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SKA Saint Petersburg Wins 2015 KHL Title

Posted By Chris Ransom on 5/10/2015

It's been almost a month, but the 2015 KHL Champions are SKA Saint Petersburg. There were two cornerstone players that were vital in this Championship run. First you got playmaker center Alexander Dergachev who might be the only KHL player to be draftedd in the first round of the 2015 NHL Draft. Then at left wing, you got your sniper and team captain Ilya Kovalchuk.

Kovalchuk retired from the Devils only to move back to Russia 3 years after getting a 10-year contract with the New Jersey Devils in the NHL. With Kovalchuk winning a Championship in the KHL, one has to wonder if he makes one last return to the NHL.

Ak Bars Kazan had an incredible season. In the end, Ak Bars Kazan only won 1 game in this best 4 out of 7 Championship against SKA Saint Petersburg. That makes you question, the squads dedication to winning. Still, SKA Saint Petersburg was the best team in the KHL this season.

There are only 2 questions remaining? One, will Alexander Dergachev return to the KHL if he gets drafted in the first round or will he enter the CHL Import Draft? Two, will Kovalchuk stay loyal to his Russian fanbase or will he attempt to return to the NHL now that he's won the KHL Championship in Russia? If SKA Saint Petersburg gets both players back they will have a great chance to repeat next season, but if they lose either player to the NHL, then someone will most likely dethrone them as the champions in the KHL.

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