Draft Order MLB: 2017 MLB Draft Order Round 2: 37. Minnesota Twins 59-103, 38. Cincinnati Reds 68-94, 39. San Diego Padres 68-94, 40. Tampa Bay Rays 68-94, 41. Atlanta Braves 68-93, 42. Pittsburgh Pirates (Compensation Pick), 43. Oakland Athletics 69-93, 44. Arizona Diamondbacks 69-93, 45. Philadelphia Phillies 71-91, 46. Milwaukee Brewers 73-89, 47. Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim 74-88, 48. Colorado Rockies 75-87, 49. Chicago White Sox 78-84, 50. Pittsburgh Pirates 78-83, 51. Miami Marlins 79-82, 52. Kansas City Royals 81-81, 53. Houston Astros 84-78, 54. New York Yankees 84-78, 55. Seattle Mariners 86-76, 56. Houston Astros (from St. Louis Cardinals) 86-76, 57. Detroit Tigers 86-75, 58. San Francisco Giants 87-75, 59. New York Mets 87-75, 60. Baltimore Orioles 89-73, 61. Toronto Blue Jays 89-73, 62. Los Angeles Dodgers 91-71, 63. Boston Red Sox 93-69, 64. Cleveland Indians 94-67, 65. Washington Nationals 95-67, 66. Texas Rangers 95-67, 67. Chicago Cubs 103-58, 68. Arizona Diamondbacks (Compensation Pick), 69. San Diego Padres (Compensation Pick), 70. Colorado Rockies (Compensation Pick), 71. Cleveland Indians (Compensation Pick), 72. img src="pittsburghpirates.gif" width="50" height="30" alt=""> Pittsburgh Pirates (Compensation Pick), 73. Kansas City Royals (Compensation Pick), 74. Baltimore Orioles (Compensation Pick), 75. Houston Astros (Compensation Pick).

2017 MLB Mock Draft: 2 Rounds

Round 2

Chris Ransom follow @DraftUtopia Last Updated: April 20, 2017 with updates every Tuesday leading up to Draft Day.

  1. Minnesota Twins: MacKenzie Gore, P, Whiteville HS (NC)

    MacKenzie Gore has a really good kicking motion for a pitcher. MacKenzie Gore has great motion and delivery. He's a late first round prospect that made it to the second round so the Twins use this pick to add another pitcher to their system.

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  2. Cincinnati Reds: Calvin Mitchell, RF, Rancho Bernado HS (CA)

    The Cincinnati Reds need help everywhere. The Reds get another outfielder to compliment Jeren Kendall. Calvin Mitchell is my top right fielder on the board here.

    Other Cincinnati Reds Selections

  3. San Diego Padres: Clarke Schmidt, P, South Carolina

    The 6-1 200 lb pitcher is 4-1 with a 1.31 ERA in 2017. Schmidt has a nice fastball though and is the top player on my board at this point in the second round.

    Other San Diego Padres Selections

  4. Tampa Bay Rays: Wil Crowe, P, South Carolina

    Wil Crowe is one of the top 50 prospects in this MLB Draft. Crowe is the best player available at this point.

    Other Tampa Bay Rays Selections

  5. Atlanta Braves: Griffin Canning, P, UCLA

    Atlanta needs another pitcher and UCLA's Griffin Canning is the top pitcher available. Canning has a 2.77 ERA along with great control on his pitches.

    Other Atlanta Braves Selections

  6. Pittsburgh Pirates: Sam Carlson, P, Burnville HS (MN)

    Pittsburgh goes with a pitcher here. The 6-4 208 lb Sam Carlson is the top high school arm on the board at this point.

    Other Pittsburgh Pirates Selections

  7. Oakland Athletics: Jayson Gonzalez, 3B, Bishop Amat HS (CA)

    The Athletics should continue upgrade their infield. They got Alex Toral in the first round, but someone as talented as Jayson Gonzalez in the second round is a steal at this point.

    Other Oakland Athletics Selections

  8. Arizona Diamondbacks: Daulton Guthrie, SS, Florida

    The Diamondbacks get another shortstop after foolishly trading away Dansby Swanson when they drafted Swanson first overall in 2015. Daulton Guthrie is the top prospect on the board at this point.

    Other Arizona Diamondbacks Selections

  9. Philadelphia Phillies: Peter Solomon, P, Notre Dame

    Philadelphia drafts a pitcher here. Peter Solomon is a top 50 prospect despite struggling on tape this season.

    Other Philadelphia Phillies Selections

  10. Milwaukee Brewers: Keston Hiura, LF, U.C. Irvine

    The Brewers grab a bat here. Keston Hiura can play anywhere in the infield or the outfield and is the best player on the board.

    Other Milwaukee Brewers Selections

  11. Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim: Michael Gigliotti, RF, Lipscomb

    The Angels add another bat for the future. Michael Gigliotti played center fielder at Lipscomb. If the Angels draft the best player on the board and ignore need Gigliotti will convert to right field since he's versatile enough to play left fielder, center fielder, or right fielder with his versatility.

    Other Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim Selections

  12. Colorado Rockies: Riley Adams, C, San Diego

    The 6-4 210 lb Riley Adams is batting .310 in 2017. Adams also has 10 home runs, 34 RBI's, and a .603 slugging percentage. You can make a case that Adams is one of the top catchers in this draft when watching his tape. This is a guy I'm strongly considering moving up in future mocks.

    Other Colorado Rockies Selections

  13. Chicago White Sox: Glen Otto, P, Rice

    Glen Otto is listed as a third round prospect. I see someone with second round potential and am extremely impressed with Otto's tape as well as an effective reliever.

    Other Chicago White Sox Selections

  14. Pittsburgh Pirates: Shane Baz, P, Concordia Lutheran HS

    Pittsburgh goes with a pitcher here. Some believe Shane Baz may be worth a late first round pick. That's why Baz is a steal at 50.

    Other Pittsburgh Pirates Selections

  15. Miami Marlins: Joe Dunland, 3B, North Carolina State

    The Marlins third baseman is 33-years-old. Joe Dunland leads North Carolina State with 12 home runs in 2017. Dunland is a player the Royals could consider if the Marlins pass on him here.

    Other Miami Marlins Selections

  16. Kansas City Royals: J.J. Matijevic, 1B, Arizona

    J.J. Matijevic has a .418 batting average in 2017. He's no Eric Hosmer, but if Hosmer leaves in a trade or Free Agency, he's someone the Royals may consider.

    Other Kansas City Royals Selections

  17. Houston Astros: Jayson Rose, P, Utah

    The Astros take the best player available. Jayson Rose is my top player on the board at this point.

    Other Houston Astros Selections

  18. New York Yankees: Zac Lowther, P, Xavier

    Zac Lowther is the top prospect available. He may be a future starter or relief pitcher that the Yankees can develop.

    Other New York Yankees Selections

  19. Seattle Mariners: Tanner Burns, P, Decatur HS (AL)

    Tanner Burns is a project. The 6-0 205 lb pitcher has a fastball that goes up to 97 miles per hour.

    Other Seattle Mariners Selections

  20. Houston Astros: Keegan Thompson, P, Auburn

    The Astros take the best player available. Keegan Thompson is 4-1 with a 1.29 ERA.

    Other Houston Astros Selections

  21. Detroit Tigers: Mitchell Stone, P, Deer Creek HS (OK)

    Mitchell Stone is a second round pitcher. Stone went 9-1 with a 0.78 ERA in 2016. Stone is 4-0 with a 2.33 ERA in 2017.

    Other Detroit Tigers Selections

  22. San Francisco Giants: Morgan Cooper, P, Texas

    The Giants go with Michael Cooper here. The 6-4 220 lb Cooper is 4-2 with a 1.63 ERA this season. Cooper may be a sleeper worth keeping an eye on leading up to this years MLB Draft.

    Other San Francisco Giants Selections

  23. New York Mets: Zach Rutherford, SS, Old Dominion

    Zach Rutherford is the top player on the board. He makes sense for the Mets at this point as a developmental player.

    Other New York Mets Selections

  24. Baltimore Orioles: Tyler Buffett, P, Oklahoma State

    Baltimore drafts a pitcher here. Tyler Buffet is 5-2, but has an ERA of 4.12 this season.

    Other Baltimore Orioles Selections

  25. Toronto Blue Jays: Connor Wong, C, Houston

    Toronto has the luxury of taking the best player available. Connor Wong is quite the base stealer.

    Other Toronto Blue Jays Selections

  26. Los Angeles Dodgers: Oliver Jaskie, P, Michigan

    The Dodgers take the best player available. The 6-3 210 lb Oliver Jaskie is my top pitcher available.

    Previous Pick: Cole Turnley, RF, William B. Travis HS (TX)

    Other Los Angeles Dodgers Selections

  27. Boston Red Sox: Payton Squirer, C, UNLV

    Payton Suirer has a .346 batting average. Suirer is one of the more under rated catchers in the 2017 MLB Draft.

    Other Boston Red Sox Selections

  28. Cleveland Indians: Jake Eder, P, Atlantic HS (FL)

    Jake Eder is one of the best High School pitchers in the 2017 MLB Draft. Eder is a huge steal at this point.

    Other Cleveland Indians Selections

  29. Washington Nationals: Mason Mamarella, LF, Kent State

    The Nationals take the best player available. Mason Mamarella is a base stealer who can bat .300 and steal 11 bases a year. He was the MAC defensive player of the year in 2016 and improved on his numbers in 2017. He tape is outstanding and he's a legit prospect.

    Other Washington Nationals Selections

  30. Texas Rangers: Jeremiah Estrada, P, Palm Desert HS (CA)

    The Rangers take the best player available. All of the top 15 High School pitchers that are going to be in our rankings are gone so Estrada gets picked here.

    Other Texas Rangers Selections

  31. Chicago Cubs: Joe Perez, P, Archbishop McCarthy HS (FL)

    The Cubs take the best player available. Joe Perez pitches at Archbishop McCarthy and they had a prety successsful season so that may help his stock.

    Other Chicago Cubs Selections

  32. Arizona Diamondbacks: Zach Warren, P, Tennessee

    The Diamondbacks get another pitcher here. Zach Warren is my top pitcher on the board here.

    Other Arizona Diamondbacks Selections

  33. San Diego Padres: Will Toffey, 3B, Vanderbilt

    The Padres draft a third baseman. Will Toffey's batting average is better than Jeren Kendall's.

    Other San Diego Padres Selections

  34. Colorado Rockies: Kyle Serraro, P, Tennessee

    The Rockies grab a pitcher. Kyle Serraro is our top College pitcher on the board.

    Other Colorado Rockies Selections

  35. Cleveland Indians: Dylan Burdeaux, 1B, Southern Mississippi

    Cleveland needs a first baseman. Dylan Burdeaux has a .344 batting average and 12 stolen bases in 2017.

    Other Cleveland Indians Selections

  36. Pittsburgh Pirates: Stuart Fairchild, CF, Wake Forest

    Pittsburgh goes with a batter here. Stuart Fairchild has a .352 batting average along with 11 home runs and 12 stolen bases. Fairchild has been listed as an eighth or ninth round pick, but he's a clean up batter batting third in a lineup that warrants second round consideration with his five-tool ability.

    Other Pittsburgh Pirates Selections

  37. Kansas City Royals: Brady Puckett, P, Lipscomb

    Brady Puckett is one of the bigger College pitchers in the 2017 MLB Draft. Puckett is 6-8 240 lbs.

    Other Kansas City Royals Selections

  38. Baltimore Orioles: Zach Schellenger, P, Seton Hall

    Baltimore drafts a pitcher here. Zach Schellenger is 6-5 210 lbs, and has great physical tools for a starting pitcher.

    Other Baltimore Orioles Selections

  39. Houston Astros: Drew Lugbower, C, Michigan

    The Astros take the best player available. Drew Lugbower has a .296 batting average and leads Michigan with 11 home runs in 2017.

    Other Houston Astros Selections

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