Latest News NFL: Los Angeles Rams give up 15th, 43rd, 45th, 76th, 2017 first rounder, and 2017 third rounder to move up for the 1st pick. The Rams also receive a 4th and 6th rounder from the Tennessee Titans in the 2016 NFL Draft. Philadelphia Eagles give up 8th, 77th, 100th, 2017 first rounder, and 2018 second rounder to move up for the 2nd pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. The Eagles also receive a 2017 fourth round pick from the Cleveland Browns in the 2016 NFL Draft.

2016 NFL Mock Draft: 3 Rounds

Round 1 Picks 1-16

Jason Bantle updates his 3 round NFL Mock Draft.

Jason Bantle Last Updated: April 24, 2016.

  1. Los Angeles Rams: Jared Goff, QB, California

    The Rams gave up a king's ransom to move up to number one and get their QB. It is still unknown which QB they want as we are getting conflicting reports. Given the Eagles move up and their apparent love for Wentz, I am going to assume the Rams take Goff - local kid out of Cal to jumpstart the franchise into LA.

    Previous Pick: Laquon Treadwell, WR, Ole Miss

  2. Philadelphia Eagles: Carson Wentz, QB, North Dakota State

    Rumors were swirling that the Eagles loved Wentz and would possibly move up but nobody thought they would give up as much as they did, hurting their drafts through 2018. But, it appears they get their guy that they wanted all along. It makes you wonder why they resigned Bradford and Gabbert to such large contracts though.

    Previous Pick: Ronnie Stanley, LT, Notre Dame

  3. San Diego Chargers: Laremy Tunsil, LT, Ole Miss

    Reportedly number one on their board, Tunsil falls right into the Chargers' laps. This will allow the Chargers to dump King Dunlap who has been a waste of money anyways. If the Chargers do not want to eat his guaranteed contract, Ramsey could easily be the pick here, though.

    Previous Pick: Jalen Ramsey, FS, Florida State

  4. Dallas Cowboys: Jalen Ramsey, FS, Florida State

    Pick Change. The Cowboys reportedly had Bosa as their top target through most of the process, but that seems to have changed. This may have to do with his interviews and party attitude that rubbed people the wrong way. Unknown. And it is clear that Dallas will not get either of the 2 QBs that they coveted. So, the consensus top rated propsect in the draft falls to them at 4. Watch out for Tampa trying to trade up for him, however, as they apparently love him and are willing to give up their number one next year.

    Previous Pick: Joey Bosa, LE, Ohio State

  5. Jacksonville Jaguars: Joey Bosa, LE, Ohio State

    I refuse to have Bosa going any lower. I know that the Jaguars have signed Malik Jackson for a ton of money, so the need pick would be in the secondary or Myles Jack at LB. But, I am going to stick to their board as they reportedly have Bosa as their top rated player. If the need is not there, I look for them to trade down. But, a team should never NOT take their top rated player on the board.

    Previous Pick: Jalen Ramsey, FS, Florida State

  6. Baltimore Ravens: Vernon Hargreaves III, CB, Florida

    If the draft turns out this way, this will be a no-brainer pick. The Ravens has possibly the worst secondary in the league last season and outside of Ramsey, this is the best defensive back prospect in the draft.

  7. San Francisco 49ers: Paxton Lynch, QB, Memphis

    Many will have the Niners pass on a Qb if (and when) Wentz and Goff are off the board. I disagree. Unless he blew the interviews the past couple months, San Francisco loved all three QBs at the top and it was clear that is the biggest need area. I will still be surprised if Kaepernick takes a snap for the 49ers. I sitll see a trade coming in the draft. Either way, he is obviously not the long term answer.

  8. Cleveland Browns: Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Ohio State

    This is the toughest pick in the first round because they just aquired the pick today. Word is they want Hargreaves, Stanley, or Elliott to fall to them. In this scenario Hargreaves is gone so that leaves two options. A rumor floating around is how much the Browns like Germain Ifedi (who I have them taking at 32). Thus, process of elimination the Browns get the biggest playmaker in the draft and a local player that will no doubt get poeople excited about Cleveland.

    Previous Pick: Carson Wentz, QB, North Dakota State

  9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Emmanuel Ogbah, RE, Oklahoma State

    A reach? Maybe. The Bucs need a pass rush and it seems like they have narrowed their choice down to Ogbah or Noah Spence. And with Spence's character concerns, this is the safe pick. No doubt the team will try and move up for Ramsey though.

  10. New York Giants: DeForest Buckner, LE, Oregon

    Dream scenario for the Giants. This likely will not happen due to trades but Buckner and Jack are both still on the board. Many say that Jack is who they are praying will fall to them in a position of need. However, the scout we spoke to said that Buckner is number one overall on their board.

  11. Chicago Bears: Myles Jack, 3-4 LOLB, UCLA

    I know. Danny Trevathan was already signed. However, I look for the Bears to run a ton of 3-4 this year and even if they do not, Jack is obviously the top player available in this scenario and you will be hard pressed to find a mock anywhere that has Jack falling this far. The Bears would not pass on him and would at the very least trade the pick. There is no snowball's chance in hell Jack falls lower than this pick.

  12. New Orleans Saints: A'Shawn Robinson, DT, Alabama

    The Saints need help all over their defense. If the draft breaks this way, Robinson would be their top rated player and an easy choice.

  13. Miami Dolphins: Shaq Lawson, LE, Clemson

    The Eagles/Browns trade really hurts the Dolphins who were poised to make a play for Ezekiel Elliott. Now, they are on the outside looking in there and will probably have to take a RB in round 3 (Kenyan Drake perhaps). Depending on what sources you want to believe, the pick here would be Lawson or Eli Apple.

    Previous Pick: Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Ohio State

  14. Oakland Raiders: Reggie Ragland, MLB, Alabama

    This seems like a slam dunk pick for the Raiders who get to add some help for Khalil Mack on the defensive front 7. Look for the Raiders to get some help in the secondary in rounds 2-3. The Raiders also seem to be interested in moving up for Elliott as well.

  15. Tennessee Titans: Ronnie Stanley, LT, Notre Dame

    Dream scenario for the Titans. Rumor had it that they wanted Tunsil at 1 but did not see much seperation between him and Stanley to warrant the number one overall pick. Well, fast forward to today and Stanley is there in a trade down and they get multiple picks from the Rams. The Titans own this year's draft.

    Previous Pick: Laremy Tunsil, LT, Ole Miss

  16. Detroit Lions: Jack Conklin, LT, Michigan State

    Vernon Butler is a definite possibility as the Lions need to get some DT help after losing Suh two years ago and Fairley this past year. But Conklin, is a unique talent and a local boy too good to pass up. Our scout told us that Conklin is the likely pick if he falls this far.

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