NFL Divisional Round Recaps 2017 NFL Divisional Round Game Recaps: Seattle Seahawks 11-5-1 10 VS Atlanta Falcons 11-5-0 19, Houston Texans 10-7-0 16 VS New England Patriots 14-2-0 34, Green Bay Packers 12-6-0 34 VS Dallas Cowboys 13-4-0 31 Final, Pittsburgh Steelers 13-5-0 18 VS Kansas City Chiefs 12-5-0 16 Final

2017 NFL Divisional Round Game Recaps

Find out which teams made the Conference Championship.

Chris Ransom Last Updated: January 15, 2017.

3. Seattle Seahawks 11-6-1
2. Atlanta Falcons 12-5-0

Game Recap: ATLANTA-Seattle beat Atlanta back in week 6. Dan Quinn was hoping for a different results this time.

Seattle got the ball first. Russell Wilson drove the ball downfield. Russell Wilson threw a touchdown pass to Jimmy Graham. Seattle led 7-0 and took up 8 minutes and 34 seconds on their opening drive. Russell Wilson went 4/4 with 40 passing yards, 1 passing touchdown, and no interceptions on Seattle's opening drive.

Seattle led 7-0 after one quarter. Atlanta also scored on their opening drive though. Atlanta took up 7 minutes and 12 seconds on their opening drive. The touchdown pass from Matt Ryan to Julio Jones tied the game at 7 in the second quarter.

Seattle got a field goal. That gave them a 10-7 lead.

Devin Hester returned a punt. A penalty negated the punt. Russell Wilson got sacked in his own end zone. That made it a 10-9 game. Atlanta also got the all back due to the safety.

Matt Ryan made a huge throw to Taylor Gabriel. That put Atlanta into field goal range. Michael Bennett had a sack and he got by left tackle Jake Matthews. Atlanta got a field goal. The Falcons took a 12-10 lead.

Atlanta got the ball at their own ten yard line. Matt Ryan threw a pass to Tevin Coleman after driving 90-yards downfield. That gave Atlanta a 19-10 lead. Atlanta led 19-10 at halftime and the Falcons got the ball to start the second half.

Da'Shawn Shead and Michael Bennett both got injured for Seattle in the third quarter. Seattle already had Earl Thomas out with an injury as well.

Atlanta ran it to Devonta Freeman. Atlanta led 26-10. Each drive for Atlanta on their touchdowns has been 9 plays or more with a 13 play drive on Atlanta's first touchdown, a 9 play drive on their second touchdown, and a 13 play drive on this drive.

Seattle got a field goal on their next drive thanks to a Phillip Wheeler penalty. Atlanta led 26-13 after three quarters.

Atlanta got a field goal very early in the fourth quarter. Atlanta took a 29-13 lead.

Atlanta made it 36-13 in the fourth quarter. Seattle quickly scored to make it a 36-20 game. Atlanta won 36-20.

Quarterback Matt Ryan was the player of the game. Matt Ryan went 26/37 with 338 passing yards, 3 passing touchdowns, and no interceptions. Matt Ryan returns to the NFC Championship for the first time since 2013.

4. Houston Texans 10-8-0
1. New England Patriots 15-2-0

Game Recap: NEW ENGLAND-New England shut out Houston 27-0 back in week 3. Tom Brady did not play in that game.

Brock Osweiler threw a four yard pass to DeAndre Hopkins. Lamar Miller had one rushing yard. That set up a third and four. Rob Ninkovich sacked Brock Osweiler. Houston punted it to New England.

Tom Brady threw a five yard pass to Julian Edelman. Dion Lewis gained four rushing yards. Houston made a stop on third down.

Brock Osweiler threw an incomplete pass on second and eight. That set up a third and eight situation. Logan Ryan deflected a pass. That forced the Texans to punt.

A.J. Bouye had a 30-yard penalty. That put New England in field goal position. Chris Hogan made a huge reception which set up a rushing touchdown for Dion Lewis. New England took a 7-0 lead.

Houston went back on offense with 9:22 left in the first quarter. A costly penalty by Eric Rowe on third and eighteen gave Houston a first down. Houston had the ball at midfield now. Miller got stopped by New England. Osweiler finally got a third down conversion for the Texans. Houston put together a 5 minute drive and is at the Patriots 36 yard line. Patrick Chug did an awesome job in coverage against Houston preventing a C.J. Fiedorowitz touchdown. Houston was in a third and six situation.

Nick Novak kicked a field goal. Houston got the field goal to make it a 7-3 game. Houston took 8 minutes and 12 seconds off the clock despite only getting a field goal.

Dion Lewis returned a 98-yard kickoff for a touchdown. That gave the Patriots a 14-3 lead.

Logan Ryan tackled Houston's receiver. New England led 14-3 after one quarter.

Tom Brady threw an interception to Houston. Houston got a huge break. A.J. Boye stepped up and made a critical play for Houston. A holding penalty by right tackle Chris Clark set the Texans back with first and twenty.

New England limited Houston to a field goal. Houston got a field goal. That made it a 14-6 game.

New England fumbled a kickoff. Houston recovered. The Texans got a touchdown on that play. That made it a 14-13 game.

Both teams struggled on offense with both defenses making stops. New England kicked a field goal to make it a 17-13 game. New England led 17-13 at halftime.

New England executed on their second drive in the third quarter. That gave the Patriots a 24-13 lead. New England led 24-13 after three quarters. Will Fuller dropped a critical touchdown pass that would have made it a 4 point game on third down.

Nick Novak kicked a field goal in the fourth quarter to make it a 24-16 game despite having an injured back. Tom Brady did throw a second interception in the third quarter, but Brock Osweiler threw an interception to Logan Ryan.

Dion Lewis ran it in for a rushing touchdown. Lewis had a rushing touchdown, receiving touchdown, and a kickoff return for a touchdown. Lewis is the biggest reason the Patriots lead 31-16 in the fourth quarter.

Stephen Gostkowski got a field goal. That gave the Patriots a 34-16 lead.

Brock Osweiler tried to get Houston one more score. Chris Clark had another holding penalty. That killed any momentum the Houston Texans had.

Osweiler threw another interception. That pretty much ended Houston's season. New England won and proceeded to the 2017 AFC Championship.

Dion Lewis had 153 total yards, 1 rushing touchdown, 1 receiving touchdown, and 1 kickoff return for a touchdown. Wide receiver Julian Edelman also had 8 receptions for 137 receiving yards. The ability by running back Dion Lewis and wide receiver Julian Edelman when Tom Brady had an off night was necessary. Logan Ryan also did an incredible job on defense.

4. Green Bay Packers 12-6-0
1. Dallas Cowboys 13-4-0

Game Recap: DALLAS-Dallas defeated Green Bay back in the regular season at Lambeau Field. Dak Prescott made his first career playoff start.

Dak Prescott drove Dallas downfield for a field goal. That gave Dallas a 3-0 lead.

It looked like Dallas would make a defensive stop. An illegal substitution by Dallas gave Green Bay a first down. Green Bay kept driving with first downs thanks to that penalty. Aaron Rodgers threw a touchdown on an offsides free play. The Packers took a 7-3 lead.

Penalties killed Dallas on their next drive hurting any momentum they had. Green Bay led 7-3 after one quarter with Aaron Rodgers on fire.

Aaron Rodgers recognized a nickel package with his three wide receiver set. He hands it off to Ty Montgomery who runs it in to give the Packers a 14-3 lead.

Dallas did not do anything on offense. Green Bay had a chance to extend their lead after two drives and two touchdowns on both drives.

Aaron Rodgers with a huge throw on third down. Green Bay had 207 total yards compared to the 78 by Dallas plus the Cowboys have committed way too many penalties at critical times in the first half. Fullback Aaron Rypkowski ran to the Dallas ten yard line. Montgomery ran for another rushing touchdown. Green Bay had three touchdowns on their first three drives. Green Bay took a 21-3 lead.

Dak Prescott threw a touchdown to Dez Bryant. That made it a 21-10 game.

David Bahktiari got injured at left tackle after the Packers third touchdown. Jason Spriggs looked good at left tackle. Green Bay fumbled a kickoff return. That gave Dallas some momentum.

Dallas finally made a defensive stop. Green Bay held Dallas to a field goal. Green Bay led 21-13 at halftime.

Aaron Rodgers had a very strong drive to begin the second half. Aaron Rodgers threw a touchdown pass to Jared Cook. That made it a 28-13 game in the third quarter.

It was paramount for Dak Prescott to score. Green Bay led 28-13 after three quarters. Dak Prescott threw a touchdown to Jason Witten. That made it a 28-20 game.

Dallas made a defensive stop for Dallas. Dak Prescott led Dallas downfield to make it 28-26. Dallas was 0/2 on third down conversions. Dak Prescott ran it in. That tied the game at 28 with 4:08 left in the fourth quarter. Both teams had all three timeouts.

Davante Adams had a huge reception. Adams got injured with 3:53 left in the fourth quarter.

Aaron Rodgers continued to make good decisions. He drove Green Bay downfield. He threw an interception to Heath that was overturned. Green Bay settled for a field goal to make it 31-28. Dallas tied it on a field goal. Then Green Bay managed to win on a field goal after Jared Cook made an incredible catch to set things up for Mason Crosby even after Dallas burned a timeout.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers 13-5-0
2. Kansas City Chiefs 12-5-0

Game Recap: KANSAS CITY-This game was originally going to air at 1 PM EST on Sunday. A snowstorm delayed this game as the Chiefs were looking for revenge after getting humiliated by the PIttsburgh Steelers back in week 4.

Pittsburgh got a field goal to start the game. Alex Smith began the game 4/4 with 41 passing yards, 1 passing touchdown, and no interceptions. Alex Smith did an awesome job to start this game. Kansas City took a 7-3 lead.

Ben Roethlisberger threw another pass to Antonio Brown. That set up another Steeler field goal in the first quarter. That gave the Chiefs a 7-6 lead. Kansas City led 7-6 after one quarter.

Pittsburgh got held to another field goal in the second quarter. Pittsburgh took a 9-7 lead.

Ryan Shazier intercepted Alex Smith. Eric Berry returned the favor by intercepting Roethlisberger with Pittsburgh on the Kansas City five yard line.

Pittsburgh got a field goal to make it 12-7. Pittsburgh recovered a fumble. Ben Roethlsiberger tried to go for the touchdown instead of a field goal. Pittsburgh should be ahead 22-7, but the interception by Eric Berry and Pittsburgh not playing it safe by deciding not to go for the field goal kept the Chiefs in this game heading into the second half.

Both teams got field goals in the third quarter. Pittsburgh led 15-10 after three quarters.

Pittsburgh drove downfield again. The Steelers had to settle for another field goal. Pittsburgh led 18-10.

Kansas City took up a drive that lasted 7:05. Kansas City tied it on the two point conversion, but a terrible holding call by the official forced the Chiefs to redo the conversion. Pittsburgh got saved by the officiating crew and Chris Boswell's leg in a narrow 18-16 win.

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