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Russ Smith Sets NBA D League Record

Posted By: Dax Ember on 3/23/2016

Former Louisville point guard is another example of a guy that dominates in the NBA D League, but doesn't belong in the NBA. Smith was a stud at Louisville, but has been a beast in the NBA D League after flaming out in the NBA. The game was a little late to start thanks to a Stanford womens lacrosse game that went into double overtime where Stanford defeated Johns Hopkins 10-9.

While that game was fun, it had nothing to do with the 140-129 loss that the Delware 87ers suffered to the Canton Charge. Russ Smith had an NBA League best 65 points in a single game for the Delaware 87ers at point guard. No NBA D League player had more than 41 points in a single game prior to tonight. Smith set a new league record scoring barely over 50 percent of the teams points by scoring 65 of the teams 129 points.

Smith isn't an NBA Player. He did help Rick Pitino win an NCAA Championship, and he doesn't get enough appreciation. Smith probably won't play in the playoffs with his team at 19-26 while Canton now improves to 29-17. Still, watching Smith put on a show tonight was quite a treat.

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