's not a goal scorer yet he can go to the USL and develop that part of his game before arriving on the New York Red Bulls in a few years. This is a great pick by the New York Red Bulls that deserves an A grade since Lewis dominated the 2017 MLS Combine.

    Zeiko Lewis a midfielder/forward is a good wing player and the best player available at this pick despite only having 7 goals as a senior after only having 8 goals in 2015. Lewis has excellent speed, dribbling, kicking power, and kicking accuracy. His awareness needs to improve as Lewis was exposed against Albany's defense on tape. At the same time, Lewis made up for that by using his speed to get by Miles Robinson on tape at the 2017 MLS Combine and most agree Robinson is the top center back in this years Super Draft so Lewis probably will go in the back half of the first round now.

  7. F.C. Dallas: Jacori Hayes, M, Wake Forest A Grade

    Jacori Hayes is the best player on the board. Hayes has the speed and agility of a top 10 pick. F.C. Dallas needed a center back, but Jacori Hayes scored on Brandon Aubrey in the ACC Championship using his elusiveness on tape.

    Jacori Hayes is a midfielder with the versatility to play left wing, attacking midfielder, central midfielder, right wing, or defensive midfielder. Despite being undersized at 5-7 150 lbs, Hayes is the leading scorer on Wake Forest with 8 goals, 3 assists, and 19 points. Hayes should get picked in the top 10 with his versatility.

    I mocked Hayes to F.C. Dallas at one point. He probably fell to this pick due to his lack of size.

  8. Montreal Impact: Nick DePuy, F, U.C. Santa Barbara A Grade

    Nick DePuy had 10 goals, 1 assist, and 21 points in 2014 as a sophomore and 15 goals, 1 assist, and 31 points in 2015. DePuy only had 6 goals, 2 assists, and 14 points in 2016 as a senior, but DePuy was double teamed and triple teamed all season. Also DePuy has incredible size for a striker at 6-4 185 lbs plus DePuy is great on defense for a striker when he doesn't have the ball. That may be why DePuy gets pushed into the top 10 despite a bad season.

    I don't know if DePuy plays forward or defense. I'm leaning forward, but this is a fantastic pick regardless.

  9. New England Revolution: Brian Wright, F, Vermont A Grade

    The 6-1 195 lb Brian Wright had 6 goals, 3 assists, and 15 points as a freshman in 2013. In 2014, Wright had 9 goals, 3 assists, and 21 points. Wright had 10 goals, 7 assists, and 27 points in 2015. So far this season, Wright has 14 goals, 12 assists, and 40 points in 2016.

    Brian Wright has the kicking power and kicking accuracy on tape to be an effective striker. He's really developed as a passer this year to the point where he may be versatile enough to move to left wing or right wing. Vermont's striker from Ajax, Ontario is a very patient player that remains calm under pressure.

    Brian Wright looks like a back half first round pick at this point. Most have him in the 19-22 range. I completely understand New England's reasoning for ignoring need and taking the best player on the board.

  10. Toronto F.C.: Brandon Aubrey, D, Notre Dame A Grade

    The 6-3 193 lb Brandon Aubrey was a guy I hyped up in the middle of the season because I loved his ability to play anywhere he had 9 goals, hits headers at forward, plays defensive midfielder and center back too. Jacori Hayes got a goal on Aubrey in the ACC Championship plus Aubrey got benched at the 2017 MLS Combine. I had Aubrey as my top ranked player at one point back in November, but right now I'm thought he could drop to Sporting Kansas City at 13. Toronto has needed a center back for the longest time. Toronto F.C. can develop Aubrey in the USL and groom him into a stud. This is an excellent pick by Toronto.

  11. Seattle Sounders: Brian Nana-Sinkham, D, Stanford A Grade

    Brian Nana-Sinkham can play left back, center back, or right back with his versatility. Former Seattle Sounders head coach Sigi Schmid had Seattle taking Brian Nana-Sinkham in his mock draft plus Nana-Sinkahm won two championships at Stanford back-to-back and was a huge part of Stanford's defense despite being slightly undersized at 5-11 170 lbs.

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