Draft Order MLS: 2017 MLS Draft Order 45. Colorado Rapids (from Minnesota United F.C.) (Expansion Team), 46. Atlanta United F.C. (Expansion Team), 47. Chicago Fire 7-17-10 31 points, 48. Real Salt Lake (from Houston Dynamo) 7-14-13 34 points, 49. Columbus Crew S.C. 8-14-12 36 points, 50. San Jose Earthquakes 8-12-14 38 points, 51. Vancouver Whitecaps 10-15-9 39 points, 52. Toronto F.C. (from Orlando City S.C.) 9-11-14 41 points, 53. F.C. Dallas (from New England Revolution) 11-14-9 42 points, 54. New York City F.C. (from Portland Timbers) 12-14-8 44 points, 55. Philadelphia Union 11-14-9 42 points, 56. Seattle Sounders (from D.C. United) 11-10-13 46 points, 57. Real Salt Lake 12-12-10 46 points, 58. Sporting Kansas City 13-13-8 34 points, 59. F.C. Dallas (from Los Angeles Galaxy) 12-6-16 52 points, 60. New York City F.C. 15-10-9 54 points, 61. New York Red Bulls 16-9-9 57 points, 62. F.C. Dallas 17-8-9 60 points, 63. Montreal Impact 11-11-12 45 points, 64. Orlando City S.C. (from Colorado Rapids) 15-6-13 58 points, 65. Toronto F.C. 14-9-11 53 points, 66. Seattle Sounders 14-14-6 48 points

2017 MLS Mock Draft: Final Mock 4 Rounds

Round 3

Chris Ransom follow @DraftUtopia Last Updated: January 13, 2017 with updates every Friday leading up to Draft Day.

  1. Colorado Rapids: Alex Neff, D, Utah Valley

    The 6-1 190 lb Alex Neff from Utah Valley would be a great center back to add. Neff is a small school player with a second round grade who made it to the third round.

  2. Atlanta United F.C.: Stefan Cleveland, G, Louisville

    Atlanta United F.C. drafts a goalie for depth. Stefan Cleveland is the top goalie available.

    The 6-2 190 lb Stefan Cleveland was the top goalie left in the third round after impressing at the 2017 MLS Combine. Cleveland went 14-6-2 in 22 starts with 16 goals allowed, 10 shutouts, a 0.71 GAA, and a .771 save percentage. Cleveland played at Dartmouth in 2015 before transferring to Louisville.

    Previous Pick: Connor Maloney, M, Penn State

  3. Chicago Fire: Billy McConnell, D, Indiana

    The 5-10 154 Billy McConnell played center back and right back at Indiana with Chicago Fire Academy center back Grant Lillard. McConnell played center back and right back at Indiana with Lillard the past two seasons helping the Indiana Hoosiers record 10 shutouts in 2015 and 11 shutouts in 2016. McConnell is very consistent for a defensive player. He's probably going to play right back in the MLS given that a majority of his starts were at at right back. The only weakness on Chicago's defense is right back.

    Previous Pick: Robert Moewes, G, Duke

  4. Real Salt Lake: Marcus Epps, F, South Florida

    Real Salt Lake goes offense. The 6-0 155 lb Marcus Epps can play striker, secondary striker, left wing, right wing, central midfielder, or attacking midfielder with his versatility.

  5. Columbus Crew S.C.: Russell Cicerone, M, Buffalo

    Russell Cicerone got voted team captain of the Buffalo Bulls as a sophomore in 2014. Cicerone had 10 goals, 3 assists, and 23 points that year. Cicerone had 12 goals, 8 assists, and 32 points as a junior in 2015. He ended his senior season with 14 goals, 9 assists, and 37 points in 2016. The 5-10 160 lb midfielder is versatile enough to play striker, secondary striker, left wing, right wing, or attacking midfielder.

    Previous Pick: Wuilito Fernandes, F, UMass Lowell

  6. San Jose Earthquakes: Marvin Hezel, D, Florida International

    Marvin Hezel could compliment one of San Jose's starters at center back or be used as a depth player at center back. San Jose could draft him for depth here.

  7. Vancouver Whitecaps: Chris Wehan, M, New Mexico

    Vancouver takes a midfielder that would be used as a winger. New Mexico midfielder Chris Wehan is 5-9 145 lbs. Wehan had two seasons with 10 goals before having only 8 goals in 2016. Wehan is listed as high as 23 in the eyes of some scouts and may get pushed into the first round. Wehan may fall to the third round due to his size as well though.

  8. Toronto F.C.: Danilo Radjen, D, Akron

    The 6-2 163 lb Danilo Radjen should be an outside back in the MLS. Radjen is the best player available at this point.

    Previous Pick: Kwame Awuah, M, Connecticut

  9. F.C. Dallas: Eddie Sanchez, M, Portland

    Eddie Sanchez can play striker, secondary striker, left wing, attacking midfielder, centeral midfielder, or right wing in the MLS. Eddie Sanchez is very versatile and already accepted an invite to the 2017 MLS Combine.

  10. New York City F.C.: Geoffery Dunn, D, Portland

    New York City F.C. drafts another defenseman for depth. Geoffery Dunn is the top defenseman available.

    The 6-2 195 lb Geoffery Dunn helped Portland record 6 shutouts on defense in 2016. Dunn is a senior and should be a late round pick despite not getting a an invite to the 2017 MLS Combine.

  11. Philadelphia Union: Thales Moreno, M, Clemson

    The 5-11 180 lb Thales Moreno is a midfielder. Philadelphia could draft him for depth here.

  12. Seattle Sounders: Michael DeGraffenreidt, D, Louisville

    Seattle goes with a defender for depth in the third round. Michael DeGraffenreidt is 5-10 162 lbs. He has four years of experience as a center back at Louisville. He's probably going to move to left back or right back when you take his size into account.

  13. Real Salt Lake: Robby Sagel, D, Penn State

    Real Salt Lake adds a defenseman here. The 6-3 175 lb Robby Sagel has two years of experience as a center back and two years of experience as a center back at Penn State. Sagel is the best player available here.

  14. Sporting Kansas City: Joseph Holland, F, Hofstra

    Hofstra striker Joseph Holland is 5-11 170 lbs. Holland had 3 goals, 8 assists, and 14 points in 2016. Holland can be used as a striker, secondary striker, left wing, attacking midfielder, right winger, or playmaker at midfield. Holland's versatility will get him drafted in the first four rounds.

    Previous Pick: Danilo Radjen, D, Akron

  15. F.C. Dallas: Nate Regis, F, Pfeiffer

    F.C. Dallas adds a project player that really struggled at the 2017 MLS Combine. Regis has outstanding tape, but he ended up playing in Division II. I want to see Regis succeed in MLS, but he probably needs to end up on a team like F.C. Dallas where he can develop for a few years.

    Regis had 10 goals as a freshman in 2013. Regis ended up with 19 goals, 10 assists, and 48 points in 2014 as a sophomore. Regis had 32 goals, 7 assists, and 71 points in 2015. Regis had a mind boggling 24 goals and 10 assists in 2016 after leading the entire NCAA with 32 goals in 2015. Regis reminds me a lot of Kel Kemara when he was on Columbus Crew S.C. when watching his tape. I could see Regis end up working his way into the first round. Regis grew up playing soccer for Trinidad and Tobago.

    Previous Pick: Jorge Gomez Sanchez, M, Temple

  16. New York City F.C.: Keith Traut, D, Albany

    New York City F.C. adds a defenseman here. The 6-2 192 lb Keith Traut has the versatility to play left back, center back, right back, or defensive midfielder. Traut helped Albany record 9 shutouts in 2016.

    Previous Pick: Iman Mafi, D, Clemson

  17. New York Red Bulls: Bernardo Mattos, D, Albany

    The New York Red Bulls have the luxury of taking the best player available. Albany center back Bernardo Mattos at 6-1 165 lbs is the best player available at this spot. Mattos didn't get an MLS Combine invite, but he held Zeiko Lewis in check which is something Miles Robinson had a hard time with at the 2017 MLS Combine.

    Previous Pick: Padraic McCullaugh, F, Villanova

  18. F.C. Dallas: Dakota Barnathan, M, Virginia Commonwealth

    F.C. Dallas drafts a project midfielder. Dakota Barnathan is 6-2 165 lbs. Baranthan had 3 goals, 4 assists, and 10 points in 2016. Barnathan can be an attacking midfielder or a defensive midfielder with his versatility.

  19. Montreal Impact: Kyle Bjornethun, D, Seattle

    The 5-11 160 lb Kyle Bjornethun played center back in Seattle despite his lack of size. Many had a second round grade on him, but I see a late third rounder that either converts to outside back or demoted to the USL.

    Previous Pick: Jordan Wilson, D, Kentucky

  20. Orlando City S.C.: Liam Callahan, D, Syracuse

    Orlando City S.C. drafts a left back for depth. Some teams have a first round grade on Liam Callahan, but others have him going undrafted. It's hard to get a read on where he ends up with him not getting an invite to the 2017 MLS Combine.

    Previous Pick: Jordan Wilson, D, Kentucky

  21. Toronto F.C.: Riggs Lennon, F, Creighton

    Riggs Lennon had 10 goals, 0 assists, and 20 points in 2016. Having zero assists does not help Lennon especially if some teams perceive him as a ball hog. Lennon is only a 1-year starter after transferring from Virginia. Lennon was more suspect on tape with his defensive play than I realized plus he did not receive an invite to the 2017 MLS Combine which is the biggest reason I moved him down to the third round.

  22. Seattle Sounders: Evan Panken, D, Notre Dame

    Notre Dame defenseman Evan Panken is 5-10 165 lbs. Panken got voted team captain of Notre Dame in 2015. Panken is a two year captain at Notre Dame with experience at left wing, central midfielder, attacking midfielder, right wing, defensive midfielder, left back, or right back. Panken can adapt to so many different roles. Someone is gonna look past his size and take a flyer on him in the late third or early fourth round when you take a closer look at the leadership Panken can bring to a club on tape.

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