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The Draft Utopia podcast was launched by Chris Ransom on November 10, 2011 while he was a blogger at Rant Sports. A year later after his stint at Rant he bought the domain rights to Draft Utopia the same name as the podcast on October 25, 2012.

Ransom scored a touchdown of 7 recommendations on LinkedIn in his first year as CEO of Draft Utopia. In 2013, Ransom upgraded the site using the Go Daddy Website builder app to re-design the site. Our traffic expanded and I gained new followers by the day. In 2014, I re-designed the site for the third time in HTML. Draft Utopia plans on coding new webpages by the day until there is content for every pro sports team along with draft content. After that, we will focus on constantly updating the site by the day because consistency matters. Draft Utopia has been renewed through 2016. We hope to keep bringing our fans content they love. You can follow Draft Utopia on Twitter by clicking my Twitter feed.

Draft Utopia aims to be the first website with NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, and MLS content on all of our webpages while posting quality draft information about these teams.

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